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It is recommendable to test the drinkable water and it can be done with a Tester, or a test strip.
On long term, chlorine is very dangerous for the human body, thus a water filter is recommendable. When water with chlorine is consumed, the risk of bladder cancer is increased, including increased cholesterol levels, asthma and allergy. Cleaning your water and removing chlorine from it is an advice given from many health organizations. Additionally, your water can be purified with water filters that are mounted on the faucets.

Tap water is full of chlorine, and usually with a toxic gas that is a disinfectant, known as chloramine.
So, adding a few drops of lemon juice in your water before drinking it is the best and easiest way to clean the water. It is advised to use 1 mg of vitamin for 1 liter of water, but you can add more, depending on the chlorine amount in your water.

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