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One way herbal medicine does this is with the rejuvenating formula triphala, intended to make your insides run smoother and more efficiently. Triphala is composed of equal amounts of the dried fruit of three plants: haritaki (Terminalia chebula), amalaki (Emblica officinalis) and bibhitaki (Beleric myrobalan). Triphala has been used to aid with weight management and promote greater weight loss by stimulating metabolism, and is regarded as the ideal travel partner. Even if you do not have digestion issues, taking triphala once in a while can be like giving your insides a regular tune-up, Dass said.
Ginseng's powers have deep roots in traditional Chinese medicine where it has been regularly used for millennia to fight fatigue and strengthen qi, or life energy. Ginseng's active components are called ginsenosides, which vitalize the body by gently stimulating the endocrine system and sympathetic nervous system; their sedative properties also promote relaxation. The experts offered 282 cancer patients either a placebo or three different daily doses of Ginseng: 750 mg, 1,000 mg and 2,000 mg.
A daily cup or two can give you an energy and brain booster, help combat sickness and soothe digestion. Rosemary can perk you up when you want to pull the covers over your head or calm you down when you battle stress, fear or anxiety.
If you need a mental boost or break, place a few drops of rosemary oil in your next warm bath (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). For an overall body and soul cleanser, O'Dunn suggests drinking a stronger concoction: Use 2 tablespoons herb (dried or fresh) to 2 cups boiling water and let steep for 15 to 20 minutes.
Mix 1 tablespoon fresh or dried rosemary leaves with 1 tablespoon crushed neem (Azadirachta indica) and add to 2 cups boiling water, she said. For your own instant skin rejuvenator just add 2 tablespoons aloe to your rosemary-neem tea and use anywhere to soothe stressed skin and improve elasticity.
October 30 - 2007 Swiss pharmaceutical firm Pharmaton SA and the UAE-based company nmc trading organised today, a scientific symposium titled - 'Gincosan: the natural way to combat declining mental capacity'. The event, which attracted more than 200 medical professionals and pharmacists, was part of the Gincosan launch activities in the UAE and the Gulf. Gincosan is the results of many years of extensive research, product development and scientific testing at Pharmaton SA. Acute and chronic dosing was employed and the two extracts were studied both alone and in combination with each other.
The scientific programme featured a speaker from Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) and two speakers from the Swiss-based pharmaceutical company Pharmaton SA in Lugano-Bioggio.
Pharmaton SA has been specializing in the scientific research, development and production of phyto-pharmaceuticals for over 50 years.
Reliable and responsible manufacturers of scientifically proven phyto-pharmaceuticals therefore control the natural ingredients of their products starting from the cultivation of the herbal plant material to its harvesting, extraction, standardization and incorporation into the finished galenical form. All the trials have identified beneficial effects on cognitive function especially on long term memory for words and pictures, working memory for numbers and location, speed of memory processes and power of concentration. Over 600 volunteers had taken part in the trials, the study populations comprising student populations, healthy middle-aged adults, healthy elderly people, and volunteers with neurasthenia. If the results are repeated in further studies and are extrapolated to humans, it could mark the arrival of Ginseng juice on the dietary supplements market offering potential benefits for the management of diabetes.
An estimated 19 million people are affected by diabetes in the EU 25, equal to four per cent of the total population. In the US, there are over 20 million people with diabetes, equal to seven per cent of the population. The researchers, led by Chun-Su Yuan, measured fasting blood glucose levels on day 0 and day 10 of the study, and report that while blood glucose levels of all the mice were high at the start of the study, supplementation with the Ginseng berry juice was associated with a 31 per cent reduction after day 10, from 230 to 157.8 milligrams per decilitre of serum.
The researchers report that the active compounds in American Ginseng are dammarane saponins, also known as ginsenosides, and that these compounds are also likely to be the active components in the berry juice.
Formulations of Ginseng are already established in the dietary supplements market, with the herb typically taken to enhance stamina and reduce feelings of fatigue and physical stress. The herb has been gaining popularity in Western societies, finding its way into, for example, energy drinks. The carrier Monday started offering red Ginseng tea to passengers in the first and business classes on the Gimpo-Haneda route, and another kind of red Ginseng drink to passengers in the economy class. The service will be expanded to flights between Gimpo and China's Hongqiao, which are scheduled to launch next month. Instead of instant tea bags, the airline provides the tea after decocting red Ginseng twice for more than six hours with pure underground water from Jeju Island.
Red Ginseng, one of the nation's representative health foods, has three times more efficacy than ordinary Ginseng.
A traditional Korean desert made of dried persimmon and walnut is also offered to first class passengers, and economy class passengers can have another type of red Ginseng drink. September 12, 2007 - Alternative herbal medicine is one of the best ways to cure chronic or other disease, in many cases. Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) is the wonder medicine made from primrose, borage or currant seed oil that is extremely effective for treatment of alcohol addicts.
If one is suffering from any degree of sleeplessness, the most helpful herbal medicines are lemon balm, linden, chamomile and ginger tea. Salicylic acid, the chief component of the pain-killer aspirin, is found in its salicin form in willow bark and meadowsweet. Thanks to the hectic modern style of present day living, most of us suffer from stress in different forms. Most herbal medicines are prepared from the major herbal ingredient along with other contents. Although herbal medicines have been extremely successful in treating many diseases, prescription drugs still hold the fort when it comes to treating critical diseases. Alternative medicine is cheap, effective and most importantly, natural and free from any side effects. August 22, 2007 JINAN, South Korea: Aroadside restaurant here was abuzz one recent morning with talk of a $65,000 Ginseng plant. The only customers, a small group of Ginseng seekers, had assembled for a breakfast of tofu soup before driving off to a nearby mountain that they planned to scour for the sought-after plant.
Belying the early hour and the rain, their conversation grew increasingly animated with each retelling of the news from the night before: Someone had just found a 235-gram, or 8.3-ounce, 30-year-old Ginseng plant, assessed at $65,000! Photo: A wild-Ginseng digger bows to a wild-Ginseng that he find before digging its root in mountain in Jinan County, South Korea, on July 17. In South Korea and elsewhere in Asia, wild Ginseng roots have traditionally been prized for their supposed preternatural healing powers, properties believed to be missing in the farmed variety. So armies of them forage through the country's thickly forested mountains, where wild Ginseng can be found, if it can be found at all, in nooks with the right mix of air, sunlight and humidity. The finder of the $65,000 Ginseng was reported to have seen three pillars of fire in a dream just before stumbling on the plant on Sobaek Mountain, in the middle of the country. Here in the southwest, Pae, a professional Ginseng seeker, was guide to a group of a half-dozen amateurs.
After driving to their destination, Woonjang Mountain, the group split into two, with Pae Young Gun and an experienced member of the group choosing an untrodden path. It was 17 years ago that the 43-year-old started looking for Ginseng after befriending an older seeker during a mountain hike, he said.
He decided to devote himself full-time to searching for Ginseng four years ago after giving up his job as a fisherman.
Lim Duk Hwan, an official at the Taeguk Ginseng Assessment Association in Seoul, said he had noticed an increase in people turning to Ginseng in the past two to three years.
The price of a particular plant depends on a host of innumerable factors like age, size, color, the soil and the angle of the terrain from which it was dug out, Lim said. Given the huge prices that wild Ginseng fetches in South Korea, some people import wild Ginseng plants from China and replant them here, he said.
Telltale signs include uneven spacing between the rings around the root and differing shades of color.
If aristocrats used to be the biggest consumers of wild Ginseng, it is now the business and political elite who are said to exchange the most prized roots as gifts or even bribes.
He came to a rest at the foot of the hill, his face covered in sweat and his eyeglasses steamed up. 21 August 2007 SINGAPORE: Ginseng, valued for its nourishing properties, has been a common fixture in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the past 2,000 years.
Researchers have also found that the humble root contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Ms Seah Ai Wei, TCM physician with Raffles Chinese Medicine, explained that Ginseng is commonly prescribed to patients to build up their immunity. Ginsenosides, the root's active component, also helps to restore qi - what TCM physicians term the vital energy circulating within the body. Her advice is to consult a TCM physician, who is better able to prescribe the right amount and type of Ginseng most suited to the condition of your body, as Ginseng comes in both warm and cool varieties.
Ms So Hwee Mei, dietitian at the Dietetics Department of the National University Hospital, explained: "Not all Ginseng is heaty. Taking the wrong type of Ginseng - trying to correct a deficiency in yang energy with a Ginseng that restores yin energy - can also have side effects such as an energy imbalance. Therefore, physicians have to understand the patients' ailments before prescribing the appropriate Ginseng. Xi Yang Shen or American Ginseng helps the lungs and kidneys, and is suitable for those with a deficiency in yang energy. 08-09-2007- Summer is often the season when people find it hard to care for their skin because of the heat and humidity, which turns skin oily and sweaty. So many people think that not applying anything to the skin is the best way to prevent problems resulting from too much oil and sweat. The skin is being severely damaged by sun, salty seawater and a lack of sleep because of ``tropical nights'' to name a few reasons. Despite such ``challenges'' for the skin, a simple approach makes a big difference in summer, especially for fatigued skin exposed to too much sun at beaches and mountains during your vacation. Just like the efforts to seek nutritious foods to boost your physical metabolism, good nourishment is also the key treatment for the skin.
Nutritious products such as black raspberry widely known as ``bokbunja,'' Ginseng and other summer fruits are popular to care the skin.
Instead of letting your stomach consume these foods, why not let the skin do the consumption?
From ancient times, Ginseng has been highly appreciated as a plant good for health and vitality, and the enhancement of longevity and quality of life. Even today, it has become one of the most favorable plants among many other medicinal plants. Ginseng contains a variety of constituents that revitalize, regenerate and improve immunity, and qualities that are highly valued in skin care.
Sansim produced by Hankook Cosmetics (50,000 won) contains the extracts of wild Ginseng, or ``sansam,'' to provide nutrition ideally suited for sluggish, congested, devitalized and lackluster skin.
Also, Suhyangjin Boyang Keumyul Pack by the Face Shop (10,900 won) retains herbal ingredients including Ginseng and nano-gold, which all function to moisturize the skin. Vitamins might be the most important nutrient for recovering energy because the skin tends to easily lose this through sweating. Fruits and vegetables are abundant in various types of vitamins and are used in cosmetics to create excellent masks and lotions.
Vitamin C and E protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, slow the aging process and make skin healthy and shiny.
Also, vitamin C is good for controlling the creation of melanin _ the source of skin pigmentation _ and whitening it. For that reason, vitamin C-rich fruits such as black raspberry, grapes, lemons and lettuce, are referred to as basic food items for skin revitalization in summer. Classic Homme Multi Energy (12,900 won) offered by the Face Shop targets men with its whitening and wrinkle-preventing effect. The product contains extracts of ``bokbunja,'' or black raspberry rich in vitamin B and C, and steamed red Ginseng extracts, which is antioxidant. Skin Food's Lettuce and Cucumber Water Jelly Cream (10,000 won) includes abundant moisture with cucumber extracts to repair damaged skin.
Also, Tomato Whitening Cream by Skin Food (13,900 won) whitens the skin with its tomato extracts, which contain arbutin, or a substance that prevents the formation of melanin. Amore Pacific's Happy Bath Body Repair 24 Essence (12,000 won) contains extracts of squash and honey to enhance the moisture effect and tighten the muscles of the face. If you are keen on clear and vital skin, prepare a massage pack with natural fruits and vegetables that are easily found in the market.
However, you should be very careful in choosing which fruits or vegetables to use in making the pack. Also, keep in mind that you should make a small amount as natural ingredient packs should not be used more than once.
Use the white parts of the watermelons because they are rich in fructose and glucose, sources of abundant moisture. Ginseng Board of Wisconsin executive director Butch Weege said he has no problem with Canadian growers, blaming U.S. But he said there are differences between Canadian and Wisconsin Ginseng, with Canadian plants generally being larger, sweeter tasting, and with a drier appearance on the skin. Schellenberg said Chinese production of North American Ginseng species has increased in recent years, which continues to drive prices down.

Weege said Wisconsin producers have no intention of stopping Canadian or Asian Ginseng from being sold in the U.S.
But Weege warned that Chinese Ginseng producers have much lower labour costs than North American growers.
Most of the pharmacological actions of Ginseng are attributed to one type of its constituents, namely the ginsenosides. In this review, we focus on the recent advances in the study of ginsenosides on angiogenesis which is related to many pathological conditions including tumor progression and cardiovascular dysfunctions.
Angiogenesis in the human body is regulated by two sets of counteracting factors, angiogenic stimulators and inhibitors.
The 'Yin and Yang' action of Ginseng on angiomodulation was paralleled by the experimental data showing angiogenesis was indeed related to the compositional ratio between ginsenosides Rg1 and Rb1.
Mechanistic studies revealed that such responses were mediated through the PI3K?Akt pathway.
Ginsenosides and Panax Ginseng extracts have been shown to exert protective effects on vascular dysfunctions, such as hypertension, atherosclerotic disorders and ischemic injury. These lines of evidence support that the interaction between ginsenosides and various nuclear steroid hormone receptors may explain the diverse pharmacological activities of Ginseng. These findings may also lead to development of more efficacious Ginseng-derived therapeutics for angiogenesis-related diseases. The draft standard by the Codex Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA) recommends applying the standard to species Panax quinquefolius and Panax Ginseng. The Codex Alimentarius Commission has said that once the regional standard has been adopted, discussions would begin as to whether or not to the standard should be converted into an international standard. However, only one species of Ginseng should be regulated under the regional Codex Standard for Ginseng Products, IADSA said on Friday. And the group, which represents 58 national trade associations across six continents, has called for Codex to remove P.
It says that integrating more than one species to the standard would be outside of Codex's scientific resources. Guidelines to regulate Ginseng in Asia by Codex have already been more than two years in the making. The decision to endorse the standard as regional is currently at step five of the eight-step Codex decision-making procedure.
The Ginseng standard includes requirements on quality, methods of production of the herbal and product characteristics.
Ginseng is typically taken to enhance stamina and reduce feelings of fatigue and physical stress. SEOUL, July 15, 2007 (Yonhap New) South Korea's traditional chilli paste and Ginseng-derived products have received initial recognition as distinct foods by an international standard-setting commission, the government said Sunday. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex) approved food standards forwarded by South Korea on chilli paste or "gochujang," and dried and liquid extracts of Ginseng.
Gochujang had been considered a form of hot sauce made with powdered chilli, salt and vinegar. The ministry said that the decision made by a gathering of food experts in Rome to pass the food standards for Ginseng is positive for exports.
The latest decision by Codex will be forwarded to member countries of the organization for feedback. The commission, created in 1963 by both the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization, is tasked with developing food standards. The agriculture ministry, meanwhile, said if gochujang is made a standard it will be the second local dish after kimchi to win global recognition as a distinct Korean food. July 9, 2007 Over the last several decades the rise in infertility rates among men has prompted medical experts to look for the causes. To counter this assault on male fertility there are some herbal choices that may offer help. Testosterone is necessary to manufacture healthy sperm in adequate amounts to support fertility.
The African herb pygeum, the Indian herb Ashwaganda, and the Chinese herb fo-ti are all potential testosterone boosting herbs that have been shown to increase sperm counts and overall sperm "strength." Pygeum is an evergreen tree found in the higher elevations of some regions of Africa.
According to the survey commissioned by Diet Pepsi MAX (a national consumer poll of 1,102 adults conducted by Harris Interactive), one-third of Americans (31 percent) blame the workplace as the reason for their exhaustion.
Available in 20-ounce bottles, two-liter bottles, and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans, Diet Pepsi MAX is sweetened with a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium.
This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Diet Pepsi MAX, between May 11 and May 22, among a nationally representative sample of 1,102 U.S. These researchers performed a randomized trial of three doses of Ginseng versus placebo in 282 patients with cancer-related fatigue. Comments: This is one of the few studies to show possible benefit from alternative or complementary herbal treatments. June 11, 2007 - Most cancer patients try herbs, vitamins, or other untested treatments in search of relief, or even a cure.
Doctors used to toss cancer treatments like Ginseng tea into the category of "unproved remedies" along with faith healing and laetrile, the now-discredited medicine made from apricot pits that can cause severe poisoning. Today, scientists are gaining respect for home cancer remedies as carefully designed studies show that some may actually work. Last week , scientists at major research centers released studies showing that Ginseng appears to help patients fight the fatigue that accompanies chemotherapy, while a grain called flaxseed appears to shrink prostate tumors. So far, the most persuasive evidence concerns treatments that ease the suffering that goes with cancer -- such as nausea, pain, and anxiety. Longtime observers of alternative medicine say the most hopeful sign is that leading researchers are moving into the field, applying the same tough standards they would to test conventional medicines. The rising tide of research comes as the number of people dying from cancer is slowly declining, thanks to a big drop in smoking, better screening to catch tumors early, and improvements in treatment such as the availability of Herceptin for breast cancer. But cancer patients are not willing to rely solely on conventional medical care, turning to alternative treatments -- including dietary supplements, herbal remedies, yoga, and acupuncture -- about twice the rate of the general public, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. For oncologists, the pervasive use of unconventional treatments has long been a problem because they can undermine the patient's care. The National Cancer Institute spends more than $120 million a year supporting studies of complementary and alternative cancer treatments, such as the largest-ever study of prostate cancer prevention, now underway, and the shark cartilage research.
However, scientists have struggled to apply scientific methods to a largely unregulated industry when they can't be sure that the Ginseng tea on store shelves contained Ginseng. In the research released last week, scientists took pains to avoid similar pitfalls, obtaining their natural alternatives from reputable suppliers rather than taking it off the shelf. Wendy Demark-Wahnefried of Duke University in North Carolina was measured in her conclusions about the role of flaxseed in fighting prostate cancer. Researchers will need years to sort out the science behind alternative cancer treatments and to determine what works best -- even then, people will have to be careful to use products that are not contaminated or fraudulent. But patients already can bank on a few nondrug options: exercise, massage, and acupuncture relieve many of the physical and psychological stresses of cancer and its treatment. But cancer patients need to tell their doctors which complementary and alternative treatments they are following, Harvard's Eisenberg said. Jun 8,2007-Traditional Chinese medicine and current understanding of Ginseng's function both point to its characteristics as an adaptogen -- a substance that helps the body overcome the effects of environmental stress.
The results of their scientifically rigorous pilot study, the first to evaluate the Wisconsin species of American Ginseng as a possible therapy for cancer-related fatigue, were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 2007 Herbal medicine used to be what you turned toward when everything else failed -- a desperate attempt to try anything. The various types of herbs and herbal formulas could fill the Sarasota Yellow Pages, their names are often tongue-twisters, and rarely is there a one-size-fits-all approach.
In ayurvedic medicine, it gently stimulates the removal of ama -- any accumulation of toxins, undigested food or waste material in the body -- improves circulation and encourages stronger elimination.
Herbalists rely on triphala to combat a variety of digestive ailments, like irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation. But it is also used to tone digestive and immune systems, and some early Western studies have hinted it may boost brain power and perhaps even combat the common cold. The two most commonly used species are Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng), found in mountain regions of Korea and northeast China, and American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), 90 percent of which hails from Wisconsin farms.
A pilot study from the North Central Cancer Treatment Group discovered that American Ginseng offers greater improvement in cancer-related emotional and physical fatigue after diagnosis and treatment.
The patients who received the larger doses showed improvements in overall energy levels and reported an improvement in overall mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. The problem is that many commercial Ginseng products, like extracts, supplements and powders, lose their potency and balance when processed, Redmon said. You can also make decoctions from organic cultivated Ginseng roots, which have not been exposed to pesticides that may disturb their nutritional value, nor have they been tainted from any processing methods. The scent of rosemary can provide a much-needed mental boost by increasing alertness and clarity.
Or mix a decoction: Place 50 g of the herb in 1 liter of water, boil and let stand for 30 minutes, then add to your bath water. Andrea Zangara from the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit of Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Dr Roger R.
The two plant extracts contained in it (G115® and GK501®) are derived from the roots of Panax ginseng C.A.
GK501® has been shown to improve the microcirculation and thus the oxygen supply to the brain, and G115® to improve to optimize the oxygen uptake in the cells. As they gain mainstream popularity among consumers, more and more questions are now being asked about them. The aim is to consistently ensure the high quality, efficacy and safety of the final phyto-pharmaceutical preparation, independently from the variability of nature. The improvements were accompanied by enhancements of various mood states and quality of life indicators.
The total costs are thought to be as much as $132 billion, with $92 billion being direct costs from medication, according to 2002 American Diabetes Association figures. This mice model is known to be hyperglycemic, glucose intolerant, and obese, thereby resembling human type-2 diabetes. No significant decrease was observed in the control group (no supplementation with the juice). They did measure concentrations of the major ginsenosides using HPLC analysis, and this could be used to develop quality controls for subsequent commercial preparations. In the US it is estimated to be the second top-selling herbal supplement, with $62m (€48.2m) in annual sales last year. It is said to be good for diabetes and stomach-related diseases, as well as to improve immunity, speed up metabolism, and help recover energy. The major benefit of herbal medicines is that it is 100% natural and does not have any side effects, if taken according to the advice of a competent doctor. For quick relief from common ailments like the odd headache, you can go for eucalyptus or peppermint oil and lavender while for rapid pain relief or inflammation, one can take meadowsweet or willow bark instead of chemical painkillers. The salicin is reacted upon in the stomach and transformed to salicylic acid, which grants you instant relief from pain. Thus, one should not consider alternative herbal medicine to be a competitor of prescription drugs, but as a new and effective form of medicine that works in tandem with prescription drugs to treat certain illnesses.
South Korean media periodically report on the discovery of extremely rare wild Ginseng plants that command tens of thousands of dollars and fuel the dreams of Ginseng seekers across the country. As mountains are regarded as holy places, the search tends to take on a spiritual, or at least superstitious, dimension. In the 10 months she had been looking for Ginseng, she had dug up a handful of young, little plants, perhaps worth a few hundred dollars, and given them away to relatives. No sooner had they left their cars than they were climbing up a steep hill and hacking bush with a scythe. While it is easy to separate a farmed Ginseng plant from a wild one, other cases require more expertise. According to Ms Nehal Kamdar, dietician at Raffles Hospital, Ginseng can interact with other medications such as warfarin and phenelzine adversely.
Korean Ginseng is the heatiest of the lot, while Chinese Ginseng is also heaty, but to a lesser extent. TCM physicians prescribe it for patients with stomach, spleen and lung problems, and those with a deficiency in energy, fluid and blood.
Each formula is blended with quality pure plant oils and other genuine natural ingredients that activate and energize the skin.
Masks give a soft peeling effect that removes dead skin cells, blackheads and excess pigmentation. Cosmetics containing rich vitamins such as black raspberry and other herbal elements are easy to apply to the face skin.
If you are allergic to certain fruits and vegetables such as peaches and kiwis or cucumbers, do not use them in the packs. Senate and House of Representatives would make it necessary for raw Ginseng root to be labeled stating exactly where it was harvested.
Meyer) has long been used as a general tonic or an adaptogen to promote longevity and enhance bodily functions. Rg1 was later found to stimulate angiogenesis through augmenting the production of nitric oxide (NO) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). By means of DNA microarray, a group of genes related to cell adhesion, migration and cytoskeleton were found to be up-regulated in endothelial cells.

Rg3 and Rh2) have been demonstrated in various models of tumor and endothelial cells, indicating that ginsenosides with opposing activities are present in Ginseng. Recent work has demonstrated the target molecules of ginsenosides to be a group of nuclear steroid hormone receptors.
When a draft set of regulations were first mooted it spelled the beginning of the herbal being accepted as a food ingredient rather than a drug. It is also believed to have an anti-cancer function and has been reported to normalise blood glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of obesity. South Korea considers the root a health food but some countries classify it as a medicinal substance. That feedback and the initial review will then be examined in detail by a sub-committee board before it becomes an international standard. Men's sperm counts have dropped dramatically and some experts fear an even greater decline in fertility in the future.
Herbal treatments are most successful for fertility issues caused by hormonal problems or weak sperm, as opposed to those involving structural problems such as a blocked sperm duct. Unfortunately, testosterone levels peak in late teens to early twenties and then gradually decline after that, sometimes as low as 20% by age 80.
An extract from the bark has been found to help in cases of infertility where lower prostatic secretions are responsible.
It was used as an herbal aphrodisiac first and recently has been studied for its effect on male fertility.
According to a new survey commissioned by Diet Pepsi MAX, an invigorating zero-calorie cola with Ginseng and more caffeine, 84 percent of Americans* experience a daily "afternoon slump." They're also having a tough time being discreet about it.
The site also provides the option to send a celebrity wake-up call to a friend from Ben Stein. But America is also transforming the cause into the solution, because half of all survey respondents have caught someone asleep on the job, while 28 percent have confessed to falling asleep at work themselves. Diet Pepsi MAX joins Pepsi-Cola North America's wide portfolio of 13 colas that includes caffeine-free, diet and flavored versions. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents' propensity to be online. The details of this randomized trial were presented at the 2007 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in June. In some instances fatigue is related to anemia which can often be alleviated by the administration of epoetin alfa (Procrit®, Epogen®) or darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp). A pilot, multi-dose placebo-controlled evaluation of American Ginseng (panax quinquefollius) to improve cancer-related fatigue: NCCTG trial NO3CA. But the medical profession's disdain didn't stop most cancer patients from trying a wide array of these alternative treatments in their desperate hope for a cure, or at least comfort.
A third study suggested that ground up shark cartilage -- popularized by the book "Sharks Don't Get Cancer" -- does nothing to help lung cancer patients. The Ginseng, flax, and shark cartilage studies were carried out by researchers at the Mayo Clinic, Duke University Medical Center, and M.D. Today, two-thirds of those diagnosed with cancer are likely to be alive in five years compared with a 50 percent survival rate in the mid-1970s.
A survey of cancer patients in 2000 showed that they don't tell their doctors about half the time. Researchers caution women with breast cancer against taking soy supplements, for example, because they contain isoflavonoids that may partially neutralize the Tamoxifen that helps prevent cancer recurrence. Already, agency-funded studies have shown that vitamin E does not protect women against cancer, but a low-fat diet may help women avoid breast cancer recurrence. In 2002, researchers from the University of California at San Francisco and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston suspended a study into a promising herbal prostate cancer treatment called PC-SPES after they discovered the product was contaminated with an artificial estrogen that could have enhanced the anticancer effect. They were also careful to avoid the hyperbole that has so often surrounded alternative cancer treatments. Flax, a grain widely used in medieval foods, is unusually high in omega-3 fatty acids and lignans, both believed to have cancer-fighting properties. Getting more sleep or rest often does not relieve the fatigue, nor is it related to activity levels. A 2004 survey from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine ranked herbal medicine the second most commonly used such therapy, behind prayer.
A year-end cleansing is ideal to sweep out built-up toxins and purify your body for the upcoming year.
25, 2005) found that Ginseng supplements could reduce your risk of catching the common cold and reduce its severity and length. In 2005, Northumbria University researchers in the United Kingdom found that 200 mg of daily Ginseng improved task performance and reduced mental fatigue in 30 young adults. Research in the International Journal of Neuroscience (January 2003) found the aroma of rosemary essential oil improved memory performance in comparison to a control group. Steep for at least 15 to 20 minutes (the longer time ensures that you extract most of its antioxidant and pain-relieving properties) and then strain.
The two extracts in Gincosan® thus act in a complementary way, creating a unique, first-of-its-kind product that improves mental performance and also reduces metal fatigue. D M Kayed, MD, American Board certified Neurologist and was hosted by nmc trading with Pharmaton SA. Gilbert Mast, Head of International Public Relations of Pharmaton SA, said during his introductory speech, the company is 'internationally recognized as centre of excellence for phytomedicine of the Boehringer Ingelheim Group. Perhaps this explains some of the scepticism among the medical profession towards herbal medicine. Tschopp, Head of Medical Affairs at Pharmaton SA, Switzerland, talked about the threats, challenges and opportunities of modern phytomedicine and stated that 'natural' doesn't always equate with 'safe'. Andrea Zangara from the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit of Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, presented an overview of the key studies and talked about the clinical evidence of Gincosan® on cognitive function.
Other trials have assessed the effects of the combination with the cognitive challenge design and hypothesis of action explored through EEG.
Ginger, which reduces the prostaglandin levels in the body, is another useful pain reliever. In fact, prescription drugs are much more expensive and associated with a greater amount of risk.
Arriving at a clearing on a steep slope, Pae laid a squash, some dried fish and rice crackers at the foot of a tree.
Also massage packs made with natural ingredients using summer fruits are very effective to provide abundant moisture and nutrition for revitalization,'' Park said.
It has also been claimed to be effective in combating stress, fatigue, oxidants, cancer and diabetes mellitus. These gene products may interact in a hierarchical cascade pattern to modulate cell architectural dynamics which is concomitant to the observed phenomena in angiogenesis. Medicinal substances operate under different import rules than ordinary food, which makes trading them more difficult.
One theory for this reduction is the over-exposure to estrogen and estrogen-like substances. Prescription drugs have shown promise in treating fertility but often lead to other complications, requiring additional drugs to counter these. Even more troubling is the finding that testosterone levels have dropped world-wide since the 1940s, with some figures showing as much as a 50% drop. Through an increase in the body's testosterone production tongkat ali helps to combat infertility by increasing libido, boosting sperm count, and protecting the health of the sex organs.
Through blood purification this herb will help maintain healthy blood flow to the reproductive organs.
The major benefit of most herbal treatments is the lack of side effects associated with them. More than half of respondents admit to yawning up to five times a day and another 86 percent believe that those yawns are contagious.
The most popular ways respondents overcome their slumps at work include walking around the office (58 percent) and consuming caffeinated beverages (52 %).
The national rollout is supported by a full slate of advertising, marketing and in-store activity. There are several alternative or complementary medicines that are taken by patients to alleviate cancer-related fatigue, including Ginseng. Patients receiving the higher doses of Ginseng were reported to have improved fatigue endpoints. However, a few researchers have raised intriguing possibilities: a small four-year study at Creighton University in Nebraska last week suggested that taking vitamin D supplements reduced the risk of cancer in older women by up to 60 percent.
Anderson Cancer Center, respectively, all considered among the best cancer centers in the country.
For instance, Debra Barton , lead researcher on the Ginseng study at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, said she would want a larger study before she would recommend routine use of Ginseng to combat fatigue. Her analysis of prostate glands surgically removed from prostate cancer patients showed that the disease was growing 30 to 40 percent more slowly in men who had eaten flax supplements in the weeks before the surgery. Glen Aukerman , director for the Center for Integrative Medicine at Ohio State University, said certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids almost certainly help fight off cancer. It is essential that people get a proper diagnosis and are given the right herbs in the proper amount for specific conditions.
Researchers assigned 323 adults to take either 200 mg of American Ginseng or a placebo daily for four months. A study from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy showed that 200 mg taken daily for four weeks could improve aspects of mental health and even social functioning.
But herbalists say this versatile herb can do much more; it has "both stimulating and calming properties," said Denise O'Dunn, a certified Ayurvedic practitioner with Balance and Bliss Inc.
For stressed-out individuals, inhaling rosemary can lower cortisol levels, according to a recent study in Psychiatry Research (Feb.
Use this infusion as a gargle for bad breath, or drink up to three cups daily to improve digestion.
The product was developed by Pharmaton SA more than 20 years ago and has been tested in double-blind, placebo controlled trials. As complementary medicine becomes more and more popular in our society, there is an increasing need for doctors and pharmacists to be able to distinguish one phyto-pharmaceutical from another.
Herbal medicines have been dispensed for centuries by traditional herbalists who have been involved also in their cultivation and preparation as well as assessment of their potency. Most of the trials used the CDR computerized assessment system developed by Cognitive Drug Research Ltd (CDR) in the UK as primary cognitive outcome tool.
Another effectual herbal medicine for people suffering from emotional or physical stress is Skullcap. Herbal medicines like gingko biloba, ginseng, Siberian ginseng and gotu kola are also successful in curing partial memory loss.
It also has an astringent effect and tightens the muscle of the face slightly, thus preventing sagging tissue.
Pygeum has also been shown to support the health of the testes and the seminal vesicles which produce and house the sperm. It is still important to check for any cautions or drug interactions when starting on any herbal supplement.
Diet Pepsi MAX, which arrives on store shelves nationwide this week, plans to do something about it.
The company also makes and markets North America's best-selling ready-to-drink iced teas and coffees, respectively, via joint ventures with Lipton and Starbucks.
At present, many herbal products are still processed in unregulated environments and purchased over the counter without counselling of a qualified health practitioner.
Hawthorn, ginseng, motherwort, valerian and pineapple are the wonder herbs that help in curing angina or irregular heartbeat.
Schellenberg said Ginseng farmers throughout the world use fungicides and pesticides to protect and enhance their crops. The Ashwaganda root is an ancient Indian sexual tonic for infertility and the Chinese have used fo-ti for centuries to increase sperm count. Saw palmetto may not boost production of testosterone but it supports the prostate to release more testosterone. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no theoretical sampling error can be calculated. The fraction of patients satisfied with treatment was 13% in the control group and 24-34% in those receiving Ginseng. The scientific symposium held today in Dubai was an important effort to address some of these issues.
Even the common household herb ginger has some promise as a testosterone and sperm count boosting agent. The lone precautions: Avoid this if you have an ulcer, are pregnant or experience heavy menstrual cycles.

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