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Yeast infection in the sexual organs is commonly seen in both men and women because it can be transferred via sexual contact from one person to another.
Medical treatment of yeast infection in both the sexes involves use of antibiotics and creams and gels for topical application.
Garlic is widely used as a cooking ingredient and is readily available in all kitchens at any given time.
Fill the bath tub with warm water and pour 5 cups of organic apple cider vinegar in the water. Apple cider vinegar has strong anti-bacterial properties that make it ideal for treating infection.
Witch hazel is a medicinal herb that is also a major ingredient in many skin care cosmetics these days.
The herbal properties of witch hazel help restore the disturbed –pH balance of the genitals by removing the excessive yeast. Use organic witch hazel in the treatment of yeast infection.
Tea tree is an essential oil with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are widely used in the treatment of yeast infection in both men and women.
Pour 9 drops of oregano oil over a multi-vitamin capsule and consume the treated capsule after a meal. Natural home remedies can provide relief from symptoms of any kind of yeast infection anywhere in the body, whether it is the mouth ( oral thrush ) or the reproductive organs.
One can use some home remedies and some herbal remedies for reducing the symptoms of this kind of infection, wherever it affects.
Since we are dealing with an infection by a pathogen here, garlic is the most suitable remedy. This nice and comfortable procedure generally provides temporary but great relief from itching and burning sensation from yeast infection.
The leaf of olive is powerful antioxidant ( even more than green tea which is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant food among common foods) . Onion is one of those foods which is probably the least thought of when it comes to home remedies, but it is very potent. This took a long time coming. Coconut oil is perhaps the most potent anti-fungal on earth, especially against Candida [6]. For external infections, like on the tongue, armpits and reproductive organs, use some coconut oil and massage that region ( Yes, you can also rub it on the tongue ) For internal infections, you can drink 1-2 tablespoon of coconut oil everyday, and be rest assured that the fungal infection will be eliminated.
Neem is a tropical tree, very common in South East Asia, especially India, where it is highly valued. In case you don’t have that much time, you can use a neem based cream which you can easily get online, but you may have to do some searching in the supermarket.
Vegetable juices are powerful in helping the body flush out toxins, charge up the immune system and go full throttle against the infection. To completely get rid of yeast infection, one can take the benefits of those herbs which improve the functioning of immune system. Goldenseal : This herb is found in Canada and USA and has been used by Native Americans for many uses. Some chemical remedies which are quite popular ( But I wouldn’t advise using them ) There are certain chemicals which have been noted by people to assist in external yeast infections , like thrush. Gentian Violet ( also Crystal Violet ) : This is a purple colored solution , not the flower Violet.
Baking Soda : Please so not use baking soda for yeast infections, as it provides a nice environment for them to thrive. There you go, these are the home remedy and some herbal remedies for yeast infection for women and men.
When you are treating a yeast infection, make sure it is a fungal infection and not a bacterial one. Perform whole body cleansing and exercise regularly to stay fit and get an active immunity. A yeast infection may happen due to candidiasis, candida albicans, or a fungus, which is usually present in your body but in small concentrations. Candida yeast infection, also known as candidiasis, is fungal infection usually occurring in the oral cavity (thrush), vagina, skin, diaper rash or the nail bed.
In the earlier stages, it shows up as a pale or white colored growth on the affected area, accompanied by inflammation or irritation.
Oral fungal infections can be very disturbing and embarrassing, but luckily, there are a lot of treatment options available.
People using dentures should make sure they clean them before using them and make it a point to maintain optimum oral hygiene. These are to be massaged on the affected area for usually 1-7 days, depending on their formulation and the severity of your condition.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. In women the yeast infection is termed vaginitis and in men it is called penile yeast infection. While antibiotics can cure infection really fast, they also come with a lot of side effects including nausea, dizziness and stomach upset. It is a known fact that there are many herbs with medicinal properties and are used for treating various ailments. Apart from adding flavor and aroma to a dish garlic is also known for its medicinal actions that cure infections caused by yeast and fungi. Wrap four uncrushed but peeled pods of garlic in medicated gauze; leave on end of the gauze longer so as to let it hang from outside the vagina. The medicinal properties of cider will also take care of itching and discomfort associated with yeast infection.

The soothing properties of witch hazel make it an excellent herb for treating various skin conditions. You can even make your own witch hazel water at home; boil leaves of witch hazel in water for 10-15 minutes and then allow the mixture to cool. The anti-infection enzymes in tea tree oil ensure that the growth of yeast is restricted and that their removal from the body is begun as soon as possible. However, the oil of oregano is a known essential oil that helps treat infections caused by yeast including candida.
The capsule should be taken thrice a day for four days but it should never be had empty stomach or it may cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. This can be the tongue ( oral thrush ), reproductive organs, throat, bladder and even the gastrointestinal tract.
Now, take out a clove of garlic, slice it off at the ends so you get the inner flesh on garlic as a flat surface. So just take time out, set up some hot water at a bearable temperature in the bathtub, dissolve some salt and relax in it. When you have filled your bathtub with water, add 1 cup of common salt ( or Epsom salt ) and let it dissolve for some time ( 5 minutes ). Just put few drops of this oil into a base oil like olive oil and then apply it over the skin.
Our blood receives powerful yeast fighting nutrients and it goes full throttle against the fungi. Olive leaf , when used in one of numerous ways can help in getting rid of a yeast infection. Just like garlic, onion can also be used to relieve the distress caused by yeast infection and also eliminate these candida yeast. It has been used in Roman times to rub the bodies with onion, as a way to promote strength of the muscles. That is why, I recommend using coconut oil for any kind of fungal infection, from athlete’s foot to ringworm. It is a powerful anti fungal food which can be eaten to help the body reduce yeast infection.So, if you suspect a yeast infection, like candida, then walk down to the supermarket, buy some Rutabaga, wash it well and prepare some food recipe with it.
This system is quite similar to our blood circulation, but it becomes sluggish more easily.
They have been used for a few centuries, but you should only use them in consultation with a health professional, like a nurse or a doctor. Iodine is a nice remedy , but it can harm the skin if the concentration of iodine in tincture is more than 2 %. If a yeast infection happens to a baby , or even a kid, then please avoid the herbal remedies, as well as the chemicals, like tincture iodine. A bacterial infection of the reproductive region may also present similar symptoms, but the pH of skin changes. Investigating the therapeutic effect of vaginal cream containing garlic and thyme compared to clotrimazole cream for the treatment of mycotic vaginitis. This infection usually occurs in moist and humid areas of the body, a favorable environment for the growth of this yeast. It is important to treat this infection as soon as it is diagnosed to prevent further spread of the yeast and reduce the severity of symptoms. Since the area in the diaper is most likely to be wet, it is an easy target for both fungal and bacterial infections. For children suffering from thrush, mothers should check for candida infection before continuing breastfeeding them. Maintaining cleanliness and personal hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent the spread of the infection and increase the severity of the condition. Pregnant women should consult a gynecologist before applying these creams to avoid possible complications. Lactobacillus-rich food like milk and milk products help maintain a healthy pH in the vagina, thereby discouraging growth of candida albicans.
Antibiotics do not suit everybody and should not be used for treating infection in people susceptible to experiencing side effects of antibiotics. Some of the herbs also have natural antifungal and anti-bacterial compounds that prove helpful in the treatment of infection caused by bacteria, fungi and even viruses. The herb is also easy to use for treating the infection; all you have to do is take 5-6 pods of garlic and crush them well after peeling off their skin. Women can even use diluted form of apple cider vinegar as a douche to clean the vagina off yeast. It is specifically used as an astringent because it helps restore the –pH balance of the skin after it has been washed using soap.
Change the tampon every four hours after cleaning the vagina with warm water and drying it thoroughly.
Oregano capsules are available in the market but to treat yeast infections it is best to use oregano oil. Yogurt can be applied in both ways – topically on the skin wherever the infection is and can also be eaten.
Now, gently rub it on the skin where the yeast infection is ( like the tongue, armpit, groin ). If your diet includes even a tiny bit of raw garlic, you become less prone to any kind of infection, including candida fungus [2]. It has slight anti-bacterial properties as well, which work topically as well as when ingested internally.
Some of the juices that you can try – Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Swiss Chard etc.

So, when you are down sick but can work out a bit, you can do stretching for just 15 minutes. You can take echinacea powder and make an herbal tea with it ( 1 tablespoon in 250 ml of water ). After you get the tincture ( it can be obtained on health stores ), dilute it further with equal amount of water.
This infection is extremely uncomfortable as the production of yeast causes burning and itching.
Some studies also suggest that an application of petroleum jelly or barrier creams like zinc oxide before giving your baby a bath may also be beneficial in preventing and treating the condition.
Also, gargling with antifungal agents like Mycostatin, Nilstat and Biostatin can reduce the fungal infection to a considerable extent. Miconazole, Butoconazole and Ticoconazole are among the best treatments your physician may suggest to treat the vaginal infection.
Let us study some of the herbs that have been successfully used in the treatment of yeast infections. Wash the vagina using warm water and allow it to dry completely before inserting another garlic pessary after 20 minutes. The treatment should be repeated thrice a day for four days to get rid of the infection completely.
Ensure that your legs are wide open so that your infected organs receive the medicated water treatment. You can take apple cider bath any number of times through the day to fasten the process of healing.
It is this quality of witch hazel that makes the herb useful in the treatment of yeast infection. The treatment using tea tree essential oil should be done thrice a day for 3-4 days to ensure that the infection causing yeast are all gone. In many cases, they make home in the reproductive organs, specially women and lead to severe itching and sometimes pain.
Topical Use Apply frozen yogurt directly on the skin area suffering from the candida infection, or any other kind of yeast. It really helps in nearly all kinds of skin infections, like acne and of course yeast infection.
Specially , if your yeast infection is caused the same old Candida, they are in for trouble, as oregano oil is very powerful against them [5]. It is generally made out of milk, but for yeast infections, milk kefir is avoided as it contains lactose, which may feed the yeasts. If you are a yoga practitioner, it is great as yoga is a wonderful exercise system ( well, it is much more than that ). But, perhaps it is not safe to use on sensitive skin parts, like armpits and reproductive organs.
It is always better to cure the problem of yeast infection at its earlier stage, so that the infection will not spread further. Secondly, there are a lot of OTC antifungal creams available which usually reduce and remove the infection within 4-7 days.
The herb gets rid of the infection causing yeast that live in the sexual organs of the human body but lead to infection if they outgrow their number.
The treatment should be done 5-6 times a day for 4-5 days to recover completely from the infection.
Yeast infections have another dimension of trouble for us, especially if they are on the outside.
Tea tree oil is known more for its potent anti-bacterial properties, but it kills some fungi too [3].
Olive leaf also comes as an herbal extract, but I wouldn’t recommend using extracts for continued periods of time ( like for months and months ). Onion is specially rich in silica ( which yields silicon ) which may help with a fungal infection. Neem oil can also be used on the skin, but it has a really awful smell, which may not even go away for days.
Ideal drinking amount is about 1 glass of veggie juice in a day, if you are a beginner to juicing. There are a number of remedies that you may find in your home, which can fight against the yeast infection immediately. If you are using dried neem, make a strong herbal infusion in less water ( like 30 ml only ) and then apply this on the skin using a cotton ball. According to studies, yeast infection worsens because of stress as the immune system is not able to combat them well. Prepare an herbal tea with weak infusion ( do not steep for more than 2 minutes in hot water ) of olive leaves.
However, one should avoid using deodorants and perfumes during the period of yeast infection , as they may promote the growth of fungi ( yeast ).
When you take such relaxing baths ( especially before sleep ), body’s performance improves and you can recover faster.
The best course of action would be to find a suitable home remedy from the ones down below, follow it with dedication and watch the results in some days time. Go to bed and keep a table fan or pedestal fan running right to the part of skin where itching is occurring. Plus, their bitter taste and special micro nutrients zap the fungi proliferating in the intestines.

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