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Desitin diaper rash ointment can create a moisture proof barrier between the infant and the irritating substances that diapers contain. Desitin diaper rash ointment comes in a maximum strength formula that contains the maximum amount of zinc oxide available without a prescription. Diaper cream is a tough one for many moms, because rashes can hit hard and they need something effective.
What if you could make your own zinc oxide diaper rash cream with only 3 pure and simple ingredients?
As for the other ingredients, the coconut oil is the cream’s base and what helps it to go on smoothly. The beeswax actually binds the oil and zinc oxide together into a cream that absorbs into the skin, and won’t ruin your cloth diapers (did I just hear a hooray?)!! In fact, this time I was in a hurry and did it straight in the pot (no double boiler) and just watched it really carefully and it was fine.
Using a stick blender, blend for several minutes until the powder is completely mixed in with no clumps. It’s important to clean things out right away, and it really it easiest if you wipe it with a paper towel or disposable napkin first. You could definitely pour it into some metal tins like these ones (they would also be perfect for things like homemade vapor chest rub or herbal salve, and are just over $1 a piece- I’m buying some soon!). Another site that Renee recommends is From Nature With Love (they are one of the few that sell the zinc oxide powder). Just so you know, this is what I reach for when dealing with most diaper rashes or wanting to prevent them.
Fortunately, there are a number of gentle home remedies to soothe your baby’s bottom and make your baby feel better quickly. Add around one cup of oatmeal in the bathing water and place the bottom of your baby in this water for a while.
Put 1 tsp of baking soda into one bucket of water and give bath to your baby with this water. Give your baby a warm bath and when the baby is completely dried off, apply a small amount of coconut oil in a thin layer on the sore bottom. Apply some vegetable oil on the rashes and then make sure to keep the area uncovered at least for a while. Mix a few drops of essential oils of sandalwood, peppermint and lavender along with six drops of sweet almond oil. Allowing your baby to sleep without a diaper is one of the best ways to prevent and treat the diaper rash. Red irritated and warm skin on the diaper area of your child which feels puffy by touch is diaper rash requiring attention. Diaper rash is usually caused by moisture in the diaper area, as even the best absorbing diaper cannot be completely dry. Diaper rash can really be nasty and discomfort to the baby, but there are a number of home remedies for diaper rash which reduce child’s agony. First and foremost is to ensure proper hygiene and follow the following tips to stop and prevent diaper rash to reoccur. There are a number of other actions that can help getting rid of diaper rashes quickly, but the following 7 remedies will make your child rash free quickly.
The vinegar helps neutralize the ammonia found in urine, gets rid of any soap buildup, and gets rid of diaper smells. Vinegar can be used in two different ways depending on which types of diapers you are using. Application and massage of various natural oils is very useful to heal, prevent and soothe diaper rash. The emulsified olive oil makes a thin protective film on the skin which doesn’t allow the acidic urine to penetrate skin, thereby preventing diaper rash. Coconut oil with its anti-fungal and antibacterial abilities is one of the best oils to apply on baby’s skin.

Apply Vaseline on the baby's bottom and affected area to make it a waterproof layer between baby's skin and diaper. Vomiting is unpleasant, yet in certain cases such as food poisoning, it is necessary to throw out. There are many other food products you can use on your hair or eat as remedies to nourish your dry hair. Cervical spine which gives support to head and range of motion to the neck is also susceptible to injury and pain. Zinc oxide contains deodorizing and antibacterial properties that help in the healing of irritated skin.
This ointment was created to help with many different causes of skin irritations in infants.
I only want to use the most gentle and natural products possible whether it’s laundry soap, castile soap, sunscreen, or lotion for my little ones. Desitin is a popular thick, creamy, zinc-oxide based diaper cream that is a standard on change tables all over North America.
Coconut oil is wonderful for skin, and has its own antibacterial and antifungal properties.
I put it in a cute jar and added one of these adorable printable canning labels that I found on (where else?) Pinterest. The kit includes coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter (it’s intended for making your own hard lotion bars) but you can also add on a package or two of zinc oxide powder. However, when we get a rash that is just extremely raw or red and really needs some extra healing power, then I reach for this healing herbal salve.
It causes baby’s delicate skin to become sore, red, puffy and tender around the diaper area. This will form a thin waterproof layer between your baby’s skin and the diaper, and thus prevent the worsening of the diaper rash. Several brands of baby wipes contain alcohol or propylene glycol and other such hazardous chemicals that can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. You can place your baby either on an open cloth diaper or on a towel to prevent leaking into the mattress.
Sometimes child’s own urine mixing with bacteria in the stool releases ammonia leading to diaper rash. We are all so used to use cosmetic products such as talcum powder on baby’s bottom to keep the area dry.
One, it helps controlling body temperatures and two, sweating removes toxins from the body. A common neck pain problem can be cause by any abnormal movement or position of the cervical spine. Other causes of diaper rash are dyes and perfumes that some diapers have as well as rubbing of the skin by the diaper. The maximum strength Desitin comes in a thick cream form that coats the infant’s bottom thoroughly when applied. It has the moisture barrier sealer that keeps unwanted substances from touching the infant’s skin. In particular, it contains multiple ingredients that disrupt hormones, which is a very big concern. I’ve used it with some success for diaper rashes just on its own, when I was in a pinch. I thought it worked very well on rashes, and was mostly easy to use, except that the room I kept it in was a bit cold (it’s right beside our attic), which meant that sometimes it was a bit too hard. I always improvise this, so don’t stress yourself out thinking that you have to do it in a fancy way. Right now, the kit comes with a free bonus copy of the eBook My Buttered Life: Baby Edition!
It isn’t meant to protect the skin the same was as the thicker diaper cream, but it does heal up open sores or irritation very quickly!

This infection usually occurs due to prolonged exposure to a diaper that is soiled with urine or stool.
However, remember that all these home remedies are useless if you don’t keep your baby’s skin always clean and dry.
All these oils are proven to be very effective in curing patches and blisters caused by the rash. Using these wipes can literally dry out your baby’s skin by stripping away the natural protective oils. The rapid relief cream helps to clear up the infant’s rash in just moments after applying the cream and is safe to use on a daily basis.
This ointment is made with a clear formula that can be even used on exposed skin in windy, cold weather conditions. She has since made the recipe even better, and in her ebook she came up with a version for colder weather and one for warmer weather. I specifically want to be sure I make it with 40% zinc, do you know if that ratio is what your recipe creates?
When such wet and dirty diaper loaded with bacteria comes in contact with the baby’s skin, it creates a warm and moist environment. If you want to prevent the problem of diaper rash, then water, may be with a little mild soap, and a super soft washcloth are really the best tools for cleaning the baby’s diaper area. Do this two time a day for 3-4 days and you will see clean smooth skin reemerging without any traces of rash.
Apply the emulsion on the area and let it dry for 10-15 minutes before putting on new diaper. Hunching over the steering wheel while driving a car, leaning on to computer screen for hours or sleeping in an awkward position can all give rise to muscle strain and neck pain. Desitin Maximum Strength is hypoallergenic so that a parent does not need to worry about sensitive skin when applying the cream. It is another one of Desitin’s hypoallergenic creams that infants with sensitive skin can even use.
It has vitamins A and D included in the ingredients to help heal diaper rash and keep the skin healthy.
But if it’s the plan, aim for about 9-12 drops per 4 oz of cream, trying as little as possible first, especially with essential oils that have a strong scent, like chamomile. I want to include Cod Liver Oil, since it is either that or the high zinc that is the secret for our family. This in turn provides a great breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and yeast, ultimately causing the rashes to worsen. Moreover, if you use soap then make sure to rinse thoroughly with the help of a clean, wet cloth or plain water to remove any residue left behind. As with all of Desitin’s diaper rash ointments the multi-purpose ointment is also hypoallergenic. Would I reduce the amount of coconut oil and replace with some cod liver oil, do you think? Other common factors that can lead to the problem of diaper rash include infrequent diaper changes, hot & humid climate, skin allergies and new materials in diapers that irritate baby’s delicate skin. To dry your baby’s bottom thoroughly, always pat the area dry with a soft towel (no rubbing) and then leave the area exposed to open air for sometime before diapering again.
You can use may simple yet powerful home remedies to stay away from the misery of neck pain.

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