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Living clean can also mean using natural products in and on your body, as well as around your house.
For personal hygiene, I use essential oils in place of perfumes, lotions and even medications. As for household products, I’m proud to say I have pretty much eliminated all chemicals from the rotation.
Because WIN is specially formulated to remove body oils and residue from my high-tech materials, it works better to get rid of that stank than typical detergents that are water based. Disclaimer: As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I received Win High Performance Sports Detergent in exchange for my honest review.
When I was given the opportunity as a FitFluential Ambassador to try WIN Detergent, I was stoked!

And my armpits and my other body pits are sweating inside of said armpit, causing my fancy wick-away clothes laced with silver, polyester and mermaid hair to crumble under the pressure.
I was sent both their Original and Green formulas, and put WIN Green to the test with three loads of my schweaty workout clothes. Like the perfect man, it was gentle on my clothes, yet hard core enough to get rid of the tough smells. It’s so powerful, I only have to use a fraction of what I normally would so the bottle will last for. Everything you find on this site is based on my opinion, private research and personal experience. I tried making my own dishwasher detergent, but that was an epic craft fail, so I use Seventh Generation or Mrs.

I had heard great things about their fragrance and dye free formula, plus, I mean, their tagline is “Sweat Hard, Smell Great.” I want to do all of the things! I am a vegetarian, triathlete, #FitFluential Ambassador and lover of antiques, chapstick and car dancing.

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