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As we were planning on our moving, we tried to get the paint job in my princess’s room and our master bedroom done way before moving in. The fumes had gone after a day or two, though we changed water daily and kept the bucket in the room for a few more days. Not only is it unpleasant to the nose, it is said that the odour is not good to us all especially babies and children.
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Removing the paint smell from your newly painted room is always the first thing to contemplate as well as choosing the colour of the room.
With much research in how to get rid of the paint smell in a room (QUICKLY), we heard that onions and lemons would work well. One half should be enough, but if you have a lot of fish, squeeze the other half over the fish as well.
You may consider using thyme, rosemary, paprika, tarragon, cinnamon, ginger or other herbs.

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