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Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system fails to differentiate between self and foreign cells and hence generates a faulty response by progressively attacking the body’s own tissues. It is a chronic and a systemic disease that can occur throughout the body and mostly affects the fingers, wrists, elbows, feet and ankle.
It predominantly occurs in people falling in the age group of 25 – 55 years and is more prevalent among women. The membrane that lines the joints called synovium is attacked by antibodies produced by the immune system, which in turn, invades and destroys the adjacent joints, cartilage and bones. Scientists have identified short nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and mutations in certain genes that serve as genetic markers for identifying the presence of rheumatoid arthritis. Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) or major histocompatibility complex is a cluster of genes found on the surface of white blood cells and is responsible for specifically recognizing foreign antigens. Also, a gene that regulates immune response called STAT4, two other genes called TRAF1 and C5 that control inflammation and PTPN22, a T-cell associated protein that governs the development of rheumatoid arthritis have all been collectively found to have a great impact on the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.
Food allergens like milk products, antibiotics, preservatives and gluten, a protein found in grains like wheat, rye, barley, oats, bread, pasta, pretzels, etc. These molecules reach the joints and are attacked by the immune system, which considers them as foreign particles.
In general, people who are genetically predisposed to rheumatoid arthritis are far more susceptible to bacterial, viral or fungal infections that trigger the production of antibodies by the immune system.
It has been postulated that some of these antibodies are not highly specific to the microbial proteins and attack the tissues of the host that causes inflammation of the joints, thus aggravating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
The rising rate of this disease in women has been attributed to the hormonal fluctuations that women experience across their life-span. Researchers have persistently found lower levels of vitamin D in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
Both physical and emotional trauma can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the joints that stimulate the immune system to release inflammatory markers. Environmental risk factors like smoking can modulate the risk of acquiring rheumatoid arthritis, especially in individuals who are genetically predisposed to this disorder.
Occupational exposure to different physical and chemical agents like asbestos, silica, benzene, noise in mining industries, etc. All the above-mentioned causes can lead to joint deformity and permanent disability in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
Harvard Medical School, Boston2010 Sontag Foundation Fellowship of the Arthritis National Research FoundationGrant Award: $75,000About Dr. Dr Hulda Clark (Oct 1928 to Sep 2009) was a naturopath, author and practitioner of alternative medicine.
While I cannot totally agree with statements of claims that talk of 100% cure for all cancers with her treatment approaches, I do acknowledge the fact that not all of her claims are untrue to certain effects.
In Rheumatoid Arthritis, the bacteria come from larger parasites – wormlets that actually living in the joints.
When joints are painful it is a simple matter to kill the bacteria with an electronic zapper.
The most common source for Staphs and Streps are small abscesses in the jaw bone, under and beside old extractions, root canals and mercury fillings. When inflammation and swelling affect your joints, besides pain, it is called rheumatoid arthritis.
You may relieve your pain and begin to heal immediately after zapping but it is wise to do all the health programs, anyway.
A prominent food toxin that is said to affect knees is piperine, found in the pepper family which includes black and white pepper (not cayenne).
If you have any kind of arthritis, stop eating the high-PIT foods and clean the liver until you are free of all allergies you are aware of. The focal point of the post today will be on the parasite cleanse of Dr Clark’s cure protocol. This herbal parasite program has however known to be insufficient with tapeworms and Ascaris.
Coenzyme Q10 (3000mg) –  A single dose once per week for 3 weeks, or for serious illness, take a large dose (1 tsp. After the initial cleanse, it is necessary to continue with a weekly maintenance program of parasite cleanse because we are picking up parasites anytime and anywhere; even from close family members, our pets and uncooked foods.
For the maintenance of mop-up program, this can be done annually or for as long as you are on maintenance parasite cleanse. I have laid above the recommended protocol on parasite cleanse together with RA-relevant information; herefrom, I shall leave it to you, with an informed right, to determine your own health care methods. Nonetheless, I can only express my deepest gratitude for Dr Clark who selflessly share her approach towards wellness and self-health.  To keep yourself healthy, you need to do it yourself. I use woodowrm and black walnt hull 3 times a day, I dont have clove oil but organic whole cloves so I put them in my mouth and chew and suck them. Mia, yes – I pulled out the tapeworm (eww- it was totally gross!) and I believed there might be more after I noticed the tapeworm segments (white small sesame seeds) in my stool. I was diagnosed with RA four years ago and had a rash with flu like symptoms the month before my first major flare that covered my entire body.
Autoimmune diseases affect 24 million people and include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease and more. WORK WITH ME I am available for professional groups and personal one-on-one appointments, detoxifying pantry makeovers, media appearances, recipe development, food photography & styling, public speaking and more. FOOD ALLERGIES & SENSITIVITIESIf you test negative for food allergies but you're are still not feeling well, you may have food sensitivities.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORYHow to quench the fire (symptoms you think are normal such as bloating, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, etc. CLEAN EATING ESSENTIALSThe essentials you need to lose excess weight, find hidden food sensitivities, remove toxic foods (such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, etc.) and help you detox the healthy way while quenching hidden inflammation.
DETOX RECIPES My healthy recipes are all gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, processed food-free and include whole, organic foods to boost your detox pathways, energize you, spike your metabolism, improve digestion, quench inflammation, optimize nutrition and balance your hormones and insulin levels.
Baked Almond Mushroom Falafel Balls (Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free)May 2, 2016Helllloooo Spring! People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis often experience the pain periodically, with the symptoms worsening during certain periods called flare-ups, followed by periods of decreased disease activity called remission.

Prolonged inflammation in the joints leads to the accumulation of inflammatory markers and the thickening of synovium that manifests itself in the form of swelling, stiffness, limited range of motion and joint pains, which are the primary characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis. These SNP’s are most often inherited from parents, thus increasing the likelihood of acquiring this disease by the descendant by about tenfold. Individuals possessing a genetic marker called as HLA-DR4, a mutation in the HLA gene have a five times higher probability of developing rheumatoid arthritis than individuals lacking this marker. This leads to an autoimmune response, which causes considerable damage to the membrane lining the joints, cartilage and the bones.
Two viruses namely Epstein-Barr virus and Human Herpes Virus 6 have been associated with rheumatoid arthritis by many epidemiological studies. When the rise in men and women was compared between the years 1985-1994 and 1995-2004, it was found that the rate of incidence of rheumatoid arthritis in women increased dramatically, whereas men’s rate of incidence remained the same. Estrogen, a female hormone is responsible for increasing the rate of absorption of calcium by the bones, which aids in strengthening the bones and cartilage.
Besides, strengthening the bones through its ability to increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, vitamin D also possesses immunoregulatory properties and controls the movement of immune cells in the body that have vitamin D receptors on their surface. This weakens the tendons and ligaments that support the joints and eventually, leads to a misalignment and deformity of the joints. Moreover, cigarette smoking can constrict blood vessels and increase the severity of the condition. Spreading in the form of lumps called rheumatoid nodules found on fingers, heels, elbows, etc., inflammation of arthritic joints can damage vital organs like heart, liver and kidneys, if left untreated.
In this very post, I will solely focus on Dr Hulda Clark’s protocol for a parasite cleanse. She believes that all human diseases are related to parasitic infection, and cure of all diseases is possible if parasites are decimated. Without clinic evidence on her statements, I can only make sense out of how she view a chronic condition like RA and the approaches to treating it to deem the extent of conviction I can make out of that view. The worms are the common little roundworms whose eggs hatch into microscopic wormlets that travel.
Their life cycle normally directs them to travel to the lungs but in some people they travel through the entire body, including brain, muscles and joints.
You may get immediate pain relief just from a dental cleanup, and again disappointment may follow.
PIT is also part of the body’s own chemistry, taking place in the liver, and involving detoxification of cyanide-containing foods. This suggests that the liver is capable, again, of detoxifying the cyanides for you in a reasonable time and you may eat them again. Maybe they act by killing roundworms, bacteria, and viruses, or help metabolize hippuric acid or PIT.
Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Below is the parasite cleanse handy chart to guide you through the frequency and dosage of intake.
Dr Clark therefore perfected the treatment to include Coenzyme Q-10 in a one time high dosage (3000mg) to kill most tapeworms. While I was convinced that I have to try this specific parasite cleanse out, the products are still sitting in my shelf.
I too was diagnosed with RA when I was 26 and I did not figure out the real problem until this year, I am now 43.
I am quite scared of this thing coming out of me but equally scared of having it live within me. It's about rebooting your metabolism and resetting your body with real, whole, organic foods. Sadly, Western medicine's band-aid approach is offering immune suppressing medications; they don't find or treat the underlying causes of inflammation.
It’s springtime in Manhattan and although the weather has been warmer, we hit a few cooler days this week and I decided to roast up some naturally sweet veggies to make a special soup for you! Even though, the exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis remains obscure, a combination of the following causes can increase the chances of you developing this debilitating condition. The genes that are mostly affected are the genes that belong to the immune system and those that are involved in eliciting an inflammatory response. These allergens over-burden the digestive system and damage the intestinal lining, thus allowing large particles like grains, fats, proteins and even bacteria to leak out into the bloodstream. Hence, people who are suffering from food allergies are at a higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, the constant changes in the levels of estrogen during the premenopausal and postmenopausal periods in women have been attributed to the higher occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis in women.
Stress can also weaken the immune system, thus contributing to the erroneous auto-immune response generated, which in turn, attacks the joints. It interferes with the rate of absorption of medications used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. Exposure to other chemical inhalants that result from air pollution can also trigger the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, now that you are familiar with the causes, make sure that you take precautionary measures to prevent your condition from worsening. She had written several books, documenting her approaches and methods of diseases treatment. Staphs and Streps are such ubiquitous bacteria, they may come not only from jaw bone infections but from gallstones, kidney stones and other parasites. Never, never, tolerate long fingernails in any family member… Of course, you can kill them with a zapper (internally, not the ones under the nails), but that is after you have been infected. Many vegetables, notably the cabbage family, contain such cyanides, giving them protection from insects, disease, and grazing animals. In cases, few tapeworms can still escape this treatment as well as the common roundworm, Ascaris.
Detox focuses on supporting your liver, which is in charge of clearing toxins out of your body.

Hidden infections, allergens, environmental toxins, inflammation-causing foods and stress are often the causes. I love April—summer is just a hop, skip and a jump away and everything is blossoming in NYC. Furthermore, the chemicals present in cosmetics like lipsticks, hairsprays, etc., may also be a matter of concern for people who are genetically predisposed to rheumatoid arthritis. My suspicion is that there are toxins, like mercury, thallium, cadmium, lead, as well as solvents, distributed through the body, lowering immunity and allowing the tiny larvae to reside there.
The correct treatment for arthritis is a complete overhaul of body health: a diet cleanup, a body cleanup, and environmental cleanup. Calcium was taken out of your bones for the simple purpose of neutralizing the excess phosphate in your diet. But we can easily triple and quadruple our benzoic acid intake by consuming commercial beverages and pastries where benzoic acid is used as a preservative. It can take the liver a week to detoxify a meal full of these cyanides: in the meantime, PIT levels are higher in the body.
With this wide range of effective treatments dating to the distant past, why is none of them a permanent cure? Since all three herbs need to be consumed together for maximum benefits, I do not see the reason why I have to get through with it. My naturopath has done a lot to cure me but the high blood pressure is still there even though the parasites were gone. During the day I only have freshly pressed veg juice and in the evening raw food mixed with hummus and or avocado. Think of your liver as your engine that cleans out your blood and toxins like a filtration system.
Once the pathway (routing) to these organs has been established, it continues to be used by other parasites as well. Their eggs are everywhere around us, in dust and dirt and the filth under fingernails and our own bowel movements.
If any toxin is overlooked, it is sure to find your joints and permit bacteria to return and cause pain.
I had systemic candida also and I’m going to get a stool study done at my doc appt next week to see exactly what was in my system. Perhaps, you might like to supplement with HSO Probiotics like those that is sold by Garden of Life’s Primal Defense. This recipe is so perfect-o for spring and it’s been one of my favorite ways to enjoy a satisfying meal without any grains or beans! The majority of microbes encountered in our surroundings are gut microbiota that live mostly in harmony with humans.
Soon a variety of parasites, their bacteria and viruses, and pollutants are all headed toward these organs. Make sure to correct your body acid levels after doing pH measurements of the urine (p.57).
In fact, it is the chemical used as a general reactant with amino acids in the well known Edman degradation reaction.
The common roundworms are everywhere about us, sanitation is poor, and our civilized lifestyle leads to deposit formation that invites bacteria. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. I go back to grapefruit seed extract, virgin coconut oil and zapping with a type of device also originally invented by Dr Hulda Clark for parasites.
What does it feel like to be ‘lost’ for a decade of your life in search for yourself?
The kidneys are unable to excrete such overloads of hippuric acid, so it distributes itself in our organs.
If you have not heard about zapping before, find out the wonders of zapping in my next blog post! I have seen some amazing reviews on it not only for RA but also high cholesterol, bed bugs, etc. Wu discovered that segmented filamentous bacteria, a type of gut bacterium, can drive RA development by promoting the differentiation of T helper (Th) 17 cells, which have been implicated in the pathogenesis of RA. Since all organs supply amino acids, it is no wonder they can all react to PIT, giving you multiple allergic reactions and pains.
I found the food grade diatomaceous earth in a 4.4 lb bag for $15 at an organic gardening store.
On the subject of parasites, I happened to read that some RA community is actually trying helmintic therapy (using a class of parasites called helminths and sometimes, whipworms) for treating RA. This treatment was born from a theory known as the hygiene hypothesis, which essentially says our environment has become too clean.
Wu’s study will provide further mechanistic insights into how the interaction of gut microbiota and their hosts can affect an autoimmune disease. Stay on the kidney cleanse for three to six weeks and repeat a one-week session every few months to keep removing deposits which may also choose these sick joints to settle in. Humans aren’t exposed to microorganisms in the environment as much as they used to be, when more people lived closely with animals. She will examine the types of bacteria and their products capable of either helping or worsening disease development. In addition, she will examine various subtypes of gut mucosal that can be involved in arthritis development. Exploring the interaction of gut microbes and the host immune system will not only allow us to understand the pathogenesis of disease but may also give us new approaches to design novel immuno- or microbe-based therapies.
It is only sensible for persons with chronic pain not to consume benzoic acid (or benzoate) preserved foods.

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