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Regular consumption of chasteberry helps maintain balance and accuracy of hormone levels in the body.
Wild yam has plenty of herbal properties that have been exploited to alleviate the symptoms associated with ovarian cysts.
Wild yam is alkaline in nature and contains starch and tannins.Wild yam is mainly available in cream form for consumption.
Red clover is known to eliminate the cysts from the body by acting on the walls of the cysts. On consumption, the estrogen from the herb acts on the ovaries and helps them function normally.
Milk thistle has been in use for quite some time now to treat hormonal imbalances in women.
Green leafy vegetables like mint, coriander and parsley (all herbs) are also effective in the treatment of ovarian cysts. Many women suffering from ovarian cysts may not realize it because in some cases there are no outward symptoms those are generally associated with ovarian cysts. In such cases, the cysts may leave the body of their own. Herbal Remedies For Cysts Cysts can occur anywhere and treatment is possible via a few chosen medication herbs. Though effective, doctor consultation is highly recommended as the plant leaves are highly toxic in nature, mainly due to the presence of high levels of tannin and oxalic acid. Bitter Orange One of the traditional Chinese herbs that is known to remove cysts, it is also known to treat menstrual problems too. Dandelion According to experts, cysts can be treated if the patient increases his or her intake of potassium which curbs the development of the cyst and in time effectively reduces it. Chasteberry Also known as vitex or monk’s pepper, chasteberry is one of the native trees that is grown in parts of Europe, expecially the Mediterranean countries. Echinacea One of the famous Native American herbs for cysts, taking echinacea is known to prevent cyst formation. Evening Primrose Containing high levels of essential fatty acids, evening primrose flowers are effective cysts treatment herbs.
Goldenseal A medicinal American herb, goldenseal is cultivated in most parts of the country to made medications for cysts and other health disorders. Tea Tree Oil Treatment of acne cyst is possible with tea tree oil, considered as one of the safest cyst remedies.
Turmeric One of the herbs that can be found in any Indian kitched, turmeric is an Ayurvedic medication that is considered very effective for treatment of boils and cysts.
Red Clover Containing plant estrogen, red clover extracts and supplements are known to stimulate the body functions, which in turn treats cysts. One in every four women have been shown to be affected by ovarian cysts, which are small, fluid filled sacs present inside or on the surface of ovaries, at least once in their lifetime. Hence, most women have started using natural alternatives to reduce the abdominal pain and menstrual irregularities that are caused by the presence of the cysts. Subtle changes in your diet can help you maintain a healthy weight and fight obesity, which is one of the most prominent symptoms of ovarian cysts formation.
Besides helping you in maintaining a healthy weight, apple cider vinegar is also known for its ability to shrink and dissolve ovarian cysts. Studies have shown that aloe vera gel prepared using fresh leaves, when orally administered to rats, using a daily dosage of 1 ml for 45 days helped in maintaining a healthy weight, improving insulin sensitivity and decreased ovarian cysts in the treated rats. Ovarian cysts are mostly formed due to an increased insulin resistance, which leads to hormonal imbalances in the body. External application of castor oil packs have been found to heal many problems related to the female reproductive system, one among them being the retardation of the growth of ovarian cysts.
Cover it with a plastic sheet and place a hot water bag or hot water bottle over the sheet for about 45-60 minutes. Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats that are known for reducing insulin resistance, which is one of the most widely accepted causes for the formation of ovarian cysts. Do not panic and get stressed out or too anxious when you experience unbearable pains in your abdomen. Besides acting as a sleep aid and relaxant, chamomile tea has been found to be a very effective remedy for breaking down and dissolving ovarian cysts. This medical condition is quite difficult to treat because the symptoms associated with it do not make an appearance until it is too late. When taken orally, chasteberry helps in the proper and normal functioning of pituitary gland. Some herbalists also use the herb for treating polycystic ovary syndrome, also called PCOS.
It is believed in ayurvedic science that wild yam helps maintain balance of hormones that in turn helps eliminate ovarian cysts. This is an excellent remedy for ovarian and breast cysts as well as for regularizing menstrual flow.
Consumption of milk thistle is known to balance out the levels of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body.
Regular consumption of Echinacea prevents formation of ovarian cysts by maintaining the correct hormonal balance in the body. Drinking warm herbal concoction of mint and parsley is known to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with ovarian cysts. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

But one must consult a physician before resorting to herbal remedies for cysts as a few of the herbs can interact with prescription medications and also lead to complicated health situations. Being a perennial herb that grows up to 12 inches in height, the plant’s arrow-shaped leaves are used for the herbal treatment for cysts. For best results, the poultice can be created by roasting the leaves along with plain water or olive oil. Highly recommended by Chinese physicians and healers, a patient suffering from cysts can use the fresh peel of the herb and make tea out of it. If you are wondering how it is so effective in eliminating cysts, then the answer lies in the fact that consuming echinacea increases the count of white blood cells, which further breaks down the abnormal cells that help in the formation of ovarian cysts. Patient suffering from cysts, especially breast cysts, can note instant relief from it if the patient treats it by application of evening primrose solution or by having herbal tea made of evening primrose leave extract.
Known by various other names such as orangeroot, the plant contains an alkaloid called berberine, which is also known for its antimicrobial activity. Known for its antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, and antiseptic characteristics, tea tree oil can be applied onto the cyst and this triggers off the healing process. Known as a cooling herb, turmeric not only treats cysts but it also prevents it from reoccurring. Being a blood cleanser, it can also treat other health disorders associated with boils and infected wounds. Even though, taking oral contraceptives can reduce your risk of developing new cysts, they can most certainly cause side effects like nausea, mood swings, depression, insomnia, weight gain, breast tenderness, hair loss, etc.
The biggest advantage with these home remedies is that they not only treat ovarian cysts but also prevent them from affecting your ovaries later in the future, without you having to go through all the painful surgical treatments. Moreover, a rapid weight gain associated with ovarian cysts can increase your chances of developing the risk of infertility.
Potassium deficiency is considered to be one of the major factors that contribute to the formation of ovarian cysts. Hence, the consumption of aloe vera gel has been found to be very effective in restoring normal hormonal levels and healthy ovaries, thus promoting the disappearance of ovarian cysts in many people suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. Cinnamon is one of the most powerful agents for increasing the sensitivity of insulin and for decreasing the levels of insulin released by the pancreas. When repeated for about 3-7 days in a weak, it aids in improving blood circulation and promotes the natural ability of the body to dissolve ovarian cysts by balancing the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body.
Relax yourself by sipping herbal teas like green tea, peppermint tea, raspberry, or blackberry tea, etc.
It is packed with powerful anti-oxidants that strengthen the immune system and enhances its ability to flush out toxins at a faster rate. Did you take the nattokinase supplement or how did you combine it with the apple cider vinegar? Insulin resistance is the build up of glucose in the blood due to unresponsive insulin receptors! Theynwrite a bunch of articles and recommend the herbs in their products making it sem as though its a perfect product.
It also helps balance the level of progesterone in women. The herb is also used for treating problems associated with menstrual cycle like infertility and ovulation. Women suffering from PCOS do not experience regular menstrual cycle which leads to infertility due to lack of ovulation. A variety of Mexicaan wild yam is believed to be a rich source of phytoestrogen that is very similar in structure to progesterone but does not contain the harmful side effects of synthetic progesterone.
This causes the cysts to rupture during the initial days of the menstrual cycle.Studies have shown that red clover may contain some form of estrogen. Red clover basically acts as a blood cleanser and thus helps eliminate ailments associated with blood.
Women with PCOS are advised to drink herbal teas regularly as they help detoxify the body of any abnormal cells.
This can lead to severe abdominal pain, unexplained bleeding and excruciating pain during intercourse. The leaves are freshly plucked and roasted to make a poultice that effectively treats sebaceous cysts.
Drinking this herbal tea at least thrice a day can help eliminate the formation of the cyst. For best results, make a dandelion tea or tincture by steeping dandelion leaves onto hot water. But while considering to take chasteberry supplements for treatment of cysts, one must not have chasteberry if she is pregnant as it can lead to miscarriage. According to studies conducted, the fatty acids contained by evening primrose reduce skin inflammation associated with cysts and also eases the pain accompanying the cysts. The compound helps in fighting off the cysts, especially acne cysts. For best results, one can make goldenseal tea by simmering a teaspoon of the herbal root into a cup of hot water. One of the ancient Australian aborigine treatments, tea tree oil can be found in health food stores across the country. One can make a turmeric paste that can be applied onto the cyst and help in reducing the appearance effectively. To make the paste, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a teaspoon of Epsom salts, two tablespoon of water, and one baked onion.
Hence, apple cider vinegar being one of the richest sources of potassium helps to replenish adequate levels of potassium in the body.It also helps in controlling the levels of blood sugar, thus preventing the release of excess of insulin by the pancreas. For consuming an aloe vera drink, peel the leaves and blend the gel in any fruit juice (most preferably in orange juice) and have it every morning as a health drink.

It controls the levels of blood sugar by making the cells more responsive to the release of insulin, thus preventing elevated insulin levels from having an impact on the levels of sex hormones. It also helps to stimulate liver, the primary detoxifying organ of the body to flush out toxins that can accumulate and lead to the development of ovarian cysts. Place a heating pad or a warm towel on your lower pelvic region or just take a warm bath to release the tension and pressure on your abdominal muscles and relieve cramping. Hence, detoxification helps in balancing hormonal levels, thus gradually reducing the size of the cysts. Sufficient dosage of chasteberry, when taken regularly, helps balance the progesterone level in the body.
The herb is excellent for preventing ovarian cysts as it keeps the ovaries from functioning abnormally. The herbal teas should be prepared by steeping fresh or dried herbs in very hot water for not more than five minutes. Apart from treating cysts, the herbal plant is also effective in treating cancer through its chief antioxidant compounds.
Let the root steep in the water for 15 minutes and drink this tea after straining off the root. While applying the oil for treatment of cysts, dilute it with plain water and apply on the cleaned affected area. Higher levels of insulin can lead to the elevation of testosterone levels, which is the primary cause for irregular menstrual cycles, acne, loss of scalp hair and the increase in the density and thickness of body hair in women. It also maintains the correct levels of androgen hormones in the body that are primarily responsible for promoting the growth of hair on different body parts. Even though, every woman’s body responds differently to different treatments, this remedy works for almost every woman who is suffering from abdominal pains due to the formation of cysts. It also gives a soothing effect to your mind and eases menstrual cramps that are excruciatingly painful for women who have ovarian cysts.Bear in mind that ovarian cysts are fairly common and are not a matter of concern because of the availability of many natural and alternative treatments, like those mentioned above. Hence, it is important to recognize the symptoms that are common to the condition and get treatment for them. For this reason, many women now prefer herbal remedies to treat ovarian cysts rather than rely on medical treatment given by hospitals.
It is recommended that a healthy and nutritious diet be taken along with the herbal remedies to treat ovarian cysts completely and effectively.
For extracting its benefits, consume apple cider vinegar by diluting it using one part of apple cider vinegar with 2 parts of water.
Stress can majorly aggravate its symptoms so getting worried about the presence of ovarian cysts can just delay your treatment.
Although these remedies can help with insulin resistance, what my be causing pcos, there are far better ways to help thn what is mentioned! A lot of the things put in these products either will mess us up more or do not have high enough quality ingredients to work! Also, one can use a washcloth soaked in the goldenseal tea and apply it on the affected area. Most often, ovarian cysts resolve on their own if you maintain healthy eating habits by cutting back on sugar and fat that in turn, helps you fight against obesity that can worsen your condition.Hence, adapting a multi-dimensional approach like healthy life-style by including a low GI diet and regular exercise along with the usage of these natural remedies and the prescribed medications to treat the severity of your condition can help you in getting rid of ovarian cysts.
Fenugreek is a blood sugar regulator, tumeric is a liver stabalizer and can help dramatically with even stabalizing hormones because it detoxifies and helps heal the liver which is our master gland! However, before you begin any of the herbal treatments listed below, you must consult an experienced herbalist who can provide you in depth knowledge of the herb you chose for treatment. Make sure that you consume it before or during meals and not on an empty stomach to avoid digestive problems.
Also, make sure that you talk to your doctor before including these home remedies in your treatment regimen to avoid any possible drug interactions.
Do not attempt any of these herbal treatments if you are pregnant or suffer from an extreme form of any medical condition. Check with your doctor if consumption of these herbs may interfere in your intake of any other medication.
A b complex vitamin should be used daily as niacin is extremely important along with b12, folic acid etc. If a person has pcos but dos not have insulin resistance I would recommend having tests done to see where hormone levels are at and specifically targeting the areas that need improvement. Have tests done to se what vitamines you are deficient and what hormones are out of balance. Wild yam contains a compound that has to be broke down in a lab and is chemically altered to become progesterone! Tumeric helps raise progesterone and I am going to say this not as medic a l professional but a good coconut activated charcoal poultice over overies, kidneys and liver is very beneficial.
I highly recommend as a patient oceans alive 2.0 phytoplankton your body will come alive again!
This is only written on the level of a patient with insulin resistance and pcos not as a medical professional!

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