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The most affective way to remove toxins (road salt, herbicides, fertilizers or pesticides) from your dog’s and cat’s paws is to provide your dog or cat with a 30 second foot soak.
Organic unpasturized, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties(primarily from the acetic acid and malic acid in ACV). Do not use pasturized non-organic apple cider vinager such as that typically found on grocery store shelves (i.e.
You can also use just apple cider vinegar between foot soaks – just put it in a spray bottle, spray your dog’s paws and then pat dry. Green tea (use decaffeinated only) is a non-toxic and rich in antioxidants – an aid to healing.
The recipes listed above should be used three or four times a week if you are treating a yeast infection, or irritation due to allergies. Rooibos is a naturally anti-allergenic and also contains a significant amount of AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) making rooibos tea an aid to the healthy growth and maintenance of skin. Lathering your dog’s paws with ointments, salves and lotions may make the irritation worse as allergens, toxins and dirt can get trapped underneath the ointment. It is far better to resolve the root cause of the condition and use natural alternatives to treat the condition.

If you think that your dog or cat is suffering from food allergies you need to treat the immediate outward discomfort (i.e. To gain an understanding of the causes and many symptoms of food allergies you can read here.
I am a Dog Whisperer, Dog Behaviorist and Holistic Canine Wellness Adviser with a wealth of real-time, real-life experience living and working with dogs. ARE HOTSPOTS ON DOGS CONTAGIOUS TO OTHER DOGSlisten to kadhal tamil movie songs Such as moist dermatitis hot spots. Depending on the size of your dog, you can do afoot soak in the bowl or basin, sink, bathtub, shower or in a small children’s pool. After the soak just pat your dog’s or cat’s paws dry – do not rub them dry as rubbing can cause irritation.
Iodine is an excellent disinfectant as it has both anti-fugal and anti-viral properties, it is alsonon-toxic for dogs (but should not be ingested, just used topically).
Just add a few chamomile tea bags to the liquid solution wait a few minutes and then soak your dog’s feet in the solution.
Just add a few Golden Seal tea bags to the liquid solution wait a few minutes and then soak your dog’s, cat’s  feet in the solution.

Just add a few green tea bags to the liquid solution wait a few minutes and then soak your dog’s, cat’s feet in the solution. They are not necessary and not better…you have what you need to work an excellent treatment with just the simple off-the shelf items I have mentioned above. This article will help you understand how to resolve food allergies, naturally, safely and effectively – read more here. You can also prepare the tea as you normally would (as you would to drink it), just wait for it to cool down and add it to the liquid solution. Steroids, cortecosteroids such as Prednisone and non steroidal ant-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have many side effects including life threatening, life span shortening affects.

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