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Antifungal creams are used to cure a variety of ailments including jock itch, athletea€™s foot, yeast infections, and finger and toenail infection. The most important thing you can do to properly treat a fungal infection and choose the right antifungal cream is to determine what type of infection you have. Before using a treatment for fighting a fungal infection, make sure to read the complete label or information pamphlet included with the treatment.
This cream is one of the most popular options in the United Kingdom for treating fungal infections. This cream treats a variety of problems, including athletea€™s food, jock itch, and ringworm. This cream is advertised as a treatment for athletea€™s foot, but it can treat a variety of other fungal infections. Clotrimazole Vaginal Gel is used to effectively treat vaginal candidiasis, vaginal trichomoniasis, mixed vaginal infections, bacterial vaginitis, or infective leucorrhoea.
They are topical medications that include active ingredients designed to reduce fungal growth. Sometimes a persona€™s skin type, body chemistry, or complexion makes them a poor candidate for certain treatments. It is considered the best-selling antifungal cream on the market and has a trusted brand name. In preparations for the skin, it is effective against ringworm, athlete's foot, and jock itch.
You can often save a great deal of money choosing one treatment over another and opting for an off-brand. It can be used in conjunction with one of the creams included on the list to achieve a thorough treatment course. In addition to treating the fungal infection, the cream also soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Speak with your doctor if you are concerned about any possible difficulties with certain creams.
The cream is often recommended by podiatrists for treating athletea€™s foot and dermatologists for treating various skin infections. It is especially effective for treating jock itch, athletea€™s food, nail infections, and skin rashes. This is an extremely popular option for treating fungal infections and can be found in most stores.
It occasionally triggers allergic reactions and skin irritation, but many find it extremely useful. The cream includes an applicator that makes it easy to treat infections occurring within the vaginal cavity. In lozenge form, it is prescribed to treat oral yeast infections and to prevent them in people with weak immune systems.Most important fact about ClotrimazoleKeep using this medicine for the full time of treatment, even if the infection seems to have disappeared.
Sometimes the creams include hydrocortisone, which reduces the itching that often accompanies infections related to fungal growth.
In addition to treating the specific fungal infection, the tea tree oil provides anti-septic healing properties that speed healing and calms and dries the skin. In addition to killing the infection, this cream also relieves chafing, itching, and burning. There are minimal side effects, but if you have concerns, you can speak with the pharmacy or your doctor. This is a popular treatment for most fungal infections and can be found in a variety of discount stores and pharmacies. It should be noted that the other creams included on this list should not be inserted into the body unless specifically advised by a doctor. It is one of the most popular creams available and can be found in most pharmacies and discount stores.

The cream pictured above is specifically designed to treat vaginal yeast infections, so it is safe to use in these cases. Massage Gyne-Lotrimin gently into the affected area and the surrounding skin.If you are taking Mycelex troches, place the lozenge in your mouth and let it dissolve slowly for 15 to 30 minutes.
Load the applicator to the fill line with cream, or unwrap a tablet, wet it with warm water, and place it in the applicator as shown in the instructions you receive with the product.2. Withdraw the applicator and discard it if disposable, or wash with soap and water.To keep the vaginal medication from getting on your clothing, wear a sanitary napkin. Wear underwear or pantyhose with a cotton crotch%mdash;avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon or rayon. Do not douche unless your doctor tells you to do so.To keep the vaginal medication from getting on your clothing, wear a sanitary napkin. Wear underwear or pantyhose with a cotton crotch--avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon or rayon. Contact your doctor immediately.While using the vaginal preparations, either avoid sexual intercourse or make sure your partner uses a condom.
Do not use clotrimazole at any time during pregnancy without the advice and supervision of your doctor.It is not known whether clotrimazole appears in breast milk. Nursing mothers should use Gyne-Lotrimin cautiously and only when clearly needed.Recommended dosage for ClotrimazoleLOTRIMINAdults and ChildrenWash your hands before and after you use Lotrimin. Repeat this procedure for 7 consecutive days.MYCELEX TROCHEAdultsThe recommended dosage is 1 troche slowly dissolved in the mouth 5 times daily for 14 consecutive days. For prevention, the recommended dose is 1 troche 3 times daily.OverdosageAlthough any medication used in excess can have serious consequences, an overdose of clotrimazole is unlikely.

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