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Sinus infection is an infection or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses that may occur due to a variety of reasons.
Sinus infection happens when the mucous membrane of the nose and the sinuses become irritated or inflamed by pollutants, cold or other allergies.
Due to the slowed movement of the cilia, and the increased secretion of mucous, the mucous gets trapped in the sinuses.
There are certain foods that contribute to the thickening of mucus, especially when the bacteria have affected the sinus membranes. The faster movement of the cilia helps to clear out the thick mucus from the sinus membranes. Sniffing rapidly at a salt water solution also helps to keep the sinus membranes healthy and well circulated.
It is done by putting a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil into a bowl of warm water and then soaking and breathing in the vapors. In conclusion, it can be said that although sinus infection is not entirely curable, it can be relieved and the bacteria can be removed if the steps mentioned above are followed. Cindy Dy30 March 2015 at 00:28Looking for a good site that is more interesting and knowledgeable? The main work of the sinuses is to filter the air that we breathe, of impurities and other harmful substances and pass it on to the lungs. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.
Further, sinus congestion may result in difficulty in breathing, runny nose, bad breath and dry cough. When the cavities surrounding the nasal passage get infected and swollen by virus, bacteria and fungi, this condition is called sinusitis or sinus infection.
The very first step you should take to cure sinus infection is elimination of foods like milk, cheese or wheat from your diet that encourage mucus formation. Grapefruit seed extract contain anti bacterial, antifungal and anti inflammatory properties and effectively kills bacteria and fungi in the sinus cavity. A powerful compound known as curcumin contained in turmeric can clear the sinus passage and heal the sinus cavity. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties which can heal the nasal inflammation and cure infection.
Cleansing the nasal passage using water or saline solution with the help of neti-pot is an effective natural remedy for getting relief from sinus infection. Some other steps you should take to cure sinus infection include application of warm compress several times a day on the face, drinking plenty of fluids and water to moisturize mucous membranes and wash them out of the sinus. Sinus infection can be caused by an infection of the autoimmune systems caused by bacterial, fungal, viral infection. Antibiotics kill the bacteria, virus or fungus that is responsible for causing the infection. This causes the sinuses to swell and the bacteria gets obstructed from being washed out with the mucous. There are several symptoms of sinus infection. If organic apple cider is taken when the symptoms of sinus infection start to appear, then the allergy and infection can be stopped. These foods are milk, wheat, cheese, spicy foods, and citrus foods such as lemons and oranges. A few drops of the grapefruit seed extract can work wonders when dealing with sinus infection.

Oil pulling can be done with sesame oil, avocado oil and many others and it helps to clear the sinus membranes of the thick mucus and thus relieves headaches and drowsiness. This can be done by soaking a towel in warm water and placed on the forehead in below and between the eyes. This process has been followed for ages to keep the sinus membranes healthy and preventsinus infection.
The hot vapors help to clear out the congested nasal passages and thus remove the thick mucus from the sinus membranes. Due to infections excessive mucous is produced and instead of draining down the throat, it gets trapped in the sinuses and the nasal passages and it clogs the airways. It kills the infection quickly and thins down the mucous and helps it run down the throat thus unblocking the clogged sinuses and nasal passages. It also reduces the inflammation and calms the irritated tissues. Simmer for three minutes then turn off the heat.  Cover the pan for ten minutes after which strain the tea. Some of the most effective herbal remedies to treat the problem of sinus congestion are mentioned below.
Eucalyptus oil can be rubbed around the nose and chest area multiple times in a day to relieve sinus congestion. Gargling with a tonic prepared by adding cayenne pepper powder (1 teaspoon) in a glass of warm water 3 to 4 times in a day can help in clearing the nasal blockage resulting from sinus congestion. Antibiotics are prescribed most often to treat sinusitis, but researches have shown that using antibiotics too often can cause antibiotic related health problems and may not cure recurring sinus infection.
Inhaling grapefruit seed extract after adding few drops in warm water or adding few drops in neti-pot for washing out the sinus can bring relief by killing the fungi and bacteria that are causing infection.
Swishing and gargling with extra virgin olive oil, sunflower or sesame oil helps to cure infection by pulling the bacteria out of the sinus. You can use oregano oil for ingesting or inhaling the steam after mixing in boiling water for opening the nasal passage. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
It is an extremely contagious infection and can be passed from one infected person to another by mere contact of infected surfaces or even through the air. This is because it is now believed that an inflammation or infection or the sinuses also has to be accompanied by an inflammation of the nose too which is known as rhinitis. This slows the movement of cilia, which are hair fibers that help to clear mucous. The mucous glands also start secreting more mucous to dilute the bacterial or viral infection. The symptoms include fatigue, a constant dull ache, pain in the upper molars, thick mucus, nasal drips, cold and cough, flu, and facial pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead. The grapefruit seed extract helps to relieve the pressure from the forehead and cheeks reducing headaches. Hot fluids such as hot tea (chamomile, herbal, black or green tea) are especially useful in relieving the sinus membranes and clearing out the thick mucus. Aromatherapy helps to clear out the clogged passages by increasing the movement of the cilia. These headaches are caused by the inflammation of the tissues and membranes in the sinuses which are hollow cavities situated around the cheeks, nose and eyes. Pressure builds up inside the sinuses giving rise to headaches, sore throat, stuffed up nose, coughing and congestion. The antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of fenugreek will mop up the infection and flush it out of the body.

The problem of sinus congestion is caused by factors such as allergies or infections, common cold, hay fever, pregnancy and so on. Basil oil can be applied on the chest area 2 to 3 times in a day to cure various symptoms associated with sinus congestion. Eucalyptus oil can also be added to hot water and inhaled on a daily basis to open the nasal blockage and reduce the phlegm resulting from sinus congestion. Gargling with a tonic prepared by adding lemon balm in a glass of lukewarm water several times in a day can provide relief from the problem of sinus congestion.
Consumption of peppermint tea prepared by boiling fresh peppermint leaves in water on a regular basis can help in the treatment of sinus congestion. Regular use of cayenne pepper can help in treating various symptoms associated with sinus congestion. Headache, stuffy nose, fever, cough and congestion, bad breath, fatigue, ear ache, green and yellow discharge from throat or nose are some of the common symptoms of sinus infection.
There are a variety of natural cures that can be helpful in preventing and treating the symptoms and aiding in speedy recovery.
If organic apple cider vinegar is taken regularly when the symptoms like stuffy nose, watery eyes and headache begin to appear, it can prevent sinus infection.
A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water can be prepared by mixing one fourth cup apple cider vinegar and sixteen ounces of water. If this mixture is sipped throughout the day for several days then it will help in effectively relieving the sinus infection. These hot fluids help to moisturize the sinus membranes which help to speed up the movement of the cilia. The inflammation occurs due to viral and bacterial infections such as the common cold, flu, throat infections and respiratory disorders. To make the tea, boil a cup of water and steep two bruised eucalyptus leaves into it for ten minutes. Your headache will vanish and you will find that your nasal passages have decongested and you are able to breathe through your nose without any obstruction.
Symptoms of sinus congestion include headache, fever, sore throat, pain or pressure in the eyes and so on. The aroma of basil oil can also be inhaled several times in a day to obtain the desired results. The aroma of peppermint oil can be inhaled on a frequent basis to reduce the pain resulting from sinus congestion. However, since the sinus infection can not be completely cured by medicine, it is much better to treat it with natural remedies. This is because the apple cider vinegar helps to thin the thick mucus and once the mucus becomes thin and clear, it is easy to flush out the bacteria causing sinus infection. Basil leaves can also be boiled in water to prepare a tonic and consumed on a frequent basis to relieve sinus congestion. A syrup can be prepared by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil and honey (1 teaspoon) in warm water (1 cup) and consumed several times in a day to obtain effective results.

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