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Nail disease, and check out Nail disease on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Onychia is an inflammation of the nail folds (surrounding tissue of the nail plate) of the nail with formation of pus and shedding of the nail. Onychocryptosis, commonly known as "ingrown nails" (unguis incarnatus), can affect either the fingers or the toes. Onychodystrophy is a deformation of the nails that can result from cancer chemotherapy which includes bleomycin, hydroxyurea, or 5-fluorouracil. Onychogryposis, also called "ram's-horn nail", is a thickening and increase in curvature of the nail. Onycholysis is a loosening of the exposed portion of the nail from the nail bed, usually beginning at the free edge and continuing to the lunula.
Onychomycosis, also known as tinea unguium, is a contagious infection of the nail caused by the same fungal organisms which cause ringworm of the skin (Trichophyton rubrum or T.
Onychorrhexis also known as brittle nails, is brittleness with breakage of fingernails or toenails.
Koilonychia is when the nail curves upwards (becomes spoon-shaped) due to an iron deficiency. Subungual hematoma occurs when trauma to the nail results in a collection of blood, or hematoma, under the nail. Brittleness is associated with iron deficiency, thyroid problems,[6] and impaired kidney function. Splitting and fraying are associated with psoriasis and deficiencies of folic acid, protein and Vitamin C. Nail clubbing - nails that curve down around the fingertips with nailbeds that bulge is associated with oxygen deprivation and lung, heart, or liver disease. Yellowing of the nail bed is associated with chronic bronchitis, lymphatic problems, diabetes, and liver disorders. Brown or copper nail beds are associated with arsenic or copper poisoning, and local fungal infection. Melanonychia (longitudinal streaking that darkens or does not grow out), especially on the thumb or big toe, may indicate subungual melanoma. White lines across the nail (leukonychia striata, or transverse leukonychia) may be Mees' lines or Muehrcke's lines.
Black Line Under Finger Nail cancer heart disease or vitamin deficiency or melanomaWhat does it mean?
Antifungal socks, UV sanitization and specialty hygiene products not available in any other stores. Fungal infections under nails, aka Tinea unguium or Onychomycosis, are typically very hard to treat, because the nasty fungi are protected by nails. As the new nail is growing out of the matrix the fungus-free clearance of lunula is what you and your doctor will look for to assess the efficacy of the therapy.

Made up of layers of hardened protein (keratin), toenails and fingernails protect the softer tissues of your toes and fingers. Ingrown nails and minor injuries may lead to serious problems, such as bacterial and fungal infections (Onychomycosis), which require medical treatment. Doctor prescribed topical medications, home remedies, anti-fungal solutions from a local pharmacy and miracle cures from the Internet will not help the vast majority of patients with nail infections.
A comprehensive long term therapy is required to cure fungus in the nail and reduce the probability of recurrence.
Such therapy must include the use of multiple treatment modalities, including laser, critical patienta€™s environment decontamination efforts, preventive regimen and patient's compliance.
Nail'n'ToeSM therapy is a proprietary system developed by doctors - not by equipment or drug manufacturers, which is typical for all monotherapies. Nail'n'Toe is designed to provide the highest efficacy achievable with the current level of reliable medicine and advanced laser technologies.
The fungus can be killed in your finger and toe nails, but the doctor can't remove the fungi from your home. Nail'n'Toe continues the development of highly effective topical medications to facilitate the nail clearance, growth of healthy nails and to prevent reinfections.
Pharmaceutical industry, wide-spread use of home remedies and "miracle cures" sold on the Internet have impacted consumera€™s perception of foot and nail disorders by simplifying these complex diseases. All anti-fungal drugs, lasers and light source devices used as one single standalone treatment modality (monotherapy) provide limited long term curative efficacy. Although nails are a skin appendage, they have their own signs and symptoms which may relate to other medical conditions. In this condition, the nail cuts into one or both sides of the nail bed, resulting in inflammation and possibly infection. It is frequently associated with an internal disorder, trauma, infection, nail fungi, allergy to nail enhancement products, or side effects of drugs. This condition may follow certain diseases such as syphilis, or can result from fever, trauma, systemic upsets or adverse reaction to drugs. It may result from an acute injury or from repeated minor trauma such as running in undersized shoes.
Developed, tested, recommended or prescribed by physicians, and sold online at discounted prices. Mushrooms, mold, mildew and yeast are examples of fungi, which live in air, soil, water and on plants. These are either prescribed by the provider and made available through a compound pharmacy, or provided in an OTC form. As a result millions of people suffer from fungal foot and nail infections for decades and spend thousands of dollars on medications, which lack clinical efficacy and may have harmful side effects. Patienta€™s environment decontamination and prevention are typically ignored by practitioners, and most patients contract an infection again.

The relative rarity of this condition in the fingers suggests that pressure from the ground or shoe against the toe is a prime factor. It can result in discoloration, thickening, chalkiness, or crumbling of the nails and is often treated by powerful oral medications which, rarely, can cause severe side effects including liver failure. Acute subungual hematomas are quite painful, and are usually treated by releasing the blood by creating a small hole in the nail.
Oral medications may be toxic and are not recommended for children, elderly people and diabetic patients.
There is no good monotherapy, and millions of people with mycotic nails suffer from this disorder for decades. You can get Paronychia, Onycholysis, permanent nail damage; and fungi may spread to other parts of the body. Beware of medical practices, which claim that one laser treatment of a couple of fungal nails will kill the fungi forever.
The movements involved in walking or other physical disturbances can contribute to the problem. It is most commonly seen in the great toe but may be seen in other toes as well as the fingernails. Mild onychomycosis sometimes responds to a combination of topical antifungal medication, sometimes applied as special medicinal nail lacquer, and periodic filing of the nail surface. Mild onychocryptosis, particularly in the absence of infection, can be treated by trimming and rounding the nail. An affected nail has many grooves and ridges, is brownish in color, and grows more quickly on one side than on the other. For advanced onychomycosis, especially if more than one nail is infected, systemic medication (pills) is preferred. More advanced cases, which usually include infection, are treated by surgically excising the ingrowing portion of the nail down to its bony origin and thermally or chemically cauterizing the matrix, or 'root', to prevent recurrence.
The thick curved nail is difficult to cut, and often remains untrimmed, exacerbating the problem. The Vandenbos Procedure is a highly effective method that focuses on excision of excessive nail fold tissue without affecting the healthy nail and nail matrix. The Vandenbos procedure is showing high success rates in eliminating Onychocryptosis without altering the normal nail. Another, much less effective, treatment is excision of the matrix, sometimes called a 'cold steel procedure'.

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