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I recently picked up a new set of Alpinestars leather pants and jacket, perfect for the coming summer.
Cleaning wise, to get rid of the stink of cigarettes, I first damp washed the outside with disinfectant, then applied a NikWax leather cleaner, followed by the URAD Mr Jojo wax. I do feel a bit of brand whore, all decked out in Alpinestars gear, but I found their gear to be decent quality, and although expensive new, it can be picked up at reasonable price second hand. About MeThis blog tells my story as a biker in London, from learning to ride to a seasoned city commuter.
Read about the lesson I learn, tips I pick, reviews of my kit and of my motorcycle adventures in and around the capital.

I have been wearing the Alpinestars Bat Pants for over a year now, however the second hand set I had were starting to show their age, but a knackered lower leg zip drove me to finally replacing them. There weren’t many pairs this size on ebay, but those that popped up received few bids, so I was able to blag a pair in top nick for a measly ?25 – epic bargain! However, in the end I picked up a funky blue, white and black leather Alpinestars jacket second hand for the princely sum of ?50.
It’s got armour protection in the elbows and shoulders, but no back protection or even slots to add some.
Condition was pretty good, just a small tear on inside pocket, but it did stink of fags, hence needed a serious clean.

Once I waxed up the leather, it holds up pretty well against the odd light rain shower, however there are a couple of stretchy textile patches along the underside of the arms, which very quickly soak up water.

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