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Piggery slaughterhouse wastewater poses serious issues in terms of disposal feasibility and environmental impact, due to its huge organic load and variability. References1.Al-Mutairi NZ, Al-Sharifi FA, Al-Shammari SB (2008) Evaluation study of a slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plant including contact-assisted activated sludge and DAF. CrossRef2.Amanatidou E, Samiotis G, Trikoilidou E, Tzelios D, Michailidis A (2016) Influence of wastewater treatment plants’ operational conditions on activated sludge microbiological and morphological characteristics. 4.Arevalo J, Moreno B, Perez J, Gomez MA (2009) Applicability of the sludge biotic index (SBI) for MBR activated sludge control. CrossRef7.Breiman L, Friedman J, Stone CJ, Olshen RA (1984) Classification and regression trees. CrossRef9.Drzewicki A, Kulikowska D (2011) Limitation of sludge biotic index application for control of a wastewater treatment plant working with shock organic and ammonium loadings. CrossRef18.Jenkins D, Richard MG, Daigger GT (2004) Manual on the causes and control of activated sludge bulking and foaming.
CrossRef21.Madoni P, Davoli D, Gorbi G, Vescovi L (1996) Toxic effect of heavy metals on the activated sludge protozoan community. CrossRef23.Madoni P (2014) Sistemas de acreditacion por el analisis del microfauna del fango activo en Italia.
CrossRef31.Rodriguez-Perez S, Fermoso FG (2016) Influence of an oxic settling anoxic system on biomass yield, protozoa and filamentous bacteria.

JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. With our testkit Nitri-VITA® the typical nitrifying bacteria populations can easily be analyzed directly in wastewater samples. VITA® 1851 specifically detects type 1851 Eikelboom bacteria directly within your wastewater sample. VITA® Haliscomenobacter specifically detects Haliscomenobacter hydrossis bacteria directly within your wastewater sample. VITA® Microthrix specifically detects Microthrix parvicella directly within your wastewater sample. VITA® Nocardia specifically detects nocardioform Actinomycetes directly within your activated sludge sample. VITA® Nostocoida limicola II detects all members of Nostocoida limicola II and Alysiosphaera directly within your wastewater sample.
It is commonly treated by means of activated sludge processes, whose performance, in case of municipal wastewater, can be monitored by means of specific analyses, such as Sludge Biotic Index (SBI), Sludge Index (SI) and floc and filamentous bacteria observation. CRC press, Boca Raton, Florida, pp 1–3688.dos Santos LA, Ferreira V, Pereira MO, Nicolau A (2014) Relationship between protozoan and metazoan communities and operation and performance parameters in a textile sewage activated sludge system. Proceedings of X Jornadas Transferencia de Tecnologia sobre microbiologia de la depuracion de las aguas residuales.

Therefore, this paper was aimed at assessing the applicability of these techniques to piggery slaughterhouse sewage. IWA Publishing, London12.Foissner W, Blatterer H, Berger H, Kohmann F (1991) Taxonomische und okologische revision der ciliaten des saprobiensystem. Seville, 22-24 October 2014, 469-472, ISBN 978-84-697-1426-324.Masse DI, Masse L (2000) Characterization of wastewater from hog slaughterhouses in Eastern Canada and evaluation of their in-plant wastewater treatment systems.
IWA Specialist Group on Activated Sludge Population Dynamics, Scientific and Technical Report No. Physical, chemical and operation parameters were measured; the activated sludge community (ciliates, flagellates, amoebae and small metazoa) was analysed for calculating SBI and SI. Floc and filamentous bacteria were examined and described accordingly with internationally adopted criteria. The results showed the full applicability of the studied techniques for optimizing the operation of a piggery slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plant.

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