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Luckily, dry throat is not a serious condition and anybody can treat it just by trying some effective home remedies. Gargling a few times a day can relieve a sore, as it moisturizes the tissue as well as increases the supply of blood to the affected area.
By swallowing throat lozenges and hard-flavored candies, a soothing effect is triggered in the throat. Just like sugar elixir, soups work as a remedy by hydrating the mouth and balancing the level of electrolytes. Dry throat can be the result of residing in a dry climate or inhaling air from air-conditioners or heaters. Eat some Marshmallows: This may seem weird but the gelatin in marshmallows tends to coat the throat and soothe it. Take some rest: A good bit of rest will make you feel pampered and instantly make the body’s immune system stronger so that it can fight the virus that is causing the infection.
Take an Antibiotic: Sometimes the cause of sore throat in adults could be due to an infection caused by Bacteria like Streptococcus pyogenes. Other home remedies involve the use of tea bags or tea tree oil to reduce the itchiness and cure ant bites. Vinegar has antibacterial properties and applying it immediately prevents the growth of bacteria and also reduces the itchiness.
Blackheads is one such skin-condition that every individual battles with at some point or the other in their lives.
Using black eyeliners have become a common thing nowadays since various brands started producing different vibrant shades. In some cases, streptococcal bacteria cause dry throat along with symptoms like swollen glands, headache and fever.
Here we have compiled a list of the best home remedies, with ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen. These remedies can reduce the intensity as well as the frequency of the dry throat symptoms without any medical advice.

Therefore, experts prefer gargling at least twice a day with warm water in which a spoon of salt is mixed. According to many health experts, honey is full of natural healing enzymes as well as anti-bacterial and throat-soothing properties that not only lubricate your throat but also put off the tickle that triggers coughing. During this process of swallowing, the salivary glands get stimulated and more saliva is secreted. This, in turn, reduces the dryness as well as discards germs from the throat, as observed by the UMMC. Mix one spoon of salt, one spoon of sugar, half spoon of baking soda, and some lemon or orange juice for flavor in a glass of water. A dry throat can be a sign of dehydration, which means the body receives frequent signals of drinking more fluids.Therefore, having vegetable soups that are rich in vitamins and minerals are recommended by the experts. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Once this is confirmed you could take antibiotics that are prescribed by the doctor and do make it a point to always try to finish the course. Things like ice or vinegar that are readily available can prevent the inflammation and reduce the pain instantly. Place the tea bags in cool water and press them on the affected areas to reduce the swelling.
Make a solution of few drops of tea tree oil with a little water and apply this on the affected area. Apple cider vinegar is another agent that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that prevent the microbial growth and control the swelling and the pain if applied within time. Though, dry throat might sound like a minor problem, but it can be very irritating at times. Most of the times, the cause of dry throat is a viral infection or dry air although breathing via mouth while sleeping and smoke can also be the causes. However, if you get fever or observe lasting symptoms even after trying these remedies, it is better to go for a medical advice by visiting your doctor. However, do not swallow this water.Salt is rich in antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that tend to cleanse the mouth as well as the throat for reducing the symptoms of dry throat.

For the best results, it is advisable to have it straightaway.Alternatively, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice to honey and take one spoon whenever required. When you sip the hot tea, the heat from the concoction enables these enzymes to enter profoundly into the airways.In order to prepare this tea, take a heat-resistant mug, add hot water to it, and let the mixture steep for 60 seconds.
Discovery Health suggests this drink against more expensive drinks available in stores for hydrating your throat. Moreover, sipping fruit juices rich in vitamins B and C also relieve the symptoms of dry throat, as they heal the throat surface, generate defensive mucus covering, and strengthen the immune system. Applying vinegar or apple cider vinegar prevents the growth of bacteria or other germs by forming a film over the affected area. This is one of the simplest methods as you just need to cover the affected area with toothpaste.
Most of the times, it serves as a first indication of a cold or flu virus attacking our body. The UMMC recommends gargling for up to 30 to 60 seconds before spitting out the salty water. Recall that lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C, which is also full of anti-microbial properties. Or you can apply salt all around the affected area to fight the infection and prevent swelling and itching. Rub the spots with vodka or any other alcohol product now until you are relieved completely. Sometimes blockage of the nasal passage may also lead your throat to become dry or sore due to continuous breathing from the mouth. In some time, you will experience that your throat has been moisturized well and dryness has just vanished.

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