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Our carpet cleaning methods utilize state-of-the-art HYDROMASTER truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment and environmentally safe cleaning solutions. We protect your wood floors, mill-work and corner edges before we apply a pre-clean soil release treatment and spot removal solution. Your pet’s “little messes” are difficult to remove with off-the-shelf remedies, and often times the odors return. Proper sanitization and grout sealing is the recommended method of preventing grime, germs, allergens and mold from finding a breeding ground  in a home’s tiled and grouted areas. On your trailer or at the dock – before, during or after the season, have us steam-clean your boat carpet and upholstery. Spilled sodas, dog odors and dog hair, dirt, mud and coffee stains, your auto, truck, dog and kid hauler, RV or travel trailer all need a little TLC now and then. Just as it says: if stains come back within 48 hours of your carpet cleaning, we will clean them again at NO CHARGE!

Our Service AreaWe service Sammamish, Issaquah, Redmond and Snoqualmie as well as the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas from Bothell to Renton.
We guarantee that if any new spots occur or if spots come back within 48 hours of your carpet cleaning, we will clean them again at no charge. Since 1992, we are the original and only Sammamish Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning company – a licensed, bonded and insured Washington corporation. Stains are terrible to deal with and getting them out of textiles is practically a nightmare. We then clean with our equipment that generates water temperatures up to 240 degrees, which when combined with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions virtually liquefy the soils in your carpet.
We steam-clean and sanitize your tiled and solid-surface areas and re-seal the grout in your tiled areas. We will come to your location to steam-clean and deodorize your vehicles carpet and upholstery.

Carpets are one of those items in our home that are exposed to a constant use and risk of getting stained. Unfortunately, throwing these away every time they get dirty is not an option as carpets are not cheap. But with the help of this next amazing idea you will be able to clean your carpets in no time and without any extra effort. The guy from the video uses WD40 spray to remove the stains and it is a true miracle, as this conventional idea works so great. Watch the video to find out more about this cool hack and make sure you bookmark it for later, in case you need to clean your carpets.

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