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Doctors say that underarm odor mainly occurs when some specific types of bacteria residing in the sweat glands of the armpits start growing. To your utter surprise, turnip juice can also help you get rid of your problem of bad underarm odor. Extract the juice of a turnip and apply the entire juice to your armpits to get rid of bad odor for ten hours. Take freshly prepared sandalwood and let it dry to remove the water from the prepared sandalwood paste. Apple cider vinegar kills the odor causing bacteria by eliminating the acidic environment in the armpits.
Lemon juice has acidic properties, which helps to kill the bacteria growing in the armpits.
This remedy therefore removes the root cause of this problem and apart from that, regular usage of lemon juice also helps to eliminate under arm darkness. You can also put some drops rose water into your bath to get rid of this ridiculous problem. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Our sweat may consist of propionic acid, an acid which has a similar chemical composition as acetic acid.

This natural remedy has antiperspirant properties, which helps to reduce excessive sweating temporarily. Rosemary is proven to improve digestive disorders and is also capable of killing the bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. Apart from that, this herb also has its own pleasing aroma, which helps to ward off body odor.
Male yeast infection is however more common in male adults than in children, and would you believe in uncircumcised males rather than circumcised males. The most common causes are antibiotics, which can kill too many of the beneficial bacteria in your system, also alcohol, beer, sex, wheat products, corn products, peanuts, barley, and a weakened immune system. The treatments are many and varied and are not difficult, but should not be overlooked as the symptoms can increase in intensity and make life unbearable if they continue too long. You can also drink sage tea in very small quantities all through the day, to get rid of this problem. Yeast infection in men, far from being solely a physical ailment, can also provoke emotional and social problems as well and so in some instances it can lead to a lack of self-confidence, emotional turbulence and sometimes even depression. Candida, the fungus responsible for the infection can affect male genitals that can cause inconvenience and health risks for example Candida is the main cause of balanitis, which is an infection of the tip of the penis. Male yeast infection thrives on beer and helps it grow due to the yeast being used in its production.
Males are also prone to getting them on their skin around the genital area, and in skin folds of the armpits.

Male yeast infection is therefore subject to a number of different complications and problems and when the balance of your good bacteria is compromised in some way. However Candida infections in males have not yet been well researched as a medical condition and there is a tendency to misunderstand it, so most men do not relate the problem to its symptoms and will probably neglect it.
Do not neglect the problem, do something about it immediately and remember treatment is much more effective when you follow a healthy diet and reduce the amount of stress in your life.
You will find that infections can also occur in the mouth (oral thrush) or elsewhere on the body, such as the armpit, or between folds in the skin. Remember do not simply try to treat the symptoms; you need to treat the root cause of your yeast infection if you want to be completely cured. Yeast grows faster with a higher level of sugar in your body so diabetics are sensitive to a yeast overgrowth. Sexual intercourse can trigger male yeast infection, so having sex with a female with a vaginal yeast infection can transfer the infection.

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