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Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the transparent layer of the eye that lines the eyelid, known as the conjunctiva.
Viruses, bacteria, allergies, or foreign objects or chemicals in the eye can all attribute to pinkeye symptoms. Bacterial conjunctivitis is also often associated with the common cold, but is caused by bacteria.
Those with bacterial conjunctivitis may have a gritty feeling in their eye, or feel the need to try and remove foreign materials from the eye, although there may not actually be anything to remove.
Allergic conjunctivitis often affects both eyes and is triggered by allergens, often during seasonal changes with pollen and other substances present in the air. Conjunctivitis caused by foreign chemicals or objects is also not contagious, and can be caused by a number of things. Those that have eyes easily irritated by certain allergens can expect conjunctivitis when exposed to those elements, unless measures are being taken to prevent it. Discarding eye makeup and not wearing makeup are good ideas. Changing pillowcases and washing sheets and blankets in hot water will also be helpful. Staying home from school or work may also be necessary to prevent the spread of conjunctivitis. A young child with reoccurring episodes of pinkeye may be referred to an eye specialist to try and determine what the cause may be. The most common home remedies for conjunctivitis include putting either warm or cool clean washcloths over your eyes. Another home remedy is to put the leaves of a marigold plant into cold water and to use it as eyewash. Spinach and carrot juice mixtures are also recommended during the duration of conjunctivitis.
Each of these home remedies can be inexpensive, easy ways to provide comfort for those suffering from pinkeye, with relatively no risks to the eye when using them.
For those suffering from allergy related conjunctivitis, seeking the help of a doctor is probably the best option.
Over the counter eye drops usually cost between $5-10, but they may not work as well as eye drops prescribed by your doctor. There is really nothing that can be done to treat viral conjunctivitis, except to let it run its course. Bacterial conjunctivitis can go away on its own as well, however if the symptoms are not improving within three days, antibiotics, eye drops or ointment may be needed to cure the conjunctivitis. Generic versions are available for most options, which will decrease prices and make the treatment more affordable. If you have contacted pinkeye from some sort of chemical or irritant, the first thing to do would be to try and wash out your eye. Irrigation with Ringer’s lactate, which is saline, potassium, and calcium formula, may also be needed in the case of chemical irritants. If you think you have conjunctivitis, the first thing to do is consider how you may have contracted it. If the symptoms are too severe or you feel the need to contact a doctor, by all means do so. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years. Conjunctivitis refers to redness and inflammation of the outer eye covering the white part.
It can be caused due to bacterial infection, viral infection and also due to some allergy or reaction of chemicals. Alternatively, you can also directly apply lemon juice outside the affected area using clean finger.
The problem of pink eye is frequently known as “Conjunctivitis” and is caused by factors such as allergies, bacterial and viral infections, exposure to chemicals, parasites and so on. Placing an ice pack on the affected eye can provide relief from itching, redness and inflammation. An eye compress prepared by soaking a clean cloth in this mixture can also be placed on the eyes to obtain the desired results. Another option is to steep a bag of green tea in warm water and keep it on the infected eye for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.
Though not a serious condition, a pink eye is not what you would love to show up at an important appointment with. To hasten the healing process, you can make use of the best home remedies for pink eye in adults as discussed below.
The use of cold and warm compresses helps to reduce pain as well as get rid of discharge from the eyes. Soak a clean wash cloth in warm or cold water depending on your preference and extent of infection. Honey contains microbial properties and has been used for long against a wide range of illnesses.
Most types of honey will work for this condition but raw manuka honey is known to contain a high amount of dihydroxyacetone. Other than the natural treatments, there also are a few products you can make use of to make your own remedy at home. Dip a cotton ball or clean wash cloth into the salt water solution and put it on the eyelids of the affected eye to soothe the infection. Castor oil: Putting castor oil in the affected eye also goes a long way in curing this king of eye infection. Baking Soda: This home remedy is very soothing and is an effective cure for conjunctivitis. Home remedies are more recommended than pink eye over the counter treatments because they are milder.
There are a number of over the counter remedies that can be used to treat pink eye in adults. The external symptoms of yeast infection include the presence of crusty, itchy and smelly skin. In case you are noticing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you can opt for a yeast infection test to determine if your pet is affected with the condition. Skin biopsy is also helpful in diagnosing yeast infection, as this can provide thorough details regarding the condition.

Once you have determined that your dog is afflicted with yeast infection, the next thing that you have to know is how you can treat your pet’s condition. When using a yeast infection natural treatment, such as tea tree oil, make sure that you dilute it using olive oil to reduce its strength before applying it on the affected area.
Yeast Infection Sufferer Reveals Complete System That Will Show you How To Permanently Cure Your Yeast Infection. This inflammation causes the blood vessels in the conjunctiva to become irritated and give off a pink or red color in the whites of the eyes. Other cold symptoms may be present such as a sore throat or runny nose, and the eyes often will have watery discharges or those filled with a mucous-like substance. In response to the allergens the body releases histamines, which can cause a red or pink color to the whites of the eye. Any type of foreign object entering the eye can irritate it, causing it to become pink or red and even produce a discharge. Likewise, whether or not a foreign object or chemical will affect a person depends upon the situation and person. For allergic conjunctivitis, avoiding allergens that trigger pinkeye is a good idea if possible. If you or someone in your family contracts conjunctivitis, it is important to take measures to prevent the spread of it throughout the family. Both home remedies and pharmaceutical treatments are available depending upon the situation. For conjunctivitis caused by allergies, cool compresses are recommended, but for bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, warm washcloths may feel better. Drinking the juice of Indian gooseberry and mixing it with honey has also been suggested as a home remedy as well. However, if the home remedies and solutions do not seem to provide relief, pharmaceutical options may be necessary.
Although cool compresses and maybe even artificial tears may provide some comfort, for those with severe cases, antihistamines or other anti-inflammatory medications may need to be prescribed. However, often these prescription eye drops can cost around $50 or $60 for a thirty-day prescription.
While over the counter eye drops and warm compresses may provide some relief, time is the ultimate healer. Ointments may be easier to administer to young infants or children, however they may blur vision for a brief time following being used. Insurance should cover these treatments as well, which will help keep prices lower in most cases.
If water doesn’t seem to be helping the situation, or it was a harsh chemical that came in contact with your eye, a doctor will be necessary to help the situation.
Since permanent damage could be done to your eyes depending upon what has irritated it, seeing a doctor is advised. However, depending upon the type of conjunctivitis, there may be nothing that the doctor can do.
It is commonly known as Pink Eye and is characterised by swelling, pain and redness of the surface of the eye. Since conjunctivitis is very contagious one needs to take special care. Here we mention natural remedies for Conjunctivitis. Then add salt and dip some cotton balls in it and let the solution cool to room temperature.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Symptoms of this problem include blurred vision, irritation, itching, redness, inflammation and pain. Fresh potato slices can be placed on the affected eye for 3 to 4 consecutive nights before going to sleep to obtain quick relief from the infection.
An individual can place cool and wet green tea bags on the affected eye to reduce the itching and swelling caused by the problem of pink eye. Most popular is breast milk for its immunoglobulin which helps to prevent bacteria from getting attached to the eye surface. They are excellent natural antibiotics for pink eye and are therefore the best home remedies for pink eye in adults that is as a result of bacterial infections. Studies have shown that antibacterial honey can be used effectively in treating ocular surface diseases. While making use of home remedies on how to heal pink eye, be advised to use them in the right way not to spread the infection. These are mostly necessary when the conjunctivitis is accompanied by a discharge which leads to the involuntary shutting of the eye. You can however relieve its symptoms using over the counter pink eye adults treatment such as decongestants and eye drops. Where home treatments for pink eye do not alleviate the symptoms, it is best to visit an optician. In case you are seeing a string of round cells, then your dog is positive for yeast infection and finding yeast infection cures for it is necessary. If you choose to use a shampoo to alleviate the skin yeast infection in dogs, make sure to use it at least twice a week. In case your dog’s yeast infection is systemic, you can try including yogurt into your pet’s daily diet.
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However, for viral and bacterial conjunctivitis, merely being exposed to someone with this type of pinkeye can trigger the symptoms. Placing cool, wet chamomile tea bags over your eyes has also been recommended as a way to decrease the redness in the eyes.
Eating foods rich in Vitamin A and B2 may also be helpful in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
Usually within a week viral conjunctivitis will go away on its own, although its not uncommon for it to last up to two weeks.
If nothing more, the doctor will be able to determine if you have damage or need additional assessments. Washing eyes with this mixture (with the use of a cotton ball) on a regular basis can provide effective results.
Washing eyes with this water (strained) after it has cooled down 2 to 3 times on a daily basis can help in reducing the pain, redness and inflammation.

Eye drops made with the use of eyebright can help in the treatment of various eye related problems. It is important to note that an individual should use this mixture only after it has cooled down. A warm compress opens up the blood vessels and allows for enough circulation ensuring that toxins are flashed out. Its use in various eye conditions gives variable results but is certainly great at treating pink eye. Sea salt is especially popular for this as it will help draw out impurities and pus, soften any crusted discharge, soothe the affected and reduce swelling.
Use of medication is best done under a doctor’s recommendation so visit one before using any medicine. With this type, you may also have to wait a number of weeks for the condition to run its cause. The infection could be resulting from other eye infections which need to be cleared so as to get rid of it.
In case your dog is affected by any other conditions and is taking antibiotics, this can also affect the pH balance in your pet’s body and trigger yeast overgrowth. Most of the time, yeast infection affect the warm and moist areas in the body of a dog, such as the interior of the ears and the folds of the skin. However, local anesthetic is necessary before obtaining a sample to prevent the dog from getting hurt. The beneficial bacteria contained in yogurt can help kill the fungus and relieve the infection. Learn how to treat and deal with the condition by reading our articles and gain more knowledge about yeast infection through our website. It has also been found that those that wear contacts may have an increased risk of contracting conjunctivitis. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis usually resolve without any treatment at all, although it may be unpleasant to endure. Washing the eyes with chamomile flower tea has also been suggested as a way to provide relief.
Even using a cotton ball and placing baby shampoo over the closed eyes has been determined to provide relief for those suffering from conjunctivitis. Maintaining good hygiene is of utmost importance for those suffering from viral conjunctivitis. It is important to use good hygiene and even stay home for a day or two if you think you may be contagious. It is essential to maintain proper hygiene to prevent the infection and obtain quick relief. Eye cups containing eyebright tea (after it has cooled down) can be directly placed on the eyes.
When used appropriately and in the right amounts, these will help get rid of the condition fast.
When there is an infection, exposure to the sun and wind or allergies the eye swells and becomes red.
Where the pink eye is as a result of allergies, you can get antihistamines such as cetirizine or loratadine to help relieve the symptoms. Other times when you ought to visit a doctor include where the condition is accompanied by increased light sensitivity, blurred vision, fever and pain.
Other causes of imbalance include poor diet and lack of digestive enzymes, as well as overuse of vaccines, environmental stress, thyroid problems and heartworm medications.
However, if the infected area is large, then it would be best to administer oral medications instead. However, if you choose to do so, make sure that you opt for plain yogurt, as sweetened yogurt can only worsen the condition due to its sugar contents.
While it’s not a pleasant thing to get, conjunctivitis is not fatal, although if your eye has come in contact with some sort of chemical, there could be lasting damage.
We also give you tips to help avoid spreading the infection to the eye that is not affected while using the remedies. In case your dog is suffering from lethargy, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue and depression aside from having an itchy and smelly skin, it would be best to take it to a veterinarian for proper diagnosis. When opting for oral medications for yeast infection, it would be best to make sure that you are administering the right dose and following the schedule of consumption. As much as possible, your pet’s diet should include chicken or beef, as well as vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, wax beans, squash and green beans. In case the symptoms of the condition in your pet are severe, taking your dog to a veterinarian is highly recommended.
After answering those questions it can help you determine what type of conjunctivitis you may have. Although it can be pesky and annoying, conjunctivitis is a simple problem to fix with often minimal effort.
Although this condition is not serious and tends to go away on its own within seven to ten days, home interventions can alleviate the symptoms fast. You can also try using tea tree oil on the affected parts of your pet’s body, but make sure not to make your pet consume it as it is for internal use only. This is to determine the severity of the infection and be able to opt for the most appropriate treatment that will help free your pet from the pain and discomfort due to the condition.
Unless a chemical has come in contact with your eye, most doctors would suggest letting the conjunctivitis run its course for a few days. Although expensive, it is considered as the best medication for the condition in the market today.
Tea tree is helpful in soothing the symptoms of the condition, thus reducing the discomfort. In case you wear contact lenses, remove them and use normal glasses during the time of the infection as these could aggravate the situation.

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