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In North American folk medicine, cranberry juice is used for treating a number of bacterial infections.
Turmeric is an excellent herbal remedy used for centuries in the Indian subcontinent for treating gastritis.
The resin of Pistacia lentiscus, commonly known as mastic gum, is a popular herbal remedy for H. Gingerols, the key polyphenolic constituents in ginger, are potent antibacterial compounds. Achellia millifolium, commonly known as yarrow, is a medicinal plant with significant anti H.
Chinese cinnamon, also called cassia or Cinnamomum cassia, is used in the traditional medicine systems of Asia for treating gastritis.It contains cinnamic acid and eugenol that researches suggest protect the stomach lining from the corrosive activities of excess stomach acid by increasing mucus secretion. The fragrant flowering plant Gardenia jasminoides, commonly known as Cape jasmine, can be used for treating gastritis.
Urinary tract infections are becoming the norm of the day with more and more people falling ill due to the ill effects of bacterial overgrowth in the bodies. Tea tree oil has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects due to which it is popularly used in the treatment of various forms of bacterial infections. Apricot kernel oil is also herbal oil with antimicrobial properties because of the presence of strong compounds such as glycoside and amygdalin. Oil of oregano has the strongest antimicrobial action among the known herbal oils for treating UTI. Black walnut extract has very strong antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties due to the presence of the compound Juglone.
Natural diaper rash remedies can be very helpful in preventing and treating many types of diaper rash from bacterial to thrush and even teething diaper rash. 10 Easy Step To Prevent Infant Diaper RashWhen your baby gets diaper rash, there are many things you should do to treat it promptly and to prevent it from recurring. How To Treat Diaper Rash with HerbsThere are so many things you can do to treat your baby diaper rash. Homeopathic Diaper Rash RemedyHomeopathic medicine can help prevent, treat and heal stubborn diaper rash. Bacterial Diaper RashBacterial diaper rash develops rarely, but if it does it can spread to other areas of the skin and even to the blood stream. Positive Affirmations For Birth And Delivery Jul 15, 15 08:34 PMThese positive affirmations for birth and delivery will help you focus on your birth and prepare mentally and emotionally. Herbs for Pregnancy and Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy Jun 30, 15 09:06 AMHerbs for pregnancy and conception.

However, doctors suggest that certain factors such as frequent vaginal douching, unprotected sexual intercourse (including same sex) and hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can put a woman at risk of bacterial vaginosis.Bacterial vaginosis occurs when ‘bad’ bacteria (anaerobes) outgrow the ‘good’ bacteria (lactobacilli) in the vagina, upsetting the natural balance of bacteria and other microorganisms in the vagina. It contains acid-neutralizing compounds genipin and ursolic acid that can reverse gastric damage. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
There are many forms of bacterial infections that are treated using prescription medications.These include very strong antibiotics that may cause serious health problems if consumed over a period of time.
Since olden times tea tree essential oil has been used both as a topical as well as an internal disinfectant. The compounds are composed of cyanide molecules that are very effective in eliminating bacteria and fungi from the body. Because of its strong nature the oil should be used very carefully and in small amounts especially for treating vaginal or penile infections. It is recommended that the herbal extract should be taken orally on empty stomach for faster and better results while treating UTI.
There is no other herbal spice that neither has the same antimicrobial effect as garlic nor is as readily available. Learn how to make your own diaper rash ointment and how to prevent diaper rash through diet and other home remedies. Learn which herbs are safe during pregnancy and which should be avoided if you are trying to get pregnant.
Bacterial vaginosis is the most common type of vaginal infection followed by trichomoniasis and vaginal yeast infections.Home Remedies For Bacterial VaginosisHow to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis Using GarlicGarlic is a popular vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis home remedy.
In a small number of cases, long-term intake of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), bile reflux, autoimmune disease, heavy drinking, excess secretion of stomach acid, trauma or pernicious anemia damages the stomach lining, leading to gastritis.
It can therefore be used as an alternative to standard H2 blocker medications such as ranitidine or cimetidine.
These antibacterial components of mastic gum also possess anti-inflammatory property that alleviates inflammation of the stomach lining.
Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of the phenolic compounds of yarrow can reduce the risk of gastritis. However, tea tree is an essential oil and its pure form should never be applied directly on the skin. Oregano contains thymol and carvacrol, both of which are very effective in killing many varieties of bacteria, fungi and parasites.
The extract spreads quickly into the bloodstream and travels to all parts of the body thereby getting rid of any internal infection.

Garlic contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that will help eliminate ‘bad’ bacteria. In addition, the ginger compounds can protect the gastrointestinal tract from toxic chemicals, thereby maintaining the normal functioning of the digestive system.
For this reason, herbs are considered your safest bet when treating urinary tract infection.
Hence, it can be used in conjunction with some essential oils such as tea tree and rosehip. However, the extract is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers because of its potent effects. It is a rich source of the compound allicin, which has very strong anti-bacterial properties. In addition, garlic controls pH levels in the vagina making it intolerable for growth of ‘bad’ bacteria.
Prepare herbal oil by mixing tea tree with olive oil and apply the mix over the groin area 3-4 times a day. In many cases the apricot kernel oil is used as a vaginal douche to get rid of urinary tract infection. Women can use the herbal oil mix as a suppository and insert a treated tampon in their vaginas. However, some researchers, suggest that the vagina contains two types of Lactobacillus known as L. Apply live cultured plain yogurt in the vagina or soak a tampon and use as a suppository.Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis With Boric AcidIs the most known home remedy for bacterial vaginosis and other vaginal infections. It contains antiviral and antifungal properties that help eliminate the bacteria that cause the infection.
Repeat this for several nights.Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment Using Apple Cider VinegarACV also helps control the acidity levels in the vagina. It contains malic and acetic acids that give it its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties that help eliminate the bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis.

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