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Add 1 Rubber Bristle Hand Brush for each GET SERiOUS ordered above, and save a $1 off the individual retail price of the brush.To remove, click None. Add 1 travel sized GET SERiOUS (original formula pink label) for each GET SERiOUS ordered above. Smelleze® Eco Pet Litter Smell Removal Granules removes pet litter odor without masking with harmful fragrances. Rabbit, hamster, mice, gerber, cat and other pet area odor problems usually result from ammonia, mercaptans, amines and skatole gases emitted from urine and feces. Smelleze® Pet Litter Smell Removal Granules were specially developed to absorb, neutralize and encapsulate offensive pet odors and moisture without masking them with fragrances.
Smelleze® Pet Litter Odor Remover Granules are non-toxic, safe, recyclable, natural, odorless, non-flammable and non-caustic. Our products kill smell and the nasty chemicals that cause them without cover-ups from harmful scents. Because our energy smart odor neutralization solutions don't require power and can be rejuvenated using solar energy, they will help lower your energy bills, decrease your carbon footprint and help fight climate change while getting rid of smell. In a recent survey over 60 % of cat owners said they believed that once a cat has taken a tinkle outside the litter tray, they will return to that same place time after time.
Cats have an excellent sense of smell and are often attracted back to an area where they have previously toileted. There are a number of proprietary products that specifically aim to zap cat urine odours and completely break down the urine.
So, you might think that the litter tray is always kept spotless but guess whata€¦.that can actually cause a problem too! It could just be about location a€“ a perfectly acceptable litter tray might no longer be a des-res if ita€™s situated next to a window through which the local cat mafia is terrifying your pet.
Another smart trick is to place the litter tray in the location where your cat is weeing (obviously that wona€™t work if ita€™s on your boyfrienda€™s shoes). Make sure you havena€™t made the beginners mistake of putting the litter tray too close to the food bowl a€“ after all who wants to wee in their dining room?
Sometimes, life in your home may be busier than usual and the litter tray doesna€™t offer enough privacy. So what do you do if the area is totally unsuitable for a litter tray ie your boyfrienda€™s shoes, a plant pot, your bed or sofa? Many kittens arrive already litter trained by their mother but equally some adult cats have never been litter trained.
While in this one room, do still interact with your cat so ita€™s clear being in the room isna€™t a punishment.

Wea€™ll talk about this in more detail later but suffice to say at this point, stress and emotions play a big part in toileting issues, so try not to react by changing everything at once and keep both yourself and your home environment as calm as possible.
Although many cat urinary problems are associated with stress or behavioural issues, some are not and it is important to talk to your vet so that any medical problems can be ruled out. Most types of pet litter are not very effective at eliminating urine and fecal odors along with wetness and the resulting stench is discomforting to humans. Smelleze® Pet Litter Smell Remover Granules will truly eliminate pet odors, keep pet areas dry, reduce fly infestation and complement existing ventilation systems. Smelleze® Pet Litter Smell Eliminator Granules are an ideal environmentally friendly solution for eliminating noxious pet litter odors without adding pollutants to the air you breathe.
They don’t contain any hazardous chemicals and provide unique advantages that help people, pets and the planet while getting the stink out. Furthermore, our deodorizers don't deplete precious fossil fuels & reduces our oil dependency. Outside new cat in the a€?hood Thor gave him a hard stare, Mr Jones at number 23 was using his new drill and the Poodle sisters Yip and Yap were running round next doora€™s garden. Another good approach is to use biological washing powder to get clean up the stain, followed by surgical spirit. There needs to be enough odour to attract the cat back to the tray and remind them what ita€™s for. Over time the litter tray can gradually be moved back to a more convenient location a few centimetres at a time, unless you prefer to just leave it where your cat wants it to be.
A covered litter tray can be a good option, or some cats prefer whata€™s literally a half-way house a€“ a tray thata€™s concealed but has no roof. Going back to basics and retraining can also be a valid strategy for any cat urinating around the home.
Once the litter tray is successfully being used, provide access to additional rooms one at a time, until your cat has complete access to the home.
Cats that seem to be having difficulty passing urine may need urgent attention, so always be safe rather than sorry and seek veterinary advice. Unless specifically stated otherwise, use of the "™" trademark symbol within this site designates trademarks owned by Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. Totally REMOVES Cat & Pet Odors, Stain AND Pheromone!GET the Rubber Bristle Brush: It is safe for carpet and upholstery.
This will create a cleaner, healthier, fresher smelling environment that will be appreciated by both humans and pets. It does not contain VOCs, harmful or ozone depleting chemicals and is especially beneficial for those suffering from allergies and chemical sensitivity.

They are refreshed by simply heating in a microwave or placing in sunlight and can be used over and over again for years. Do be careful as this approach can remove colours and varnishes, so is not suitable for every surface.
You can provide that by cutting the top and bottom out of a cardboard box and sitting all four walls round the tray, providing a door big enough for access. If one kind of litter isna€™t available always try and mix some of the accustomed litter with the new litter to make the transition as stress free as possible. There are a few more techniques that can be used but remember there is a fine line to tread between discouraging your cat and scaring your cat.
Place your cat in the tray immediately after eating, after sleep, or when they appear to be actively looking for somewhere to toilet. Ideally this should be what behaviourists call an a€?unchallenging rooma€™, meaning it should be calm and quiet and preferably not have access immediately to the outdoors, or anything that could be perceived by your cat as threatening. Special Price when add to cart below with GET SERiOUS.To soak up any stain FAST: Your Need Super Absorbent Shammys! It can cause airway defense mechanisms to be depressed, a higher rate of pneumonia, lower weight gains and damage to the respiratory tract. Smelleze® Pet Litter Odor Removal Granules will enable you to enjoy your pet while it eliminators undesirable odors and wetness.
They don't contain or emit chemicals and are beneficial for people hurting from allergies and sensitivity to chemicals. It may be necessary to take a a€?CSIa€™ type approach using black UV lamps to show up old urine stains.
A good scrub of the tray should only be required every few weeks and be careful not to use chemicals that leave any residual odour. Older and very young cats may just need a tray with a lower lip that is easier to climb into. Older cats might have sensitive toes and may need a softer, sandier litter, or a new cat might have a preference for a particular kind of litter.
Never punish your cat and then place it immediately on the litter tray, as this can create negative associations and discourage future use.
Provide one litter tray per cat plus one spare to avoid territorial disputes or intimidation around the litter tray.

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