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Body odor can occur in different areas of the body such as the feet, groin, armpits, genitals, pubic hair, belly button, anus, and even behind the ears. Body odor is a very embarrassing problem and it can even make a person suffer from depression and an inferiority complex. Foods such as red meat, strong-smelling spices like garlic, onions and curry, along with a high intake of caffeine and alcohol can cause unpleasant body odor. Body odor may also be caused by various other reasons such as any serious illness, strong medications, fungal infections, liver problems, hereditary factors, menopause, low blood sugar levels, kidney disease, low metabolism rate, hyperthyroidism, alcoholism, cavities, and deficiency of zinc or magnesium in the body, the presence of toxins in the body or even a lack of personal hygiene. One of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with body odor is to take a shower every day, sometimes even twice a day when necessary. After cleaning your armpits with water and soap, pat them dry and then sprinkle some powder on the area. When it comes to fighting body odor, it is essential that you take special care of your feet.
When toxins accumulate in the body over a long period of time this can result in body odor.
Im 16 & i sweat alot under my armpits it gives a bad odour, its so embarrassing sitting next to someone when im at college cuz they can smell it. Skin usually appears blotchy or discolored due to factors like excessive sun exposure, allergies, rosacea, irritant contact dermatitis, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, etc. As your eyes are the windows to your soul, tired eyes often give you a flushed out look, mostly due to eye strain or intense use. Apart from your armpits, back, and legs, your face too, can be prone to excessive perspiration, which can be particularly embarrassing in public scenarios. Foot odor, technically known as bromhidrosis, may be really embarrassing for people who suffer from this problem. This often occurs when the feet sweat and then the sweat doesna€™t evaporate because youa€™re wearing socks or shoes. For examples, you may apply talcum powder onto your feet to remove foot odor.A Talcum powder can help to destroy bacteria and eliminate the smell. If you do not have talcum powder, you may also use a good antiperspirant on your feet in order to make them dry for a long time.
Being a mineral compound, Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfate that has various beneficial effects on your body. Vinegar is an effective way on how to get rid of foot odor naturally and quickly because it may create an acidic environment that bacteria cannot survive.
If you want to learn how to get rid of foot odor caused by fungal infections, particularly athletea€™s foot, you should not pass tea tree oil. Then, you place your feet into this warm water and allow them to soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
Or, you may also apply some products containing tea tree oil onto your feet to clear this problem. You had better regularize this way for about two times per day, one time before going to sleep at night and one time when taking a bath in the morning. Here are three ways on how to get rid of foot odor containing sage leaves that you should follow. Or, you may also drink one cup of this herbal tea before going to sleep to reduce the production of sweating of the whole body. Or, you may also soak your feet into the sage tea for 15 to 20 minutes or drink one cup of this sage tea at night.
There are a lot of other tips on how to get rid of foot odor fast presented in the next part of this writing, so keep reading it to discover more. Lavender contains pleasantly aromatic that can relieve many people from depression, stress, etc.
Here is the detail that will explain you on how to get rid of foot odor by using alum and warm water. But remember that if you have sensitive skin, you should think well before using the borax because it may cause the irritation to your skin.
Or, you may also pour a little borax powder inside your shoes before wearing them to remove the moisture as well as kill the bacteria and make your feet dry.
Baking soda can help to make an alkaline environment that will kill the bacteria effectively.
Finally, you take your feet out from this water and pat dry the feet completely with a towel. This way is used to eliminate the moisture on your shoes and kill the bacteria trapped or hidden in the moisture of your shoes. Whenever you come back your home and remove your shoes, you sprinkle a little this powder into your shoes. At first, you add baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and your favorite body wash in a small bowl. Finally, you use this soaked ginger pulp to massage your feet daily at night time after taking a shower. You may do this way regularly to remove the foot odor problem as well as have a relaxed sleep. Radish is a great way on how to get rid of foot odor fast thanks to its various skin friendly components such as phosphorus, zinc, certain B vitamins, and vitamin C. You may spray this solution for several days and then continue doing this process whenever you suffer from this problem. Sugar scrub is used to eliminate the calluses and dead skin cells and then remove the foot odor naturally that contributes to smelly feet. Now, you start scrubbing it for 5 to 10 min to clear the dead cells and bacteria that thrive in your feet.
Make sure that you have to soak your feet into the lukewarm water before applying this scrub to clear the foot odor problem more easily. If you want to know more about natural ways for many other diseases and conditions related to your skin and health, go to our main How toA page.

VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. Treatment : Shower with a body wash that includes a natural astringent, such as tea tree oil, which shrinks pores and limits how much you sweat. Foods such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower contain the mineral sulfur, which causes an odorous gas that’s eliminated through your skin.
Treatment : Limit the aforementioned sulfuric foods, and cut hard-to-digest gluten, dairy and red meat from your diet.
If you’ve ruled out hygiene and diet as cause of your body odor, look for underlying health conditions.
Treatment : Zap a yeast infection with 500-milligram capsules of oregano oil, taken twice daily for two weeks. Underarm odor is generally caused due to excessive sweat or fungal infection on the underarms. Various types of medicines and cosmetic products are available in the market which may be used to reduce underarm odor. Sodium bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda) can be added in the water while taking a bath in order to deal with the problem of underarm odor. Direct application of sodium bicarbonate on the underarms (after taking a bath) can also give good results.
Direct application of apple cider vinegar on underarms (before going to bed in the night) can be used as a natural remedy to treat underarm odor. An individual can also apply white vinegar using a cotton ball on underarms to reduce the odor.
Slices of lemon rubbed vigorously on underarms can be considered as a natural remedy for underarm odor. A leaf of parsley can be chewed at least once a day in order to deal with the problem of underarm odor.
Other green leaves like alfalfa can also be included in the diet to reduce underarm odor naturally. In order to treat underarm odor, potato slices can be rubbed after cleaning and drying the underarms.
It is advisable to drink at least two cups of sage tea on a daily basis in order to obtain best results. Rose water on underarms may also give a long lasting effect of rose fragrance throughout the day.
Consumption of fruits and green leafy vegetables may help in improving the metabolism of an individual which result in reduction of underarm sweat as well as underarm odor.
The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
There are many factors that contribute to the occurrence of body odor, both in men and women. You must wash the areas such as your armpits, feet, back, neck, and private areas thoroughly with soap to remove the accumulated sweat and bacteria. There is a greater chance of rapid bacterial growth in the armpits due to excessive sweating in the area. When feet are covered in socks or shoes for long periods of time, they can become moist—the perfect condition for bacteria to grow rapidly. Bacteria naturally present on the skin grow because they feed on the dead skin cells and sweat, which produce the foul smell.
You will need to follow these solutions religiously for a certain time to get the best results.
In this case, you need have a strong essential oil such as tea tree oil that may be used single or combined with other carrier oils to eliminate the foot odor problem. Click To Tweet In addition, this herb also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, it also contains an antibacterial property that will help you in preventing the bacteria producing the odor and then making you uncomfortable with this odor.
It is often derived from the sodium salts, oxygen, and boron mineral in which this boric acid is found in various natural foods. In addition, it can also help to neutralize the pH level of your skin and sweat that will aid in clearing the bacteria from your body and skin on your feet. Here we are using lemonA as a citrus element and the lemon contains an astringent property that will aid in removing the excessive sweating causing the foot odor. This stone can remove the dead skin cells, clear out the moisture, and prevent the bacteria causing foot odor.
In addition, it also contains a good disinfectant property that plays an important role in preventing this problem. The calluses and dead skin cells on your feet are feed by bacteria in order to prosper on it.
After reading the article of top 23 ways on how to get rid of foot odor, hope that you can find out the best solutions to remove this problem naturally & fast at home. To smell fresh, you need to keep your skin dry and decrease bacteria on the parts of your body that trap moisture, such as the underarms.
Follow with a powder pat down to absorb moisture; look for products made with baking soda rather than talc, which can irritate your lungs. Yeast infections can give you a fishy scent, as can a genetic disorder called fish odor syndrome, which occurs when your body can’t properly metabolize an organic compound known as trimethylamine. If you’re diagnosed with fish odor syndrome, stay away from foods high in trimethylamine, including milk, eggs, liver and peanuts. However, underarm odor may also result from problems like chronic constipation, diabetes, etc. Application of sodium bicarbonate on underarms can be considered as an alternative to deodorants available in the market.
In order to obtain best results, turnip juice can be rubbed on the underarms after washing them with water.

It is important to note that lemon slices should not be applied in case of any kind of cuts or wounds on the underarms.
Body odor is the result of bacteria accumulating on the skin and releasing chemicals that eventually cause the unpleasant smell. It is highly recommended to use germicidal or antibacterial soap to give your body a fresh and clean smell.
To alleviate this problem, spray some deodorant or sprinkle some powder on the bottoms of your feet before putting your socks on. When you exercise for about half an hour your body begins to sweat, helping to detoxify your body. Change your underwear and socks at least every day as these garments absorb sweat and odors and will contribute to body odor. Im not sure if baking soda will work for me because i sweat everyday but not at night times.. Magnesium in this salt can help to decrease the inflammation and make the muscles and nerves functioning properly. Another important thing that makes it as the best way on how to get rid of foot odor is that it may be used or applied onto the broken skin such as blisters or cracked heels.
Its powder contains an antiseptic and astringent property that not only inhibits the growth of bacteria but also aids in contracting the sweat glands. In addition, this acid is also used in manufacturing the antiseptics, wood preservatives, pesticides, and soaps, etc. Therefore, it is one of the best ways on how to get rid of foot odor naturally and fast that you should try! Furthermore, this lemon also contains a fresh scent smell that clears out the bad foot odor as well as leaves a pleasant and comfortable smell on the applied regions. It can help in promoting the healthy sweating that will detoxify your body and fight against the germs effectively. This property will help to contract your body tissues that act well on your sweat glands to reduce the foot odor problem by closing the pores on your feet. Besides, this radish can cure some skin disorders by preventing bacteria as well as other microorganisms to remove the foot odor. Hence, you should try the following homemade scrub if you want to learn how to get rid of foot odor.
Therefore, always keeping your feet dry and clean is an important thing to eliminate the bacteria and foot odor. Nevertheless, the article is only for the informational purpose, thus, you should meet your doctor to get advice before applying any natural way. Finish with a natural deodorant that contains potassium  or ammonium alum to reduce bacteria, and essential oils made from anti-microbial herbs, such as rosemary, goldenseal or oregano, to mask odor.
Undigested food in your gastrointestinal tract can produce smelly toxins that, as they build up, begin seeping out of your pores.
In addition, eat at least 25 grams of flaxseeds, chia, hempseed or whole grains each day to boost your fiber intake, and drink eight or more glasses of water to help expel toxins. Large doses of the B vitamin choline (above 3.5 grams a day) from diet, supplements, or a combination of both, can also make you smell fishy. Preventive measures such as maintaining proper hygiene, using a deodorant or antiperspirant, drinking lots of water, etc. However, underarm odor can also be treated naturally. Following are some of the home remedies which can help in reducing underarm odor.
You can also use medicated foot powder or antifungal spray to prevent foot odor, and this is a great way to keep your feet dry and fresh all day long. It’s a good idea to take an extra pair of clothes if you may not make it home for a change in reasonable time. Besides, sulfate in this salt may aid in improving the absorption and flushing out the toxins from your body. It is used in many cosmetics along with other products that can be used to treat athletea€™s foot as well as foot odor problems.
According to some researchers, ginger contains many germ-fighting agents that can help to resist some kinds of infection. Looking for simple ways on how to get rid of foot odor naturally, black tea is the best choice for you. For this way, you have to use a pumice stone daily while you are taking a bath to remove the dead skin cells and doing pedicure frequently for one time per week or in fifteen days. If you have any question, or you know other ways on how to get rid of foot odor, please leave them below. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose.
Moreover, this also removes the harmful toxins from your body that include any bacteria or fungus and the dead skin cells, leaving your feet fresh without any smell. In these days, alum can be used as a good component in deodorants with the antiperspirant property in it.
Besides, boric acid is mildly toxic and acidic that can help to remove the bacteria and molds causing this foot odor problem. Generally, sweat glands will produce a protein called dermcidin that is secreted in your sweat and transferred to your skina€™s surface to protect the microorganisms including fungi, bacteria along with others that cause infection and odor in your foot. Regular usage of scrubs is also an effective way on how to get rid of foot odor naturally & fast by making your feet clean and dry.
You may also use borax, which has a large proportion of boric acid to treat your shoes to fight the foot odor.

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