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It's thought that the symptoms in some individuals are caused by a lack of potassium, and apple cider vinegar helps deliver potassium to the body in a very usable form. Some people find relief from their postnasal drip symptoms within days of drinking apple cider vinegar.
Honey contains natural antibacterial properties, is high in potassium and contains the pollens from the area in which it was made.

For this reason, if you have allergies to local pollens, ingesting local pollens (in the form of local honey) will help build your immunity to the pollens in the air.
They are a form of ayurvedic medicine, wherein the pot is filled with warm saline solution to irrigate the sinuses. The practice of using neti pots has become more common in the United States, and neti pots are available in mass-merchandising stores. A neti pot will wash the sinus cavities and nasal passages, clearing away mucus and bacteria.
The treatment is available in pill, spray, and drop form, and can be found in most health food stores.

If your condition is caused by dehydration, drinking a sufficient amount of water should clear your symptoms within a couple of days.

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