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Chateau Enira of the Bessa Valley a project which started roughly 10 years ago in the village of Ognjanovo with the partnership of Stephan von Neippberg. But it was worth the effort to revitalize and create a value since Bulgaria has rich wine history but was somewhat set back during the communist regime.
Heating them up happens fairly slow, constant temperature and since cooling is important and can be done easily, much easier than with wood. The filling happens by gravity, cold maceration usually takes place for about 5 days around 14-16°C and the alcoholic fermentation kicks off by added yeast at around 20°C takes around 2 weeks with post maceration for 1 week separating the young wine from the rest. The Enira is usually a Merlot heavy blend, followed by Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and dash of Petit Verdot. It goes back 4000 years, merchants from Troj purchased wine in the valley of Thracia, the Bessa folk lived here 2500 years ago and wine was one of their most important products. As Mark Dworkin the chief consultant for Enira was pointing out a lot of wine killers opposed to winemakers where back then. Concrete distributes the temperature more even in the must, CO2 is used if there are a lot of grapes.
Most of the barrels are from the Allier’s, but too much new wood for the young vines is no go. Little bit of CO2 is adjusted prior bottling and more SO2 is used 35ppm and 31ppm at bottling. Merlot and Syrah depending on the concentration of the year, Syrah gives more mid palate weight a floral touch while Merlot boosts more fruit.

I guess this also a sort of balance between being serious, professional and on the other side never lost the child in himself, playing, enjoying life. The climate is ideal to make wine it’s the typical continental, warm to hot in the summer, cool in the winter open from East and West for the fresh wind, only rainfall is fairly low which pushes the winery to irrigate. Wine was sold in huge and uniformized quantities, terroir was given up for quantity, fertile – flat land, problems at nurseries with virus infected vines and with the lack of experts to name a few things. Perhaps issues with micro oxidation can be raised, primeur aromas don’t stabilize for long with cement tanks yet the balance is very good with full fruit fermentation. The 16.000 bottles sell easily, it spends just a few hours on skin, direct pressing – everything goes fast here says Mark. On the lower parts they use 101-14, 161-49 which are tolerant to lime but have a low vigour, for a long time they treated it with iron. I guess Count Stephan von Neippberg needs the least introduction: visionary, well educated, knowledgeable with a real personality who is fun and serious at the same time with straight to the point talk. Rain is moderate 600 mm end of July and August can be very dry with the combination of hot winds which dehydrate the berries in addition to the dry weather.
Perhaps one of the reasons why they have so little Cabernet Sauvignon it ripens late and doesn’t appreciate limestone.
Originally from Wurttemberg, Germany but educated in France and owns several chateaux in Bordeaux, rich family history (goes back 800 years) predestined for high quality, trust and visionary approach. The project started 2001 when the 300 ha of land was acquired South of Plovdiv, more than 800 owners had to be approached, not an easy task as Stephan was telling.

Since they have more than 90 tanks, it was hard to find people who understood how to make them so they got imported from Bordeaux.
Stephan was mentioning the skin is ripening towards the end period even slower, there is less humidity after rainfall 50% ,compared with Bordeaux 85-90% which is good for the skin but not really for anything else. One thing is certain Stephan Neippbergs name will stand always for top quality no matter where he goes. You definitely do not want dehydrated or raisin grapes, checking leaves and berries constantly if’s too dry, vines could even die. Bulgaria, a country rich in wine history, possibilities to make fantastic wines which taste good. There is a pool which assists for irrigation or water is purchased from the nearby village.
On the other side the world needs to rediscover what stands for Bulgarian – or in this case Thracian valley- terroir, taste, typicite, origin, not just quality. I can see in the future precision viticulture such as aerial images, vineyard mapping from above to assist the right distribution of water. They irrigated 10 times in 2011, the days are hot if the wind is hot and the pores are open the leaves can be damaged, they dry out.

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