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The third and the last set of molars that appear in the late teens or early twenties are known as wisdom tooth. Difficulty in brushing and flossing the hard-to-reach misaligned wisdom teeth encourages bacterial growth in the gum, leading to gum infections, swelling and stiffness of the jaw.While extraction of a wisdom tooth is often the only option to get rid of the pain caused by a misaligned tooth, the pain that one experiences during the eruption of wisdom tooth can be reduced with simple home remedies. An over-the-counter pain relief medication is usually the first line of treatment for wisdom tooth pain.
Clove oil contains eugenol that temporarily numbs the painful area in the mouth, providing fast relief from the toothache. The swelling of the gum and the jaw that occurs when a wisdom tooth is emerging can be alleviated with ice packs.
While the wisdom tooth is emerging, food particles might deposit on the partially emerged tooth, creating a suitable environment for bacteria to grow and invade the gum. Rinsing the affected tooth with wheat grass juice is recommended in folk medicines for reducing wisdom tooth pain.
Side Effects Of Marijuana on Body & Mind Lethow The Ultimate Guide HOME HEALTH HOME REMEDIES HAIR SKIN DISEASES RELATIONSHIP HOUSE DATING Popular Articles Homemade Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse Smoothies for Weight Loss (With Recipes) How to Get Rid of Mice? A pain relief drug with anti-inflammatory property reduces the tooth pain as well as the swelling of the affected gum and jaw. Some folk healers recommend adding specific natural disinfect agents such as salt and crushed garlic to the clove oil.Pepper is another popular natural numbing agent, which when combined with clove oil can alleviate the wisdom tooth pain speedily. Carefully flossing the area between the wisdom tooth and the adjoining tooth will remove all food fragments from the area, which could eventually reduce the pain naturally.
The antimicrobial components slow down bacterial growth in the mouth, reducing the infection responsible for the wisdom tooth pain. When you experience pain in the wisdom tooth, add a pinch of pepper powder to a small amount of clove oil and apply it to the affected tooth and the painful gum.
While the water flashes out food debris and other foreign substances present on the tooth or the gum, salt as a natural disinfectant kills the infection causing bacteria present in the mouth. You can even consider placing a slice of onion on the painful tooth or apply a little onion juice to the wisdom tooth.
To make a saline mouthwash, mix three tablespoons of table salt to a glass of tepid warm water.
Coconut Oil Uses (Various Uses & Benefits of Coconut Oil) How to Use Coconut Oil for Dogs? It has many street names, by which it is sold in the street some of the common names used there are reefer dope, dagga, Mary Jane, ganja, grass, pot, hemp, grass, and cockroaches. As per a review directed in the year 2007, it was discovered that more than 14.4 million have laid their hands on this drug at least once in their life or are addicted to it. Thought some decide to smoke it, there are others who like it mixed in their beverages or food.
The prompt response to this is a dreamy or dizzy feeling where the person doesn’t feel his faculties and stays in a stunning perspective for about 30 minutes or thereabouts.
When supplies were given to honest animals for a time to time, they showed abnormal responses including damage to their brain. To take in more about what are its side effects and how it damages your presence, read on for your own profit and understanding.

Most people tend to use marijuana to handle depression when it is the drug itself that lead them to this condition.
It is therefore fitting to turn towards treatment and contemplation when faced with such circumstances since harmful drugs like marijuana can only make things worse.
Addiction to this drug, will likely provoke a person to continuously seek for it, notwithstanding knowing about its harmful effects. It also brings obliteration towards relationships and changes a person’s conduct towards his family or companions totally. Marijuana has often been called the door drug since it will demystify the whole thought of utilizing drugs and make drug abusers more pulled in and vulnerable to attempt several other sorts of drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Marijuana contains an active element known as the THC, which provides for you a high and dizzy feeling.
The dried leaves of the plant are used for smoking by most of the people, while others like it mixed in their food. Indulging in marijuana can expose you to the risk of cardiovascular diseases and builds the chances of having a heart assault up to three times compared to those who don’t. It could also lead to low levels of blood weight, high levels of blood sugar and an excessive drying. Smoking pot regularly could lead to a bad frosty or steady hacking since it tends to bother your lungs after a certain time. Yes, cannabis can help you stay confined from reality for a short while, but on a long run, it’s effect on you is far more terrible than that.
When the THC reaches the cannabinoid receptors of your brain, you become more prone to mood swings and uncontrollable behavior.
This is because the THC can cause extraordinary damage to the brain, especially the capacity to think. This is one of the mental side effects that come with long term usage of drugs and marijuana.
Pregnant women who indulge in marijuana daily tend to conceive babies who are underweight or untimely. Over the last few decades, many offspring of marijuana users has shown signs of poor cognitive capacities and the longing to seek after something in life.
Smoking this drug during pregnancy could result in babies with mental abnormalities and leukemia.
It diminishes the level of testosterone and brings about a condition of lopsidedness in the hormonal levels. In the event that you aware of someone in your family who takes marijuana daily, instantly converse with them about it or take the matter before it is truly too late.
Presently men have not been organically intended to manage kids, so how does it affect them? In spite of knowing about the negative effects, It is really shocking how people still prefer to indulge in it, in spite of being aware of its harmful effects. Over consuming might be a simple issue to take a gander at but the negative result, it yields in the long run is not simple whatsoever.
Excessive weight pick up from over consuming could lead to heart attacks, gastric ulcers and other health related problems.

In the event that you stay dizzy for long, your work and personal relationships with companions and family individuals will likely get affected in the long run. They are always stressed over what will happen next and the alarm of being trapped frequents them throughout. It robs a person from clear thinking and his ability to lead a normal life, which is very scary. Whether it is your daily errands or something you are concentrating on at work, you are bound to forget some of the most fundamental things when you are addicted to lethal and bad-to-the-bone drugs like marijuana. People addicted to this drug, often gets themselves fired from positions or cause damage to their own relationships. Random musings, babbling, conversing with oneself, wandering off in fantasy land, steady prattling or discussing things that don’t make sense are some of the significant symptoms and signs of being addicted towards marijuana. 20.) Panic Attacks – Side Effects of Marijuana Panic attacks are something people facing very often, especially on the off chance that they are addicted to drugs! They are getting up to speed in a cover of strain and wretchedness and no measure of shrewdness or counsel works for them.
When Yale University recently led a study on marijuana, they figured out some very surprising results. Missing marijuana tends to hinder their driving abilities and add to the chances of having a fender bender.
On the off chance that young people begin to abuse this drug from a very young age, their brain development will be stunted and limited , compared to their counterparts. The National Institutes of Health has also chosen to come up with a longitudinal study soon where they can study about young Americans from their youth to adulthood and see to what degree can marijuana affect their brain health.
It leads to several negative repercussions in different segments of your body and of them is the digestive system.
24.) Affects The Immune System Side Effects of Marijuana Some exploration has recently guaranteed that marijuana and its regular abuse can lead to permanent damage of the immune system. Usually people smoke dried leaves of the hemp plant.  Hand moved cigarette and bongs or water funnels are used.
Some people decide to smoke it in gruff stogies that are refilled with a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. However, there is no confirmation whether the benefits of marijuana can outweigh the dangers that come with it. Truth be told, it was also shown that one in ten people who attempt marijuana soon become addicted to it. Addicts invest most of their time purchasing marijuana, offering marijuana and how to use it. This conduct is really common among those who are addicted and often need to enter recovery focuses with a specific end goal to break it!
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