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World Concern staff member Susan Talbot, a technical specialist in commodities, logistics and disaster response, is in South Sudan this month. Today, our team traveled to Menaba, a three-hour journey by Landcruiser over a road that would be impassable to most vehicles.
Mothers of young children receive a month's supply of Plumpydoz, a nutrient-packed, peanut-based food.
As we reach Menaba, our staff is finishing up distributing food – salt, dried beans and sorghum – to women with children. Women with toddlers gather under a large tree to receive their monthly ration of Plumpydoz, a nutritional, peanut-based food that addresses malnutrition in 6 to 36-month-old children.

Nearly 500 children have been registered at each of seven distribution sites in Raja County. The children crouch around their common bowl of cooked sorghum, four to a bowl, girls on one side of the yard, boys on the other, eating with their washed hands. Phillip, our security officer based out of Nairobi, says the flies are wondering why they can’t find blood on this elephant. It’s the end of the rainy season and the grasses on the sides and at times in the center of the road are 6-8 feet tall, snapping as the vehicle charges through and over them. Phillip sees a group of boys kicking around a soccer ball and quickly organizes a competitive drill, then divides them into teams for a game.

The supplement will help the child grow physically and mentally during a crucial period of development.
The gardens are producing and the marketplace has peanuts, tomatoes, watermelons and cucumbers.
Without adequate nutrition like this, a child’s health is compromised for the rest of his or her life.

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