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It can be caused due to allergic reactions by changing eyelid polishes or other cosmetics like hair spray or makeup. Blepharitis is a condition of eyelid inflammation which causes redness and irritation on the eyes. This is caused due to bacteria or virus and sometimes due to potential allergens like dust, smoke. When the oil glands of the eyes are blocked for some reason, it may cause swelling of eyelids with redness and itchiness. Most of the causes of swollen eyelids are not that serious to rush for treatment, but you can consult your doctor if swelling does not subside within a day or two.
When the eyelids become swollen there may be symptoms of eye irritation, redness and watery eyes.
Always remove contact lenses before you put eye-drops or any other home remedy on your eyes. Conjunctivitis refers to redness and inflammation of the outer eye covering the white part. It can be caused due to bacterial infection, viral infection and also due to some allergy or reaction of chemicals. Alternatively, you can also directly apply lemon juice outside the affected area using clean finger. Gum infection goes hand in hand with the gum diseases, also referred to as Periodontitis’.
Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower portion of the body, generally near the anus or the rectum.

An infectious bacterial infection, lyme disease is caused when a person is bit by an infected tick. Rosacea is a condition of the skin where it becomes immune to infections and irritations of varying magnitude.
Eczema cures can be near impossible to find even though there are hundreds of products out there. Asthma is a problem which is growing with leaps and bounds and has captured large number of people in recent years. Fibroid tumors are a very common occurrence in women who have reached the last stage of their reproductive years. Vomiting is mainly caused due to indigestion and nauseated feeling which makes one feel uncomfortable.
Your will have burning sensation or gritting feeling on the eyes when infected with blepharitis.
Even changing your contact lenses and eye drops can cause conjunctivitis leading to redness and swelling of eyelids. When the subcutaneous glands or tissues get inflamed (cellulitis) it may cause eye irritation and eyelid swelling. Excess of water may be discharged from the eyes and because of this you may have trouble vision.
It is commonly known as Pink Eye and is characterised by swelling, pain and redness of the surface of the eye. Since conjunctivitis is very contagious one needs to take special care. Here we mention natural remedies for Conjunctivitis.

Then add salt and dip some cotton balls in it and let the solution cool to room temperature.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
You can always apply warm compression for reducing the inflammation or take antihistamines. Some people will feel as though sand is deposited inside the eyes during this situation which will cause swelling of eyelids.
Stye is an eye infection caused by bacteria on the sebaceous glands forming cysts inside the eyes.
You will be prescribed lubricating medicines that will produce tears from your eyes to reduce pain and inflammation.
Don’t forget to remove your makeup before you go to sleep since certain chemicals present in the eyelid cosmetic can cause irritation and swelling. If the eyes are left with allergen, automatic defense system of the eyes secretes histamines for protecting it which would make the eyelids to swell. In case of infection or allergy you can consult your eye doctor to get prescription eye-drops to kill bacteria or virus.

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