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I have also put a dollop of the plain yogurt in a bowl of chili, used it in my hot wing dip recipe instead of sour cream and I have used half mayonnaise, half plain yogurt in potato salad. They were able to tell that there was something different about the taste of the dip, soup, and potato salad, but theystill liked the food and ate it without complaining. I don't think it's going to take long at all before many of my recipes will contain Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt and nobody will notice it all.The amount of fat that can be reduced by using Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt instead of cream cheese, sour cream, or mayonnaise is astounding.
There is 83% less fat per serving of Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt than there is in a serving of sour cream. Some recipes need a little more yogurt than cream cheese, sour cream, or mayonnaise, but the fat content will still be much lower using Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt in their place.Maybe my friend and I have been living under a rock, so to say, and you are already very well aware of the information in this review. If you weren't, try cutting out some of the fat in your meals by using Plain Dannon All Natural Yogurt when possible. Sometimes I like to use baby spinach and fruits blended with the plain yogurt and it makes the perfect snack!
We both get a bowl of the plain yogurt and just start adding all of our favorite fruits into it.

I would definitely recommend Dannon's plain yogurt to others because it can be used in so many ways and it is very affordable. I mainly like to eat it by putting fruit and granola on top, or making yogurt smoothies with it. I like using it to make mint chutney, cucumber yogurt salad, mango lassi, and butter chicken, just to name a few.The Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt is very delicious, and it has a very thick, rich, and creamy consistency. It's really great tasting for a plain yogurt, and even tastes good without using it in a recipe or adding things to it.It's also great because it's made out of all natural ingredients. I can eat it with fruit or granola on top, I can put it in smoothies, or I can use it like a sour cream.
It's one of the best plain yogurts i've had in awhile.VarietyThe Dannon All Natural Yogurts only comes in the plain flavor.
If you don't like or want plain yogurt then Dannon has a wide variety of other products and flavors.
If you do want plain yogurt, Dannon also has a plain Greek yogurt, and they also have plain in the light and fit variety as well.ConsistencyDannon All Natural has a very rich and creamy texture.

I would definitely recommend Dannon's plain yogurt to others because it can be used in so many ways and it is very affordable.ConsistencyThe consistency of Dannon's plain yogurt is great.
Sure, you can throw some granola and fruit in it and eat it like normal yogurt and it tastes good. You can use it in your mashed potatoes, casseroles, on top of your enchiladas or tacos, various crock pot recipes, or in homemade soups.
I first saw it online and I thought it was a little weird but I like trying home remedies so I gave it a try. I know it sounds strange but it works great for my dry skin!Seriously get some Dannon All Natural Plain Yogurt. I add different toppings every day: raisins, peanut butter, mangoes, apple butter, sunflower seeds, banana--whatever's fresh.

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