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Energy Field Medicine is a simple, safe, effective way to heal long standing and acute conditions without pain, drugs, chemicals and side-effects.
This article was written by CarafAvnayt, a full time Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Energy Field Medicine. You may freely distribute this article or save to any electronic media as long as it is left intact, including the copyright statement above. Holistic addiction centers offer a wide variety of treatment options to suit each person's individual interests and treatment needs. Drug and alcohol treatment centers work from a wide range of philosophies and approaches in terms of how to help addicts overcome the effects of addiction in their lives. Holistic drug and alcoholism rehab centers likewise follow established protocols; however, these programs also place a heavy emphasis on treating the spiritual part of the individual throughout the recovery process. Holistic substance abuse facilities work to combine the principles and interventions used in traditional programs with an approach that's designed to heal the "whole person" rather than just treat the mental and physical aspects of addiction.
Traditional addiction treatment offer a well-developed approach for addressing the problems addicts face in recovery.
According to the State University of New York, the holistic treatment model views addiction as a symptom of underlying issues within a person's life. Restoring balance in a person's life becomes the primary objective within a rehabilitation facility. Holistic treatment interventions enable addicts to work through the underlying issues that drive addiction behaviors.
While breaking the body's dependence on an addictive substance remains an essential part of the treatment process, treating the underlying issues that drive the addiction offers the best chance of a successful, long-term recovery. Holistic alcoholism and drug abuse centers are also more likely to employ new treatment approaches, such as biofeedback techniques and brainwave therapies. Ultimately, different people enter the treatment process with unique backgrounds, experiences and problems.
Nail fungus can be a stubborn infection to live with and often causes nails to develop into a unsightly yellowish color and even cause the nail to become brittle and fall off. In this post I will discuss these and also provide some more useful info about nail fungus in general for you. If you want to know our top recommendation for OTC nail fungus treatment then it’s Zetaclear. Nail fungus, or Tinea Unguium is more common than most people think, with an estimated 60 million people with it globally, some cases are worse then others of course.
What most really want to be aiming for is a homeopathic treatment such as Zetaclear that targets the underlying infection and stops it coming back — AND that takes just a few seconds a day to use. There are also other options such as Nail RX and Lamisil, yet from my research I have found Zetaclear to be the better choice. If you have already started to see signs of nail fungus then you really should take some form of nail fungus treatment sooner rather than later because nail fungus has a bad habit of spreading from one nail to the next, and things can start to get pretty ugly if you leave it. On a more practical level there are some things you can do to prevent or slow the development of nail fungus. We are discussing about Hot Oil Treatment in our forum so thought of posting it on my blog too.
I am not too sure what you meant by regular almond oil, sorry, but you can use Sweet Almond Oil. Citrine Joyous is an Aromatherapist and Herbalist and she is passionate about sharing DIY Beauty Recipes, Health and Wellness Tips on this Blog.
Holistic: Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately connected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Why individuals develop posterior tibialis dysfunction and flat feet later in life is a matter of debate.
If a child or adult appears flat footed when their feet are in contact with the ground, but a visible arch is seen when not standing or when they raise up on their toes this is called a flexible flat foot. The foot and ankle house 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Internal rotation of the tibia can then cause both internal rotation and adduction (movement toward the inside) of the femur at the hip joint. The movement of the hip into internal rotation and adduction can cause an anterior tilting of the pelvis (visualize the front of the pelvis dropping down).
I listed the joint movements in order from the ground up, but the kinetic chain runs in both directions. Having identified the joint movements associated with flat feet, it’s time to examine the muscles and tendons that can produce or restrict movement at those joints.
If we look at each component along the kinetic chain there will be one set of muscles that would resist or counteract that moment and these are the muscles that need to be strengthened.
Now you may notice some inconsistencies particularly in regards to the muscles of the hip and hamstrings appear in both the weak and tight classifications.
It is also important to note that while the joint movement patterns listed above will likely hold true for most flat-footed people, every person will present with varying degrees of weakness and inflexibility.
And while muscle imbalances are a major part of structural issues in the body, only treating these issues will have limited benefit if other confounding variables, such as habitual movement patterns or obesity, are not addressed as well. I have had flat feet since I can remember, and only a few months ago I got really upset with my legs. Thanks for this information, it has helped me better understand what is going on with my problem.
For some time now, I have had lower back pain which, by looking on the internet, I eventually attributed to anterior pelvic tilt. Establishing a clear cause and effect with back pain is difficult because of the number of related factors that potentially may be involved. I just realised I had anterior pelvic tilt because I couldn’t sit straight upright with my legs outstretched. In general, exercises for overpronation and internal rotation should include lots of hip and glute strengthening and exercises that strengthen the muscles that support the arch of the foot. I also had very inflexible ankles and noticed a big improvement when I started doing calf stretches and ankle dorsiflexion mobilizations.

In case of Over Pronation , we need to strengthen the weak Supinators & stretch the tight Pronators rite ? The tibialis anterior supports the arch and serves as an active restraint to pronation, so that is the rationale for strengthening it.
Taking control of your health is a process that starts by gathering the right information and tools necessary to make better choices. Each Energy Treatment is a water held composition of natural energy fields charged into a pure silver medium, made specifically for each person - to be taken twice a day. It includes resting the nerves that link to your muscles as these are the ones that give the 'pain' report. Traditional addiction treatment centers follow standardized approaches based on protocols established over decades of research and application in the field.
While drug and alcohol addictions do cause considerable damage to the body and mind, a person's spiritual core no doubt undergoes considerable damage as well. That being so, the traditional model centers around addiction's role as a disease within the life of the individual.
In this respect, holistic programs administer treatment interventions based on the needs of the individual.
Holistic philosophies view the body, mind and spirit as interdependent parts of the individual. These programs often make use of alternative therapy approaches, many of which focus on spiritual expression and healing. While traditional drug treatment models can go a long way towards helping addicts overcome the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, holistic treatment models may well offer a more integrative approach to breaking addiction's hold over a person's life. Nail fungus is an ugly, embarrassing infection that effects some 30 million plus Americans alone. This is one of the most popular nail fungus remedies that you can purchase online and get delivered to your door.
As far as treatment goes, some people like to try home remedies for nail fungus such as apple cider vinegar, listerine, vix vapor rub, corn meal mash, and even beer. Natural remedies work well and you don’t have to worry about any nasty side effects that chemical based agents can cause, such as severe skin reactions etc. However like any treatment you have to remember to apply it as directed and not miss a day, otherwise the infection can return and get worse.
Your body is a system, and you need to take care of your whole body to help your healing individual health issues like nail fungus. If you haven't, you can join right away and get all your holistic health and beauty related queries answered there :) Click here to Join!
If you have any question about Hot Oil Treatment join us in our forum discussion.Hot Oil Treatment is really good for Dry, Damaged and Frizzy Hair. Do not forget to subscribe to the Newsletter to receive new health and beauty tips as soon as they are posted! To understand the cause, effects, and successful treatment of flat feet it is necessary to look beyond the foot to the entire kinetic chain.
Some studies have indicated that people with posterior tibialis insufficiency often have a pre-existing flat foot.
The ground reaction force generated when the foot make contacts with the ground affects not just the foot and ankle, but every joint of the lower limb. Some people will argue that this process will continue up into the lower back and even higher. We could also go in reverse and say that each one of those movements lower down in the leg is caused by a change in position of the joint above it, starting at the pelvis. Almost every muscle will have either a single muscle or a muscle group that produces an opposing movement to its function. Taking anterior pelvic tilting as an example we will find weakness in the muscles that perform the opposing motion, posterior pelvic tilting. This is because muscles may perform different functions depending on the positioning of the joints. Did the problem start with my glutes or abdominals (which I tend to believe at this time) or with my feet?
It makes sense to me, and I will work on trying to change my habits, mostly focussing on glutes and abs.
But then I found this article and realised that I actually have flat feet, major over pronation, and pigeon toes too, and it now all makes sense why. Every case is different so this is something you should talk to your doctor of physical therapist about to get an individualized assessment. The short foot exercises is an easy way to start building arch strength and that’s what I started with. The biomechanics of pronation are complex and I need to update the table to clarify things a bit.
A short or tight achilles complex acts as a passive restraint that limits ankle dorsiflexion.
I am 24 years old and have had minor tendonitis in my right knee for nearly 5 years, I did not rehab consistently and continued to play basketball on it instead. I was searching this content for so long,and finally got it.It helped me to complete my project. Just after stretching my peroneal I can actually see a difference in my arch height on my flatter foot!!
Somastruct is a site dedicated to providing the highest quality fitness, health, and injury related resources online. Energy Treatments for Holistic Healing: Medicine for lasting healing through Energy Field Balance. From this perspective, traditional approaches can't help but implement a "one-size-fits-all" treatment model.
An imbalance in anyone of these areas can make a person more susceptible to the addictive effects of drugs and alcohol.
And the BIG problem is, who wants to buy bottles of listerine or corn meal and soak their feet in them for 20-30 minutes every day (really twice a day to have a chance)?

After you shower ensure to take the time to dry your toes well, and also if you are showering in a communal shower like in a gym, then it’s a good idea to wear some form of footwear, as this is a common place for nail fungus to be contracted. Which is another reason I’m a firm, long time believer in natural remedies, holistic health care, and the products that incorporate ingredients that work with your body. Some studies show a correlation between the frequency of shoe wear and flat feet in children. Obesity, hypertension, and diabetes have been identified as potential risk factors for acquired flat foot deformity. Since these people still have the capacity to form an arch, they still have the potential to restore a normal arch if the contributing bio-mechanical problems are addressed. So instead of focusing on a single structure, the best approach to reversing flat feet is to look at the body as a whole,  targeting any joint or muscle that can be involved. Pronation is actually a combination of three different movements but it can easily be visualized as the ankle rolling inward. Because it is unclear to what degree each joint contributes to the arch collapsing or in which order these aberrant motions occurs it is best to take a wide view and direct our attention to any joint that may be a contributing factor.
Along with strengthening the muscles to allow improved posterior pelvic tilting we also need to stretch the inflexible muscles that would oppose posterior tilting.
The peroneus longus is an ankle evertor muscles, but it also everts the forefoot which actually increases the stability of the arch.
It does seem like a lot of work, but hopefully your physio can help you put everything together into a program you enjoy doing. I started doing exercises to strengthen my glutes and abdomen and slowly started coming to the conclusion that my problem was less muscular weakness than it was simple bad habits in walking and sitting.
It makes more sense, based on the proximity of the hip and abdominal muscles to the lower back, their ability to generate force, and their influence on joint positioning, that these muscles would be more directly involved with back pain than something happening with the foot. Postural correction is largely about reinforcing new patterns, so once you’ve identified the changes you want to see, find a way to incorporate those actions into your daily activities. I’ve been doing yoga, which has been helping my overall posture and APT, but do you have any suggestions of stretches I can do to correct over pronation and internal rotation? The gastrocsoleus complex plantar flexes the ankle so I shouldn’t have labeled it as a pronator.
This then increases pronation by forcing increased dorsiflexion of the forefoot in weightbearing. Over the past year I’ve watched what I saw begin as overpronation in my right foot progress into both feet now with flattened arches bringing them up one shoe size and uncomfortable to stand.
I continued exercising at home, and once while doing a lunge, I lost balance and broke my big toe. I mainly do powerlifting movements in the gym and my lower body lifts progress have been stagnant for quite awhile due to my tight lower back and reluctance to further worsen the problem! These factors could be Exposure to Sun, Blow Drying, Curling Tongs, Bleaching, Coloring, Perming, Improper Diet, Wrong Shampoo etc. Most cases of acquired flat feet are linked to a dysfunction of the posterior tibialis–a muscle that runs along the inside of the leg and plays a major role in supporting the arch. Hyper- or over-pronation is a large degree of movement in the joints that make up the rear foot and ankle. Even if the forces could travel that far, their contributions would be minimal because like a ripple, the effects becomes weaker the farther out you go. These are identified either in terms of a muscle or group overpowering the weak countering muscles, or certain muscles being inflexible and limited motion in the opposite direction. So now, when I walk or run, I concentrate on pinching my buttocks together, tightening the lower abs, and this helps a lot. That’s not to say having flat feet is unrelated, but it may not contribute as much to the issue as the pelvic and hip musculature. The listings for which muscles to stretch and strengthen in each column are still accurate though. The rationale for stretching the gastrosoleus is to increase the available range of dorsiflexion at the ankle (talocrural) joint so the body doesn’t have to get that motion from the subtalar joint by collapsing the arch. Right foot doesn’t align with tibia anymore and sticks out to the right when my leg faces straight.
To go several months, day after day of preparing a soak and actually sitting your feet or fingers in it, is unrealistic.
By the way, as near as I can tell, I am not knock-kneed and have never had problems with my knees. For some reason on my left, even though the arch has dropped now too (only a few months after my right), the tibia maintains forward facing and doesn’t rotate in. The good news is that there are some great nail fungus treatment over the counter that you can use to remove the infection.
I have had flat feet since I was a child, and now I am starting to understand that there may be a connection between this and my lower back problems.
I have tried for a long time to find all the information you have given in just this one article.
Walking with good posture requires me to focus on a number of different issues, but keeping my weight on the outside of my foot definitely helps.
Everyday pain and lack of information for recovery had been discouraging but more recently I’ve seen successful pain reduction in the knee area with glute medius exercises. Secondly can it be reversed , I mean the rotations happening in the joints causing knock knees. I am planning to start not only working on my foot but also strengthening and stretching the muscles in your chart.

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