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We've compiled the top 10 flu-fighting foods you need to know about to help you stay fit this season - and reduce your cold and flu symptoms if you're already ill. Chicken soup has long been a go-to cold cure thanks to its anti-inflammatory and mucous-thinning properties. These immune-boosters contain cytokines which help defend the body against viruses and tumours. Full of fibre and beta-carotene - which is converted to vitamin A in the body and helps with respiratory infections - sweet potatoes are among the tastiest immune-boosters.
While vitamin C's flu-fighting effects are debatable, it's still a powerful antioxidant that helps lower blood pressure, boosts collagen production and acts as a natural antihistamine. Full of antibacterial polyphenols which are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, tea (without milk) is an easy, natural cold fighter.
Here's some tasty news: dark chocolate can help boost your immunity, thanks to high cocoa levels which support the body's T-cells and help aid in fighting infection. If you're interested in watching other people really suffer as they attempt to sweat off the pounds, tune into a new reality show on Channel 4 tonight. The Fat Fighters programme, which follows four personal trainers at London studio Gymbox, is described by its producers as "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding meets Pineapple Dance Studios".
In the five-part series, viewers will meet hardcore trainers such as Dan "Action Man" Corbett, 35, who told The Sun: "People come to me for the pure annihilation treatment.
Another trainer, 42-year-old Dahlia "The Diva" Mikneviciute, explained the trainers were certainly not shy in the bedroom: "We say to our partners, 'Can you switch the lights on, please? Divide the rice between 4 plates, top with the chilli and sprinkle each with 2 tbsp of grated reduced-fat cheese and 1 tbsp of reduced-fat sour cream. Holidaymakers have been advised not to have tattoos on the resort island of Bali after an Australian man is believed to have been infected with HIV. Australian health officials are urging travellers who have been tattooed on the island recently to consider getting tested for HIV and other blood-bourne viruses and Indonesia has launched an investigation into the matter. More than a million tourists visit Bali each year and Gede Putra Suteja, head of the Badung district health agency in the Kuta area, believes that there is a strong possibility that the tourist contracted the virus at a tattoo parlour. Nyoman Sutedja of the Bali health department said: "We received a report about this case from the health ministry yesterday and officials will be visiting tattoo parlours to verify this claim.
Investigations are centring on the many tattoo parlours in the Kuta area, along with artists who work on the beachfront. A statement from Western Australian's Department of Health said: "All the evidence points to a tattoo received recently in Bali as being the source of inception."Have you ever been tattooed on holiday?
Scientists have found that vitamin D can be crucial in boosting the immune system, particularly in helping the body to fight off serious infections. The immune system is more vulnerable when the body is sleep-deprived since a good night's snooze allows time for our organs to replenish themselves. Post-Christmas bloat needn't get in the way of your quest for a flat and toned tummy - just check out celebrity fitness guru Nicki Waterman's top tips for glorious abs.
Try these essential exercises for a marvellous midsection - we've included the beginner's workout here too, so that if you've got time you can use them to warm up and test your performance. Work your abdominal muscles correctly by concentrating on your abs doing all the work to curl your head and shoulder blades off the floor in upper-ab movements.
Ensure proper form and spine alignment by making sure your knees are bent and your feet are flat on the floor (or up).
Visualize your abdominal muscles and concentrate on squeezing and holding the contraction at the top of the movement, focusing all your attention on the targeted region. These ab exercises take only a few minutes, and if you follow them consistently with a healthy diet, they can help you develop the often-coveted set of washboard abs.
There's no better - or more enjoyable - way to burn calories and get toned while you do it than dancing. Watch just any of the dance shows on TV and you'll see how regular dance classes will increase your fitness and change your body shape in no time. These are three of my all-time favourite butt exercises to help you get things back up where they belong.

Scientists have identified a single gene that they think could be linked to age-related deafness.
Hearing loss affects half of people over the age of 60 and this discovery could eventually lead to a treatment for this type of deafness.
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine found that when the FGF20 gene was taken out in mice, they appeared otherwise healthy - but couldn't hear at all. They then found that two-thirds of their outer hair cells, the delicate cells in the inner ear which amplify sounds, had disappeared. Damage to these cells is related to most hearing loss associated with old age, noise exposure and some genetic conditions. Our bodies have no way to replace these cells, so there is currently no cure - although hearing aids can help. But now scientists believe that this gene, which is also found in humans, could be crucial to attempts to grow new hair cells, which could be the key to finding a successful treatment. The next step in the research, which is already underway, is to find out whether deafness in humans is linked to mutations of the same gene. Professor Karen Steel, who is an expert in the genetics of deafness at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge, told the Daily Mail: "I would say regenerating hair cells in humans is between 10 and 20 years away.
She has a figure and face many women half her age would envy but perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.
Whether you know the actress from The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Thelma and Louse, Damn-it Janet - Susan Sarandon is still hot! At 64 Joanna is looking absolutely fabulous and her husky voice just gets better with age, regularly topping sexiest voice polls. Acting royalty and 'thinking man's crumpet' Helen Mirren continues to ooze sex appeal at the grand old age of 65. Local reproduction for use by Amputee Coalition constituents is permitted as long as this copyright information is included. I've worked really hard for this body, switch on the lights!"Do the Fat Fighters trainers have the right idea or not? A study found that soap and water (and alcohol-based hand sanitisers) reduced the germ count on health care workers' hands by 58 per cent after 30 seconds of washing. Besides looking great, a toned midsection is the core foundation of a healthy back, because strong abdominals will help give your torso the stability and support necessary to protect your back from injury.
To do this, lie on your stomach (press-up position with your elbows next to your body) and press your pelvis into the floor while pushing through the palms of your hands to extend your arms (often called a cobra stretch). You'll want to perform each of the following recommended exercises three to four days a week, aiming for one to three sets of 10-15 repetitions to begin with. Shaking those hips and twirling on those toes is a lot more interesting than hitting the treadmill for the umpteenth time, and dancing uses all of your muscle groups for an overall conditioning workout. Signing up to any dance class is cheap and social - look out for fast paced dance classes like Ceroc and Salsa which are both brilliant fun and very popular.
When the ad breaks come on, just put on your favourite music and start dancing to the rhythm. Get your fitness kick (and battle that post-Christmas bulge) with a few simple exercises to get your buttocks firm and wobble-free. After all, Olivia Newton-John convincingly played the part of 18-year-old student Sandy in Grease despite being 30 at the time. A well known activist and campaigner, Sarandon has more important things to worry about than ageing. Not many women would be confident enough to be photographed in a red bikini at the age of 63, or pose topless in the bath for New York Magazine for that matter. Organizations or individuals wishing to reprint this article in other publications, including other World Wide Web sites must contact the Amputee Coalition for permission to do so. Crush 2 cloves of garlic and chop 1 onion, 1 red and 1 green pepper, 2 carrots, 1 leek and 1 courgette.
Failure to breathe properly could cause cramping and dizziness and, in extreme cases, loss of consciousness. Classes are often split into beginner, intermediate and advanced so you can work up the scale as you improve.

Squat, lunge and lift your way to a perkier butt with these tips from fitness instructor to the stars, Nicki Waterman. Whether you're a beginner or already fit, remember to begin your workout with a short warm-up, walking or marching in place with simple arm movements.
And we hear she can still fit into her pink jog-suit from the '80s 'Let's get physical' video. Fry the garlic and onion for 1-2 minutes, then add chilli powder to taste and cook for a further minute.
To prevent neck pain, make sure your chin is far enough off your chest that you could place your fist under your jaw. If you're using the right intensity and technique you shouldn't be able to manage more than 25-30 repetitions.
Squeeze your lower abs and bring your knee as close to your face as you can, while keeping your lower back pressed into the floor. Then add 1 large can of chopped tomatoes, 2 tbsp of tomato puree and enough vegetable stock to cover. Bend both knees as far as you can or until your right knee touches the ground (make sure your left knee is directly over your ankle). Bring to the boil and simmer for around 15 minutes until the veg soften and the sauce thickens.
All sorts of horrific things happen in life - why make it worse by worrying about getting older?
Lift your right foot several inches off the floor, extending your leg in front of you, foot relaxed and knee slightly bent. Tightening the abs, bend your left knee as much as you can while holding your balance, keeping weight distributed throughout the foot. HE NOW again drowns many of His enemy, as "i" prophesy months back, and since He has drown many in Tonga, and crushed many in Haiti!
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Drowning more than 3000 devil worshiping beings, and on the very date "i" called for it,this is the season of our gathering for His Glory, and our Destiny.A A A 8. Straighten your arms by your sides with your hands away from your body for a wide base of support. Keeping hips lifted and steady, open your left thigh out to the side and then slowly bring your knee back in above the hip. Floods of biblical proportions from america, too australia, with great droughts in between.
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