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When you're plagued with this condition, finding out the causes of diarrhea becomes very important.
If you want to know about diarrhea treatment and the best diet for diarrhea now click on the links, otherwise read on. October 13, 2014 8 Comments +12 Tweet5 Share100 Pin34Total Shares 141Stopping children from playing is impossible, and getting infected due to exposure to outside environment is inevitable. Food given during such episodes must be fluid & electrolyte rich, must be easy to digest and at the same time must be nourishing to the body. The pectin in apple (especially after stewing) helps bind stools and absorbs excessive water from the gut, thus controlling diarrhoea. Cooked starch in potatoes helps form solid stools and hence helps cure infective diarrhoea. It decreases the frequency of loose stools in the same time providing the adequate nutrition. Please note – It is very important to maintain hydration during diarrheal episodes, so keep giving sips of water or juice at regular intervals.
In case there is passage of black stools, it may be indicative of bleeding in the stomach or upper intestine. Viruses: Herpes simplex virus, rotavirus and Norwalk virus are some of the viruses that cause diarrhea. Parasites: These can cause infection in the digestive system when they enter the body through food and water. Intolerance to Certain Foods: Some individuals cannot digest the components present in certain foods.
Medications: The intake of certain medications can result in adverse reactions in the body.
Diseases: Conditions that affect the intestine such as celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease usually trigger diarrhea.
Bowel Disorders: Irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions that hamper the functioning of the intestine commonly cause bouts of diarrhea.
Hormone Disorders: Conditions that arise due to hormonal imbalances such as hyperthyroidism and diabetes can also lead to diarrhea. It is important to consult your doctor for diarrhea treatment in case the symptoms are severe. Some studies have found that an arrowroot solution prepared with boiled water, or simply a glass of tender coconut juice could help alleviate the symptoms. To treat dehydration caused by diarrhea, add a little salt to the juice of bitter gourd and drink. To reduce abdominal cramps arising from diarrhea, add half a teaspoon each of lemon juice and ginger juice to black pepper powder.
Black tea contains beneficial tannins which help to alleviate inflammation and infection in the intestines.
To reduce pain and cramps, soak a small towel in warm water and place it over your abdomen.
Do keep in mind, that while many of these remedies can help reduce the discomfort of diarrhea and hasten recovery, not all of them will be equally effective in all situations and for everyone.
Your diet, quite naturally, has a direct influence on the outcome of the condition and it would be absolutely necessary for you to adhere strictly to the dietary recommendations given to you by your doctor.

Diarrhea can be alleviated by following a diet comprising of foods such as ginger, garlic, cumin, fennel, carom seeds, buttermilk and bananas. Doctors usually recommend eating bananas, rice, toast, yogurt, tea and applesauce during bouts of diarrhea. Avoid eating foods which are high in fiber as it is difficult for the stomach to digest them properly. Acupuncture: Stimulating certain points in the body may help to reduce discomfort and improve functioning of the digestive system. Aromatherapy: The use of essential oils helps to relieve different ailments, including intestinal problems. Health advice for bile salt diarrhoea: I have bile salt diarrhoea (after getting my galbladder removed in Jan 2006). Home remedies for stomach infection and loose motions: Im suffering with stomach infection and loose motions so please tell me some home made medicines for my problem to get relief as soon as possible.
Eat a piece of 1-2 ounce high quality dark chocolate and cold black tea, all help mild diarrhea.
In boiling water add 3 spoons of yoghurt, to this add a pinch of turmeric, asafetida, crushed garlic, curry leaves and salt.
You may get diarrhoea after being in contact with someone else who has it, or you may get it from food poisoning - after eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. Almost everyone has diarrhoea at some point in his or her life, including on holiday abroad, called traveller's diarrhoea.Diarrhoea that comes on suddenly and lasts for no longer than a couple of days is usually referred to as "acute diarrhoea". Your doctor may want to examine a sample of your stools and send it to a laboratory for testing.
Seek medical advice before using anti-diarrhoea medicines if there is blood in the poo,a high temperature or other symptoms.
Diarrhoea, it happens to all of us and often at the worst possible time, like during an exam on or holiday with your mates. Dehydration – severe dehydration can be very serious and may need immediate emergency attention. There are a number of causes that lead to diarrhoea but what they are causing to happen is for food passing through your digestive system to move too fast or in too large a quantity. Cold, cough, fever, diarrhoea and worms are some of the common ailments that children suffer from periodically. Nourishing your child correctly and using natural kitchen remedies for common ailments reduces the need for heavy medications and antibiotics. However, the body also throws out fluid, electrolytes and nutrients in the process of eliminating infection; which causes weakness and malnutrition in the bargain. Moong Dal Soup is an excellent way to restore the lost fluids and prevent further diarrhea.
Individuals, who suffer from kidney or heart disease, should seek quick medical attention when diarrhea occurs. Many individuals react in this manner to antibiotics or medications used to treat hypertension.
Quick medical attention is also necessary in case of diarrhea in infants and young children.
In the same study, like arrowroot, a water based solution with African finger millet was also tested and the findings indicate that all of these solutions decreased water loss induced by a cholera infection, while instead increasing water absorption.

Add a pinch of black salt to half a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry powder and consume after meals. You can add some sugar to the tea since it helps to enhance the absorption of water and sodium. Add some dried leaves of blackberry to boiling water, steep for about ten minutes and then filter.
If your doctor suspects food intolerance, the doctor may ask you to avoid a particular type of food for a while to see if this helps stop your diarrhoea.
Also seek medical advice in the case of severe or persistent diarrhoea in a child under 12.In severe diarrhoea due to infectious bacteria, your doctor may advise taking antibiotics to help resolve the symptoms. Moreover, using natural food as medicines boosts your child’s natural immunity and helps ward of infections effectively. The treatment for diarrhea will depend on the underlying cause and may include the intake of oral rehydration drinks, medications to relieve pain and anti-nausea medications. It is available in the form of capsules and you can take a couple of goldenseal capsules a day until the condition is resolved.
If your doctor needs more information to make a diagnosis, you may need to undergo sigmoidoscopy, which is an examination of the rectum and lower part of the colon with a lighted tube-like instrument, or colonoscopy, which is an examination of the entire colon with a similar instrument.
However, antibiotics won't help with viral diarrhoea, which is the most common type of infectious diarrhoea.How can I prevent diarrhoea?The most important way to avoid diarrhoea is to avoid coming into contact with infectious agents that can cause it.
You can then slowly progress to eating foods such as rice cereal, crackers, baked fish and steamed vegetables.
Typically, chronic diarrhoea requires medical care to find the underlying cause and treat complications, such as dehydration.What causes diarrhoea?Many different problems can cause diarrhoea.
If your symptoms suggest food intolerance or a hormonal disturbance, other tests may be recommended.What are the treatments for diarrhoea?The most important aspect of treating diarrhoea involves avoiding dehydration and replacing lost fluid.
This means that hygienic food preparation and storage techniques, and good hand washing, especially when preparing food and after using the toilet are very important. Anti-diarrhea drugs are helpful in alleviating the symptoms; however you should consult your doctor before taking them.
Because plain water does not contain sugar, sodium, or potassium, which are also lost in diarrhoea, it is important to consume plenty of fluids that contain these substances. Treatment of diarrhea may also involve treatment for the underlying disorder, such as Crohns disease, or Ulcerative Colitis or infections.
Examples of appropriate drinks include water, prepared re-hydration solutions, chicken or beef soup. Diarrhoea from norovirus lasts around two days, for rotavirus, the duration is three to eight days, Campylobacter and salmonella infections may last two to seven days and diarrhoea from giardiasis can last several weeks.Other medical conditionsA number of non-infectious medical conditions may cause diarrhoea, too.
Fruit juice or fizzy drinks can make diarrhoea worse in children.What are the treatments for diarrhoea? This is referred to as short-bowel syndrome.The after-effects of surgery to remove the gallbladder. You will need to inform the doctor about recent travel and whether other people in your family are ill.

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