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Coliform bacteria are common in the environment, present in the soil and intestines of animals, and are generally not harmful. Generally, the two categories of coliform bacteria that are found in well water are total coliform, and fecal coliform or E.coli.
For proper testing of fecal coliform and E.coli, we recommend this state certified lab watercheck test. If E.coli or fecal coliform are detected in the drinking water, the first step should be an emergency chlorination, which can last two to five days.
Your well should be constructed so that it is at least a foot above the surface of the ground or has a mound of dirt around it to ensure that rainwater or chemical run-off will not pool near your well and seep into it. Be careful about storing or disposing household or lawn care chemicals and wastes or considering using organic alternatives which will break down before reaching your groundwater. Planting appropriate drought tolerant plants will stabilize soil, reduce run-off, and save money on your water bill!
It is especially important to address these risks before they become an issue, and will help save money in the long run. For more help on removing bacteria from your water, visit our Bacteria page on our Water Problems tab. Easy to read, packed with 165 pages of useful how to guides, diagrams, charts and pictures. Discover our monoparameter kits for occasional analyses (Coliform detection kit) or frequent analyses (pH kits, Hardness, Detection + coliform ).
The ph kits are appreciated by tropical fish enthusiasts, swimming pool owners and professionals thanks to their capacity for analysing aqueous solutions even if dyed. The hardness kit (measuring fur - or even the calcium and magnesium contained in your water) is a must for anyone wanting to control as much as possible their household appliance consumption and reduce their ecological footprint. The microbiological kits (coliform bacteria) is also ideal for diagnosing  the quality of the water from your well, bore hole, water collector or springs near to you home wich could be contaminated.
This kit is ideal for regular testing and to determine the quality of your water, thanks to a microbiological analyses (bacteria), and to detect if coliform bacteria are present or absent in the water. Many types of illnesses are caused by these micro-organisms in the water, although most are gastro-intestinal disorders. This microbiological test is a really easy turnkey solution for the detection of the presence or absence of coliform bacteria after only 48 hours of incubation at ambient temperature.
This kit is also ideal for diagnosing the quality of the water from your well, bore hole, water collector or springs near to your home and which could be contaminated.

Keep out of the reach of children, out of direct sunlight, in a dry location and at a temperature below 85°F. Pet waste contains bacteria and viruses that can contaminate waterways and make living things unhealthy. Move your mouse over the microscope to see what the bacteria that live inside your dog look like! Roundworm eggs, also known as Toxocara canis, may cause a rash, fever, coughing, or vision loss. Call your local stormwater management department to learn how they want you to dispose of pet waste. Some towns provide dispensers of pet waste bags to encourage people to pick up after their pets. However, the presence of these bacteria in well water or spring water usually indicates that the water may be contaminated with germs that can cause disease and can even contaminate your well water without any change in taste or odor to the water.
The presence of total coliform, by itself, doesn’t imply that the resource is contaminated, but it can reveal that one if not more of the more serious types of harmful bacteria, such as fecal or E.
This should be strongly considered when purchasing a new home or after constructing a new well. At the same time a system is being disinfected, it is recommended to vigorously boil the drinking and cooking water for one minute before using it. Also if you are constructing a new well, it is important to minimize the proximity of possible sources of contamination – the further the better! Take steps to reduce erosion and prevent surface water runoff such as constructing a simple swale or using plants to stabilize slopes. Keeping up to date records of well installations, repairs, and water tests will help you keep ahead of potential issues.
Ideal for making the best choice in household appliances (need for a water-softening system or not) and for making a shrewd decision on how to use water-softening products when your water is particularly hard.
Drinking quality water is important to protect your own health and the health of your loved ones.
Total coliform bacteria mainly include the following genera: Escherichia, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Citrobacter and Serratia. These effects can be far more consequential and even deadly for the most vulnerable (babies, infants, pregnant women, the elderly) . When the algae dies and decomposes, it robs the water of dissolved oxygen that fish and other aquatic life needs to survive!

These eggs are found in dog feces, especially puppy feces, and can infect humans if ingested (frequently, by a child, because small children put their hands in their mouths more often). Some towns want pet waste double-wrapped and placed in designated dog bins or regular trash. Compete in this relay race and see who can scoop the poop the fastest, dispose of it properly, and keep streams and rivers clean! Therefore, the US EPA recommends annual testing of residential water wells for coliform bacteria. Because there are so many different ways to introduce bacteria into the system, the original well construction can often be the cause of an ongoing bacteria problem that can go on for many years. Waste from humans, rodents, or farm animals can be a principal source of bacteria in the water. It is also very important to continue testing the water because if anything happens to the chlorine residual, or if the chlorine-demand changes, and the consumer doesn’t know about it, the water can become unsafe again.
Also important for knowing the daily intakes of calcium and magnesium provided by your water. Each test consists of a ready-to-use test tube  containing a powder reagent and is protected prior to use in a hermetic aluminium sachet. If it’s not disposed of properly, pet waste can be carried by stormwater runoff to storm drains that empty untreated into our streams, creeks, and rivers. These waste microbes can cause short-term effects, such as diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches, or other symptoms. Others prefer you bury it one foot deep, away from vegetable gardens and drinking water wells. The run-off from agricultural fields, animal feedlots, sewers, or septic systems often are the cause of contamination. They may also pose a special health risk for infants, young children, and people with severely compromised immune systems. Still others recommend flushing it down the toilet to be treated with human waste by your septic system or a sewage treatment plant.
Additionally, the overuse or improper storage and disposal of chemicals can poison and contaminate drinking water if they are in close proximity to your well.

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