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Natural Antibiotics are exactly what the heading says, straight from heaven to planet earth especially for you.According to folklore, our first major antibiotic, penicillin, was derived from mouldy bread. We have special white blood cells whose job it is to attack harmful bacteria and help fight off infections.Sometimes, however, our immune system does not cope and our bodies need some help from antibiotics when we are suffering from ailments such as sinus infections . And, as always, remember to get a firm diagnosis and approval from your health practitioner or herbal advisor before embarking on any self-medication journey. And what we have done is not only listed the herbs which have natural antibiotic properties, but also shown what other ailments they can be used for. Aloe Vera - Good for burnsAstragalus - Helps with diarrhoea.Balm of Gilead - Rheumatoid arthritis, as well as been a natural antibiotic.
As we can understand by the term itself, discoloration of skin refers to a change in the natural tone of the skin.
Sometimes, skin is discolored from the time of birth in shades of brown, blue, red or violet.
In some women (especially women with dark skin), pregnancy can bring along hyper pigmentation of the skin because of increase in the activity of melanocytes, which in turn increases the production of melanin pigment.
Sun tan and a severe condition, sun burn, may occur if you have prolonged sessions with the sun. Sometimes our body becomes deficient in some minerals, due to which discoloration of skin may occur. Initially white patches appear on legs, chest etc. Consulting a dermatologist solves most of these issues.
Candida yeast infection home remedies through their holistic approach know how to cure candidiasis aka thrush permanently in order to regain one’s natural inner balance and never to fall in its trap again.
In penile candidiasis, the causes include sexual intercourse with an already infected individual, a weak immune system, antibiotics, and diabetes. Mainstream medicine generally tries to treat the condition with antifungal drugs like topical clotrimazole, topical nystatin, fluconazole, and topical ketoconazole.
But unluckily, along with having many serious side effects, none of these medications are able to permanently get rid of the condition that fortunately only candida yeast infection home remedies have shown to be doing much more effectively with their holistic approach into the problem. Later, as she realized how big a harm the mainstream medicine drugs were doing to the sufferers of the infection, she put things on paper turning them into a 250 page ebook in the year 2004 and named it Yeast Infection No More, which is a well-framed 5-step system using candida yeast infection home remedies with a holistic approach to cure candidiasis aka thrush permanently within two months in order to regain one’s natural inner balance and never to fall in its trap again. Already more than 138,000 people in 157 countries have used the system to their benefit successfully through the last 7 years. RSS FeedMedical Home Remedies for Endometriosis Symptoms TreatmentThough there is no cure for endometriosis symptoms in mainstream medicine, medical home remedies heal the condition in the most natural, holistic and a permanent way without using any drugs or else without opting for surgery at all.
Bacterial Vaginosis is one of the common vaginal infections that affect women in the childbearing age. An infection occurs when the presence of good bacteria is less leading to an uncontrolled growth of bad bacteria. Getting a BV in pregnancy may result in premature birth, low-birth-weight baby and an infection in the uterine after a delivery. Alternatively, dip a tampon (it’s a tube made of cotton wool) into the oil and gently insert it into your vagina.
Drink pure cranberry juice at least two cups a day.  Fresh cranberries possess antibiotic properties that fight off the infection.
With the onset of a new season, especially spring, comes the allergy that causes running nose, sore throat, headache and watery eyes. There are several chemicals in our environment, so when any allergen gets introduced in our body, the immune system tries to fight it by producing inflammatory chemicals like histamine.

There are many over the counter medicines available in the market to help provide you with some relief from the seasonal allergies but they only tend to block various allergy symptoms and have a lot of side effects. Nettle, also known as Urtica dioica is one of the most powerful herbs for treating seasonal remedies. Though, you can make your own favorite nettle tea blend, but the simplest way is to boil nettle leaves with water and mix it with honey if you want it little sweet. Ephedra, also popular as mahuang, is an effective herb that is used for the treatment of seasonal allergy. Echinacea, also called as purple coneflower, is one of the most effective herbs for enhancing the immune system that can help fight seasonal allergies. To find relief from the symptoms of seasonal allergies, you need to take 350 mg of Echinacea at least three times per day without fail to see the improvement. Peppermint is one of the oldest herbs used for treating various symptoms of seasonal allergies.
Ginkgo is also a time tested herb that helps reduce various symptoms of seasonal allergies. As a consequence, the skin may turn white, light, dark, yellow, orange, reddish, or bluish or patchy.
Each different skin discoloration type results from certain deviation in the body metabolism. Exact reasons are still unknown, but they are somewhat related to deformities in blood vessels. The skin becomes more sensitive with the intake of food items containing psoralen, like parsley and lime. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It accounts for superficial infections like oral thrush and vaginitis as well as for the more serious ones that are life-threatening in themselves. People with a weak immune system tend to develop a systemic illness, in which the infection enters into the bloodstream causing systemic infections. Male genital yeast infection is not as common as it is there in women; however, a contagious infection on the penis from direct contact via sexual intercourse with an already infected partner is quite frequent. In some particular infections amphotericin B, caspofungin, or voriconazole can also be used. And the best part is that the customers who buy the system also get a free one-on-one counseling with Linda Allen for full 3 months. The infection is caused by an imbalance of bad and good bacteria present in the vaginal area. Certain types of yoghurt contain healthy bacteria that prevent uncontrolled growth of bad bacteria in the vagina.
Scientific studies have revealed that yoghurt, if used this way, effectively treats bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. Allergies are considered to be the over reaction of the immune system to different substances such as pollens, airborne fungi and grass. The process of destroying the allergens often causes the symptoms of running nose, sneezing and watery eyes.
The herbal remedies prove effective in curing the main root cause and helps build strong immunity.
Drink at least 3 cups of nettle tea every day until the symptoms subside to see the results.

It is mostly used to reduce inflammation and bronchial disorders caused by seasonal allergies.
It is recommended to take 12.5 to 25 mg of this herb thrice a day till you find relief from seasonal allergies.
This herb has a numbing and soothing effect that reduces body pain caused in seasonal allergies. This gives a lot of relief from congestion and cough, the two main symptoms of seasonal allergies. Though most of these infections are limited to the symptoms like redness, itching and discomfort, they very well may end up into complications that can ultimately prove to be fatal if not treated well in time. Also (in)famous […]Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain and Heel Pain Home RemediesPlantar fasciitis foot pain or heel pain is best addressed by medical home remedies as far as completely eradicating it and not only masking its symptoms is concerned. The presence of good bacteria is more in number and keeps a check on the growth of bad bacteria.
Before starting a natural treatment of BV, it is recommended to get a diagnosis to make sure that you have only BV and not any other infection. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that help to kill the bacteria responsible for BV as well as the smell associated with it.
Apple cider vinegar contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to eliminate the fishy odor and combat BV effectively in pregnancy. Yoghurt can be used in two ways – you can eat yoghurt (8 ounces or 2 cups) of any flavor regularly, or secondly you can dip a tampon in the yoghurt and then gently insert it into the vagina directly. Also, wash your undergarments in hot water to make it bacteria free and prevent the BV infection from spreading. You can take it every day in the form of tincture or even as tea, as it considered being completely safe. You can also take this herb as a capsule or tincture upon consultation with an expert herbalist. This remedy helps to soothe itching that may result from bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy.
Some of the herbal remedies that help treat season allergies include nettle, ginkgo, turmeric, peppermint and mahuang. As it goes chronic, it generally turns degenerative; when the condition is called plantar fasciosis.
Would hope that anyone reading this would take the time to actually research this further before trying and inserting ANY foreign substance into their vagina while pregnant, even douching to treat Bacterial Vaginosis is considered to be unsafe during pregnancy. Plantar fascia is a […]Medical Home Remedies for Genital Herpes SymptomsMedical home remedies surprisingly have a magical one minute herpes cure for genital herpes symptoms in men and women, which is the only treatment available as on date that eliminates the real cause of the disease and not the symptoms alone.
It is a viral infection caused by HSV in two different categories named HSV1 […]Medical Home Remedies for Ovarian Cysts and PCOSMedical home remedies are quite capable of eliminating ovarian cysts including PCOS aka polycystic ovary syndrome as fast as within 2 months permanently in a totally holistic manner.
A very thin wall in the ovary accumulates fluid inside and that is how ovarian cysts are generated.

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