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Tip to remember: VITAL VITIES vitamin, mineral and superfood supplement helps relieve skin conditions like allergies, dandruff and chronic infection in many dogs and cats. Baking soda spray can also be prepared by mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with 8 ounces of water. Rhus toxidendron 30c – This remedy is made from Poison Ivy, and we all know how itchy a Poison Ivy infection can make you! If you’ve ever had a dog with sensitive skin, you’ll know how frustrating it can be for both you and your pup! The Essential Dog Grooming Skin Remedies range is all about using natural ingredients to fight against common skin issues such as flea allergies, atopic dermatitis, seasonal allergies and skin irritations.
Coming into the change of season (prime allergy time!), Soda and I took each product for a test drive to see how effective they were.
The DIY organic calendula flower eye and body rinse kit provides overall soothing and can be easily slipped into your dog’s regular bath time routine. Calendula is top natural remedy that helps to soothe itchy skin and provide instant relief without the use of toxic chemicals. Body Rinse – Simply fill the provided muslin bag with the flower mix and infuse for 15 minutes in a bucket of boiling water. Eye Rinse – The kit also includes little tea bags which you can use for spot treatment on sensitive areas. For Soda, I trialled the serum on a little wound on her chin that was causing her irritation. While Soda didn’t enjoy the drops being applied (much like she hates any kind of ear drops or grooming products), she showed no sign of irritation once they were hard at work soothing her skin.
With the change of seasons and heavy rain we recently experienced I could tell Soda was starting to feel mild irritations in the folds in her skin. The formula is completely natural including premium ingredients such as organic calendula extract, organic aloe vera juice and 100% pure essential oils of lavender and tea tree. Uses natural and highly effective ingredients such as calendula, aloe vera, lavender and tea tree oils . As an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT just for Pretty Fluffy readers, get 25% OFF the full Skin Remedies range.
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I will attempt to cut to the chase here so you can get maximum information and benefit from this article. Hot Spots are skin eruptions on your pet that are usually caused and accelerated by biting, licking, or scratching the infected area. It’s all the scratching, gnawing and licking of the area that allows bacteria to enter into the wound and grow into a full blown infection. The key to effective treatment is to act FAST, as soon as you think your pet could be developing a hot spot. This page looks at allergy shots (immunotherapy) for our canine friends - allergy shots may be necessary for those allergic dogs who do not respond positively to other conventional dog allergy medication. Immunotherapy (aka hyposensitization, commonly called "allergy shots") is a type of conventional dog allergy medication which is sometimes used as a "last resort". Allergy shots for dogs involve weekly injections of antigens (foreign proteins to which a particular dog has shown allergic symptoms). In order to get accurate and valid results from the intradermal skin testing, the dog patient has to be off all types of allergy medications (i.e.
During the skin testing, the dog will be tested for possible allergic reactions to a number of substances (altogether about 60 substances are being tested).
Immunotherapy works on the theory that, with weekly injections of the allergen(s), which are essentially foreign protein(s), to which the dog is allergic, the dog's body will gradually become sensitized to the injected foreign protein(s) and will therefore show fewer and less severe allergy symptoms when the dog does actually get into contact with the allergen(s). According to one theory, immunotherapy can reduce IgE levels (IgE is a special kind of antibodies that attach to mast cells and allergens (foreign proteins) causing the mast cells to "explode" and release large amounts of chemicals including histamines which trigger the common allergic reactions in dogs.). According to another theory, with immunotherapy, the dog's body will gradually become more tolerant of the foreign proteins because the body may be induced to develop some type of cells that can suppress allergic reactions to the foreign proteins. One of the main reasons is that the treatment process takes a long time - at least one year is needed to ascertain whether the dog patient is actually responding positively to the allergy shots. In addition, allergy shots for dogs may potentially cause some adverse effects to the dog patient. Essential Dog highly reccommends them for dogs with sensitive eyes, however for Soda her problem was her feet. Just like a serum you would use yourself, the Essential Dog Grooming Serum is designed to restore, protect and soothe sensitive skin.

But then sure enough within days a red patch pops up and it’s off to the vet where we usually get a steroidal cream to fix it up. Simply identify the area that is irritating your dog and spray on the formula twice a day until the irritation clears up. It left his fur so smooth and kept him smelling better for longer than the dog shampoo I was using.
An ear infection or even mindless licking from boredom can also contribute to these pesky skin irritations..
Hot spots on dogs can start out very tiny, practically invisible and in the course of 24 hours grow into the size of a tennis ball, red, irritated and oozing with pus.  Often times your pets hair can mat down and cover the irritation which can hide the actual size of the infected area.
The scripts within this file all do something in the site, such as run your facebook or social widgets, Google analytics, fluid resizing and other functions. Then once the 15 minutes had passed, as per the directions I added cool water to the mix to get it to a pleasing temperature and poured the rinse over Soda’s body. Again you simply infused the bag in hot water and then applied to the sensitive area when cooled.
Because we all know too well, a mild skin sensitivity can soon turn into a red hot flaming mess due to a constant cycle of licking and irritation. For Soda, this was her belly and after just a few days of twice-daily sprays she was no longer licking and scratching. I think it would benefit Killa too as she has a bit of alopecia on her tail and the skin gets very dry there!
They can have many causes like, a bug bite, a small cut or scratch on the skin that begins to itch and your dog continues to lick, bite and scratch the area. Though they can pop up anywhere on your animal, like the head and neck, the worst place is in areas where your pet can easily lick, bite or scratch. The remedy Arsenicum album is an excellent remedy for skin allergies where dogs crave warmth.

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