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The easiest way would of course be to take dish washing liquid with a strong scent and thoroughly cleaning out the plastic container to get rid of the smell.  Sometimes this is not enough to eliminate the odor. Coffee grounds have been used for quite a while to get rid of obstinate smells like garlic, onion and curry. Taking a chunk of lemon and leave it in the plastic container for a few days helps, if this does not work try making a paste of baking soda and vinegar and scrubbing the container clean with it.
Pantry moths almost inevitably seem to be in our grains, flour, nuts and seeds, but also go after foods with high sugar content like dried fruits, candies, cereals, cocoa powder and icing sugar. Remove everything from your pantry or cupboard and thoroughly clean the shelves with soapy water.
Remove all food from plastic packaging and place in airtight sealed glass, ceramic or hard plastic jars. Place dried bay leaves in the corners of your shelves and in your flour, rice and grain containers.
Prevention is key so clean your cupboards and pantries every few months to deter them from coming back. If you run into maggots, like I did below with my roasted almonds, the same due care and attention above will help get rid of them. I’ve been doing my darnedest to get rid of these pesky things but they keep coming back.
Me and my husband kept waking up to these damn moths, and at first we thought they were coming in, when we opened the door to leave the house at night.
My question is… once you clean out your pantry, and place your flour in the freezer… can you still keep it afterwards, or should I just throw it out??
Just spent the last four hours cleaning out the kitchen and every nook and cranny I could find. Horror of horrors, discovered that the moths were cocooning inside the cardboard boxes too! Thankfully the packets were OK, but now I’m wondering if I have to open every single cardboard box I have inside my pantry…?!
I am planning on putting bay leaves out and telling my housemate that she needs to do the same! My husband and I have been battling these pesky little black moths and little beige worms for 3 weeks now…sucking them up with the vacuum cleaner. I have cleaned, swept, bombed, sprayed, thrown out food and they return…any other ideas??? We bring goods home and immediately put into airtight containers and still get them occasionally! OMG there’s almost nothing worse excpet I had this happen while serving food to a guest… a worm popped up in the bowl!!!!
I have had a few cases of these, Usually it’s in the boxed cereals or some premix items. I guess if the larvae are already in the bag of food when you buy it, then for sure they could be transmitted into the jar. During the summer came back from vacation to find entire house infested with these pantry moths. I thought I had tried everything but discovered a few new tricks: the bay leaves, citrus pomanders (orange with cloves inserted) and cedar wood strips (much less costly if you purchase it as pet bedding).
Unforntunatly tupperware doesn’t seem to keep them out -although they may be in the product to begin with. I also read an article where someone opened a brand new jar of ovaltine to discover the larva nesting under the seal.
If you live far enough north you could leave your dry goods in the trunk of your car for a week or 2 during the winter months -acting as your freezer.
During winter months the moths cycle slows down a great deal -at least in my area but I notice as the weather warms up they increase, just as I was beginning to think I had a handle on the situation. After reading this I am going to mix up a spray of vinegar and essential oils and spray the bathroom like crazy.
Rather than open apparently uninfested cardboard boxes, I pop them in the microwave for 60-90 seconds, enough time to cook them.
I have used the moth traps for many years, cutting down the population, and done serious cleaning of every cupbord and drawer, spraying the cracks with home defense, and i still have moths.
Not sure how redundant this message will be, but I have had a pantry moth infestation recently, which I have 100% taken care of!

Now it has been a couple of months later and I noticed we have an abundant of flies on our house and months in the pantry. But before I saw maggots in my party I was eating sOme wheat thins and some fell out of the box while I was watching tv.
Anyway, I made some chappatis and after finishing the last one, I returned to the worktop to wipe it down to discover to my horror, an ugly white maggot gliding across quite quickly!!
I feel sick but after reading all the comments above, I haven’t encountered it on such a scale as you guys have and God willing, I wont. Is this more common in the states as I’m from the UK and never knew of such a thing before.
Try putting some undiluted bleach into the plastic container as well as the lid and let it sit for a while. However be aware that the plastic container will probably then be replaced with the smell of coffee grounds. Make sure they are clean and dry before you pop it into the freezer and then leave it for a day or so. Hopefully the very first tip will get rid of the stink and you won’t have to resort to the other methods. If you see webs in the corner of bags, bits of grains stuck together, grains hanging from the top of the bag or worse, the actual pantry moths themselves, throw the food out! If you want to kill them naturally, place them in boiling water and wash your garbage bin out to prevent them from coming back. I just discovered we had pantry moths — they ate through thin plastic ziplock containers, and made a whole nest in our grains! I had a box of onion soup mix packets which was unopened, and on a whim, I thought I’d save some space and break down the box — and to my dismay, discovered a moth inside the unopened box! If I leave a half cup of coffee, with suger in it on the counter over night, in the morning the top of the coffee is covered with these drown moths! So we went through everything having to throw alot out and cleaned it and went and brought some air tight tupperware containers only to fine that we went to use the flour there was a maggot in it?
Unfortunately, those moths can eat through cardboard boxes, even sealed plastic bags (rice bags).
I’ve been going nuts over these moths and had no idea where they came from or what to do about them. I would clean out the cupboard, then put all your food into air-tight glass lock or glass jars. The lid was covered with cobwebs and the seeds inside were covered with cobwebby substances. They do get under screw caps, as I have a health supplement I use which contained these creatures burrowed under the lid. So its a flour moths, im getting crazy now thinking where this thing coming from, gosh i thought its coming from wood or walls.
I alternated between outdoors during the day in metal screened containers and in the oven at around 100 to 130 degrees during the night (with a quick blast to 170 degrees for 15 minutes). We got some food from a friend, then came to find out while I was putting thing in my pantry I found out that there was weevils in the items.
I came across a single maggot that definitely came from a bag of chapatti flour that I bought yesterday. After screaming my head off, I checked the bag and saw a little round hole and a clump of white fluffy stuff. We had thrown away every ounce of food that could have possibly have any trace of the pests and each day we were still finding them!
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Three household supplies, all found in the kitchen, can remove the debris and odor from shower drains.
This should work as a good method to clean out the plastic container well and purge it of all foul odors. Get them down with a broom and throw outside or place in boiling water if you want to be sure to kill them.
Our oatmeal bag was contaminated (unopened), as was the long grain red rice (unopened plastic bag!) and our cornbread flour (half-opened).
You will have to transfer all your grains into glass containers (Tip: reuse old pasta sauce jars).

They looked like the moths flying around my porch light in the summer so I figured they slipped in the door and multiplied. I would freeze for a week but then I was extra cautious (I have heard that 24hrs is enough to kill any bugs). Those bugs can still get into a lot of those Ikea glass jars as the lid isn’t completely air tight. This moths is a nightmare, i have to hire a cleaning lady to clean my kitchen especially the pantry i kept seeing moths flying around my kitchen so when we clean it we saw lots and lots of maggots and moths and cobwebs in our dried foods especially in rice and flour, we threw everything away i mean everything!!! Last night I went to make cookies and got into my plastic container that I keep my recipes in and found it infested with the moths and larvae. Starting with the initial 8 steps to rid your home of them to all the comments in the thread. When I got up to go get me something to drink I turned on the light and saw maggots crawling on my blanket where the wheat thins fell. Also, make sure you place all grains and legumes in sealed, preferably glass, containers as the moths can poke holes in the plastic bags and even get through some plastic tupperware. During the winter they disappeared, but once the weather warmed up (very early this year) they’re back.
A screw driver, plastic bag, metal coat hanger and dry rag may be needed as well.Unscrew drain and remove debrisUse the screwdriver, if needed, to unscrew the drain and remove the cover. The only thing you can do is remove everything, clean the cupboard and put all food back in sealed glass jars. I do see the moths fly around the house from time to time and i nail them with a bug zap racket. Im so hopeless till i found this site and read all your testimonys and found out im not alone. So I expected everything as I took everything out so I could clean and ended up throwing two trash bags full of food out due to infestation. I still kept my flour, rice and oatmeal in the fridge after freezing (stops any growth or cross-contamination) but then I had had a really bad infestation and wanted to make sure it never happens again.
It got worse today when I ate some fruit and nut mix and noticed the Laval in the mix I also noticed it in a bag my mum had taken of the same mix to work. So tomorrow i will clean everyhting again, ill try the vinegar and soap and put bay leaves. Here is how to get rid of sick from carpets successfully, as if it never happened (until the next time).HOW TO GET RID OF THE PUKEScrape off as much puke as much as you can with paper towels or a cloth.
A metal coat hanger may be needed to reach down the pipe.Use baking soda and vinegarPour baking soda down the drain. Plastic containers don’t come cheap and discarding them every time they start to smell is not really an option. One thing ive noticed though is even hard plastic screw top containers dont seem to keep them out. Irregardless the bay leaves, glass jars with tight-fitting lids and freezing newly purchased items are such good tips.
This will make the smell and stain deepen and be twice as difficult to get out!Drench the area concerned with clear water or sparkling water. Leave for a few minutes.
One half should be enough, but if you have a lot of fish, squeeze the other half over the fish as well.
If desired, a dry cloth can be stuffed down the drain to keep the vinegar smell from permeating the room.Flush with boiling waterRemove the dry cloth, if used, and carefully pour boiling water down the drain to flush out the baking soda, the vinegar and any residue. Pour loads all over the stain, don’t be shy, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, or until the clumps dry. Sometimes even just placing the sandals in direct sunlight for a day can make a difference. You may consider using thyme, rosemary, paprika, tarragon, cinnamon, ginger or other herbs.
The vinegar and baking soda not only deodorize the pipes but also break up and loosen debris. They are available at pet stores and most grocery stores but should be tested on a small area before regular use.

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