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It is a bacterial infection caused commonly by group A Strep bacteria, which is the same bacteria that causes common Strep throat.
Most often the bacteria enter the body through an opening in the skin, quite often a very minor opening, even as small as a paper cut, a staple puncture, or a pin prick.
It is most commonly transferred by respiratory droplets or direct contact with secretions of someone carrying Strep A. It can't necessarily be prevented, but you can lessen your chances with some basic hygienic practices. Looking for the most current news, updates, and articles relating to microbiology, go to The American Society for Microbiology educational website Microbe World. Tag words: bacteriology, bacteria, microbiology, microbe, normal flora, indigenous bacteria, E.

For instance, a person carrying a Strep A bacteria might not even show symptoms or become ill at all. Your chances of getting the Flesh Eating Bacterial is VERY LOW no matter where you live, whether in the United States, England, Canada, or any other country. It can also happen following a major trauma or surgery, and in some cases there appears to be no identifiable point of entry. They cough or sneeze, another person picks up the bacteria on their hands or directly at the point of a wound and the infection occurs. From the offensive standpoint, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, throw away tissues, wash hands frequently. The NF patient is not likely to be contagious, and inanimate objects are unlikely to be points of transmission.

Fifteen to thirty per cent of the population carries Strep A at any given time usually with no symptoms. The bacteria destroys soft tissue at the subcutaneous level, and often is coupled with toxic shock syndrome, both are deadly alone, together they are even more so. From a defensive standpoint: wash hands frequently, avoid contact with persons showing sore throat symptoms.
Clean and care for even the smallest traumas, using an antibiotic ointment and sterile covering with frequent changes.

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