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Diarrhea may be the simple result of the dog getting into your trash can and getting an upset tummy. Fire ant bites cause most dogs to feel pain upon being bit and then they typical cause a lot of itchiness.
In severe cases a dosage of 1-2 mg of plain Benadryl per pound is a good remedy for dogs suffering from insect bites. Always keep on hand Benadryl for signs of allergic reactions.-Use common sense and call your vet promptly if something does not look right. Dogs love to chew on bones, shoes, sticks and unfortunately for some owners, even on furniture. Wood seems to be a chewing favorite as it is the right texture to allow your dog’s teeth to sink in and scrape off some small fragments or even take out a heartier chunk. Fortunately there are various approaches that can help reduce and hopefully put an end to this annoying dog chewing behavior. It may be helpful to fully understand why dogs chew in the first place to better assess the situation.
An owner should also consider that in nature and in the wild, chewing is a normal canine hobby. For mild chewing cases such as puppies tetthing or adult dogs that simply need that extra stimulation, the below tips can prove to be very helpful.
This psychological approach will tell your dog what not to chew on while offering alternate options. A pharmacist in 1960 invented this famous product that should deter dogs from chewing up their itchy skin or any other surface. Only by finding the main underlying cause of your dog’s chewing behavior wil cause you to be able to solve the chewing issue properly.
Chewing can be an annoying habit to get rid of, after all teeth are created for the main purpose of chewing. Hopefully some or a mix of the above remedies will help your dog stop chewing on your favorite furniture. When 3 year old, Golden Retriever Sasha, started coughing, his owner thought she had something stuck in her throat as she started coughing and then gagging as if her throat was irritated by something. Dogs affected by kennel cough will often develop symptoms approximately 3-7 days post exposure. In Sasha’s case her symptoms appeared days later after having socialized with other dogs at a dog park.
Minor cases are often treated at home by clearing up the airway with a non-medicated humidifier or by having the dog breath in a bathroom full of hot water steam. Kennel cough is a pretty common respiratory disease, however, any case of coughing needs closely monitored and investigated as any cough can suggest other more serious problems such as potential heart conditions, valley fever or even heartworm disease, all conditions that can be life threatening. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. As explained in the above scenario, whining for attention is perhaps the most common cause of whining. Q: Dear Grandma, My 16 year old Shihtzu seems as though all she does is itch, scratch & chew!!! A: Dear M, If your vet gave her Temperil and Benadryl that means she suspects your dog is allergic to something.
Do not use shampoo that contains oatmeal – claims it is soothing but it actually produces yeast. Browse an extensive list of home remedies for cleaning, physical and mental health issues, animal care, and pest control.
We all know that carrying extra weight isn't healthy for humans; it contributes to such health problems as heart disease and diabetes. To determine whether your dog is too heavy, stand over him and check for a waist -- a visible indentation behind his ribs. A veterinary checkup will ensure your dog doesn't have any health problems that could be contributing to his weight.
However, owners must be aware of the fact that there may more serious issues going on, and the below guidelines may not help.
In severe diarrhea, were the dog has uncontrollable squirts you need to provide as much hydration as possible. If you use chicken make sure it is skinless, if you use burger make sure the fat is drained off. The dog may have parasites, gastro-enteritis, pancreatits, a foreign body ingestion (usually along with vomiting), parvo, and many other serious conditions that need prompt vet attention.
As with administrating any medication over the counter it is highly advisable to discuss this option with your veterinarian first. Fire ant bites seem to be painful at first and terribly itchy after ward, try to put ice packs and baking soda and water paste to give relief. While we may overlook and turn a blind eye on some of these chewing favorites we cannot afford our canine friends to gnaw on our expensive maple dinner table or our precious ebony computer desk. Of course, puppies chew because they are teething and chewing helps them sooth the pain effectively, however, puppies chew also because just as human toddlers that is simply the way they explore the world.

Sometimes dental issues may cause dogs to seek items to chew on providing relief to the gums, however more often than not chewing has a psychological base. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and once left alone at home will resort to chewing half a house apart. It works because it is a positive way to handle the issue, and dogs seem to learn better this way. I have used it several times and have spared my dogs from eating various potentially dangerous objects. It is the strong bitter flavor that will discourage your dog from chewing your precious furniture. You need to ensure that each and every time your dog heads for your wood coffee table you correct him promptly and hand him a chew toy. However, when the cough did not resolve within 24 hours he took Sasha to the vet concerned there must be something blocking her airway. She was not vaccinated that year against Bordetella so that made her particularly susceptible to the infection.
The above symptoms described may  mimic other more serious conditions and therefore should not be used as a   diagnostic tool. However, stopping the whining really depends on what the whining is all about, because dogs whine for different reasons.
It typically starts during puppy hood where puppies do not know any other way to manifest their discomfort.
For instance, they may whine when they see other dogs but are not allowed to meet them or when they see a squirrel and are unable to chase them. This is called separation anxiety and tips on how to deal with this may be found in Dog Separation Anxiety page. If you do not intervene enough your pup may not bond with you and may grow up being clingy and insecure.
Same with seeing other dogs, do not let your dog whine and pull you towards the other dog it wants to meet. One of the first things you can do is to look at the food she has been eating and remove everything that is allergenic.
Aloe and Oatmeal shampoos – To relieve your shihtzu’s itchy skin, try switching to aloe and oatmeal shampoos. Homemade spray – Make a spraying solution made from 3 drops hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons borax and 200 ml of distilled water. Diatomaceous earth – Sprinkle this on your pet’s beddings and on the areas where she usually stays.
Oil of oregano, Listerine, water – Make a spraying solution of equal parts oil of oregano, Listerine and water.
Cooking oil – Apply a few drops of warm cooking oil on the skin in the evening then wash off in the morning. Lavender, almond, neem oil – Make a topical ointment of one part lavender, nine parts almond and one part neem oil; apply to the skin after the dog has bathed.
Yellow dock and Echinacea extracts – Mix 10 drops of yellow dock extract and Echinacea extract to four ounces of distilled water.
Aspirin, rubbing alcohol and tea – Dissolve 2 tablets of aspirin in one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.
Educate yourself on the causes, symptoms and self-care treatments for common and lesser-known health conditions, sickness and diseases. It can also show whether he is healthy enough to increase his activity level and make changes to his diet.
If your dog is acting lethargic, not getting any better or exhibiting other symptoms along with the diarrhea, do not hesitate having him seen.
If the skin returns back promptly he is well hydrated, if it takes a few seconds or worse remains lifted it means the dog needs immediate vet attention and fluids given under the skin or intravenously. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist. Try to stay away from rawhide bones that may cause choking and even intestinal obstructions. This may be pretty annoying at first, but gradually you should notice the attempts tapering off. The psychological causes may need addressed by a behaviorist if the above remedies do not seem to work. However this should be unlikely if you and your family have been patient, persistent and consistent. Her appetite appeared normal and she was her normal playful self, her rectal temperature registered 100.9 which was considered normal.
The intranasal form appears to begin immunization more swiftly versus the traditional inoculation version.
However, owners should learn when the whining is too much and should therefore learn when a whiny puppy should not be attended to. So they will whine when hungry, thirsty, cold, when they must go potty and generally when they are bored or not feeling well.

If you give too much attention when whining your dog may learn to manipulate you, become pushy and whine constantly just for your attention. In case there are fleas and they have been causing the itching, this will help you get rid of them. Rub honey on the skin of your dog to help do away with any minute mites that might be causing the itching.
Learn how to use everyday items and ingredients to solve common problems, stay healthy, and save money. Obesity is the most common canine disease in the United States, occurring in up to 25 percent of the population.
Older dogs, with decreased activity levels and slower metabolisms, are more likely to put on weight.
Your vet will advise you on the safest rate of weight loss; losing too much weight too fast can be dangerous. Usually, a 24 hour fast is necessary for adult dogs while puppies should not be fasted for more than 12 hours.
However, if diarrhea is just mild, the dog is better off if prevented from drinking too much water. Stay away as well from squeaky toys as many dogs have gone through the toy and ingested the squeaker requiring major surgery. It is vital that you and your family members are all on the same track, ensuring that everyone will correct in the same correct matter.
A dog behaviorist may help you learn tecniques to better train your dog and may recommend some medications. Puppies whine when they need to get their mother’s attention, their mom will therefore, check what the problem is and try to resolve it. Refrain from doing so and you may end up with a manipulative little being that will be whining for attention. The puppy though learns pretty quickly that whining brings results and may over use whining to get you quickly close by.
The best thing way to go is the golden way in between, attending in case of need but ignoring unnecessary whining (ie whininig in the crate right after going out to potty). This is one of the effective home remedies for dog skin problems which will be safe for your dog. The do-it-yourself solutions provide easy and effective ways to enhance your wellbeing, household, pets, garden and car. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your family doctor.
Chubby dogs are also more likely to develop other serious conditions like joint problems, infections, skin disease and even certain cancers.
They shouldn't be sticking out, but you should be able to find them easily through a layer of skin and muscle.
Monitor your dog's progress with weekly weigh-ins, either at the veterinarian's office or at home. However, if any worrisome or out of the ordinary symptoms arise along with the diarrhea, do not hesitate to have him seen by a vet promptly. However, many times all it takes is taking your dog out more to release the extra energy and help relieve the boredome. Kongs are very durable and great as they may be stuffed with peanut butter or other goodies.
All it takes is a couple of episodes that are not corrected promptly to positively reinforce the behavior and return. Whining, therefore may be reinforced because it brings results, just as babies tend to cry for attention. Keeping dogs healthy and trim works the same way as it does with people: They should only eat enough food to maintain the right body weight and get regular exercise.
If all you feel is rolls of fat, it's time to work with your veterinarian to develop a diet and exercise plan for your pet. Chances are that it may be just a minor issue, but as with most issues, if caught promptly it likely will not evolve into a more serious and costly issue. Curiosly though, it appears that some dogs are not bothered by the flavor and some have been reported to even like it!
If you are unable to watch your dog it would be in your best interest if you would crate him until you can trust him alone. For instance, if you tell an anxious dog to stop chewing furniture it may start chewing it’s own paws or chasing its tail instead. At some point do not give the treat any longer but rather pat him on the head praising him. If it takes longer than 5 seconds your dog may no longer know what he did wrong and will not be able to associate the correction with the wood chewing.

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