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Don’t let the solution stay on your pet for long as it would turn into a bleaching compound. Use the solution immediately after the preparation as keeping it stored might be explosive.
Tomato juice is an excellent alternative for getting rid of the skunk smell on your dog’s face. To remove the odor from the car, first of all, you need to find out the source of the smell. Spray mustard powder solution (prepared by mixing 1 cup of mustard powder into a bucket full of warm water) to the engine compartment side panels. Fill a spray bottle with some white vinegar and spray it to the air filter, air conditioning vents and air intake vent. To remove the smell from your clothes, prepare a mixture using 1 part of hydrogen peroxide to six parts of water.
If you have clothes that require dry cleaning or are delicate, then instead of hydrogen peroxide, use one part of vinegar for 6-7 parts of water. As the fiber of some materials can get damaged with harsh detergents, it is advisable to dilute every harsh ingredient you use for clothes. Be sure to smell your clothes before putting them in the dryer, if the smell remains, wash them again or else, you will seal the odor permanently.
If you are unsure about the source of the odor, then keep bowls or any old container filled with vinegar at different places in your house. For removing the unpleasant odor from desks, cupboards and other furniture, mix one part of bleach with nine parts of water.
Apple cider vinegar (ACV), which is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, is considered as nature's best detoxifiers.
Your use of this site is deemed to be your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Site Disclosures and our Privacy Policy. If you are a dog lover , then I am 100% convinced that you cuddle close up with your pooch every time you have the chance to. Dog Skunk Odor: all dogs love the outdoors, from simply playing in the grass, sniffing new smells to exploring new places and making new encounters. Because of the dog’s inquisitive nature, every skunk encounter very likely ends up with a dog getting sprayed. Tomato juice has been thought to work for some years but in reality it does not help much, the dog ultimately will end up smelling like a skunk sprayed tomato. Other than the terrible smell, if the dog is sprayed in the face, which is the most likely scenario, the dog may experience nausea and eye irritation. Skunk smell can be really horrible, nauseous and offensive, but skunks have been able to save lives as well.

All you need to do is mix ? cup of sodium bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda) with 1 quart or nearly 1 liter of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
It is a safe remedy and would not cost much if you are using it just for the face of your pet. Then, spray any air car deodorizer throughout the interiors to get rid away from the odor immediately. If the clothes affected by the skunk are not washed properly, they will cause smell in other clothes too.
As time passes, our dogs end up being like family for us, so we show them our love and affection just as much as we would do so with other humans. These representatives of the Mustelidae family may be reluctant to release the offensive smell they are famous for (after all, it will take another 10 days to produce another dose of eau de toilet!) but when feeling threatened enough they will do what instinct has taught them to do.
The sulfur contained in this mist is what gives it the particular rotten egg smell that seems to linger forever on clothes or pet’s fur.
Fortunately, there are some more effective home remedies that can help remove most of the offensive smell. As a matter of fact, Mercaptan, a chemical present in the skunk’s spray is added to odorless cooking gas so that people can smell it and detect leaks before they become fatal.
The irksome odor can get into your house through your pets like dogs, cats or a skunk itself.
All you need to do is, fill a bowl with freshly made tomato juice and dunk a clean cloth in it. Owners can tell from quite a distance if their dog has encountered a black and white stinker. The good thing is that most ingredients can be found in most homes without the need to a trip to the supermarket.
You can help by flushing the dog’s eyes with water but if the dog rubs continuously and the eyes appear irritated let your veterinarian know. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist. The smell is caused by the sulfur-containing components, known as thiols, which are present in the glands of a skunk. If your dog is smelling bad lately, there is usually a reason for it and you need to find out what is causing these odors.
It isn’t an uncommon issue for dogs to have breath that smells, it’s just that it gets really unpleasant for the loving owner when he or she gets too close to him. This noxious odor can cause various diseases such as blindness (in the worst case), breathing problems especially to the people suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases, skin and hair problems, and much more. By recognizing what those reasons are, and addressing those issues properly,  you'll be able to get yourself a better smelling dog.1. The only problem with this mixture is that due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide it may slightly bleach the pet’s fur. Bathe Your Dog Regularly And ProperlyNot only can not bathing your dog enough cause him to smell, but not bathing him properly can cause odors as well.

Aside from purchasing commercial products that treat or get rid of stinky breath, there are also natural cures that can help you treat or get rid of it for good. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Get ready to discover 15 home remedies for bad dog breath and enjoy fresh puppy breath when you snuggle up with your puppy once again! To remove this odor, you don’t have to rush to the market to buy any chemical-laden solution. This might include brushing your dog each day to remove old hairs and dander that can cause bad smells.
Fix Bad BreathIf your dog's breath smells bad, it could be a sign of tooth decay that can cause bad breath and odorous saliva.
If your dog drools frequently, the smell can rub off on your floors or furniture, and the smell might linger in your home. The best way to avoid having stinky drool all over the house is by conducting a regular oral hygiene routine for your dog.
If a good oral hygiene routine doesn't yield any results, take your dog to the vet to make sure that the breath problem isn't caused by more serious health problems.3. Feed Your Dog A Better DietBert Bath: Image by Cvconnell, FlickrIf your dog isn't healthy, he won't smell healthy. For a healthier diet, try feeding him a raw diet, homemade natural dog food, or a good organic grain-free dog food like Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Dry Dog Food or one of our picks for the best dry dog foods for your dog.I'm also a big believer in supplements for pets.
Of course, if he seems to have other digestive issues along with the gas, definitely take him immediately to the doctor. 4. Check For Health ProblemsIf a more healthy regimen that includes nutritious foods,  helpful supplements, regular baths and routine oral hygiene does not reduce the stinkiness of your dog, there may be a more serious problem that needs to be fixed.
Some potential causes might include full infected anal glands, a skin infection, a yeast infection, a bacterial infection, or an allergy. So for example, if your dog's bad smell seems to originate from his ears, an ear infection is probably the cause. If an odor seems to be coming from a particular part of the dog's body or you suspect there may be a health reason for the smells coming from your dog, you should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible to get him checked out.  The sooner you get him to the vet, the more quickly you can figure out  what is wrong and work on fixing the problem.
So go and smell your dog carefully and if the odors seem to remain even after you have diligently tried taking better care of your dog, take your dog to the doctor.
Your dog may not be able to tell you that something is wrong but your nose certainly can.  So if your dog smells stinky, don't ignore it, go and fix it.!

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