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The Perfect Pet Products Lawn & Urine Damage Kit is an easy to use one-step urine test that helps detect abnormal levels of PH, protein (urea), blood (infection) and other chemicals in the urine and helps you make dietary corrections. All your lawn urine and stool solutions in one package plus the urine test will help recognize and treat urine, bladder, or other health problems.. They designed this product to help solve this problem and save you money.The Perfect Pet Products Lawn & Urine Damage Kit is an easy to use one-step urine test that helps detect abnormal levels of PH, protein (urea), blood (infection) and other chemicals in the urine and helps you make dietary corrections.
Product Reviews for Law & Urine Dog Test KitWhat causes brown spots on my grass from my dog's urine ? While nitrogen is an essential component in healthy soil, high concentrations of it can cause grass to turn yellow or brown. Train your dog to urinate in one area and plant a urine-resistant ground covering in that area. Give your dog a supplement or food additive that is designed to neutralize the nitrogen in the urine. If you own a dog and you have a lawn, then you’re only too familiar with those brown spots caused from urine killing the grass. One cure for urine spots in your lawn is to follow your dog around and quickly saturate the area where they have just urinated with lots of water from your garden hose. Urine Off Urine Finder and Cleanup Kit with Black Light for CatsThe Urine Finder Kit features Urine Stain and Odor Remover along with a LED Black Light that helps you find where the stains are.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The Perfect Pet Products Lawn & Urine Damage Kit resolves this problem when you follow the step-by-step remedies.
It may keep your pet healthy by detecting kidney, bladder, diabetes, or other common diseases much sooner for early detection.

The enclosed 12- page booklet with a myriad of helpful suggestions to prevent damage caused by urine burning the grass.
We are veterinarians who have been asked for help in preventing the destruction of our clients beautiful lawns for many years, so we finally produced a testing kit and booklet of information to solve the problem permanently. An easy to do urine test will help recognize and treat urine, bladder, or other health problems. This is simply because most females tend to squat and urinate in one place, while many males lift the leg and "mark" upright objects in multiple locations.
You might also consider switching to a low-nitrogen fertilizer for your lawn (make sure it's pet-safe too). Dogs generally eat a high protein diet; then the protein is broken down and excreted as nitrogen in the urine. We believe this product is the best solution to curing urine brown spots, plus it has the added benefit of protecting your lawn against future spots for months.
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Learn how to utilize other permanent solutions including how and when to water, what to do with your dog's diet, permanent solutions regarding lawn repair, and the fertilizers, grass seed, etc. An excess of either or a combination of urine and fertilizer may result in an overdose of nitrogen, thus "burning" the grass. Additionally, never attempt to alter your dog's urine pH unless specifically recommended by your vet. The enzymes in Urine Off get rid of the salt crystals that stay in the carpet, even after cleaning.
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