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Please Share This Page: Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest and best tutorials daily – free! I have eight children and their whole life I put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in their ear (make sure the ear drum is not perforated) rap a hot water bottle with a kitchen towel and place it on their ear, the ear ache is gone the next day. I have a recurring inner ear infection with vertigo, would any of these particular remedies work the same? 12 Home Remedies for Earaches is part of the Home Remedies series, which also includes help for congestion, coughs and sore throats. When I was a little girl, I remember having an ear infection accompanied by the one very sore ear. If you don’t have fresh mullein blossoms available, you can buy mullein oil already made, such as the Ear Oil (with mullein and garlic) and mullein oil featured at Mountain Rose Herbs.
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Nonetheless, while we were out one day and my daughter had an ear ache that was really bothering her, we were near a friend’s who smoked. The smoke in the ear does work … I have always though it was the nicotine as well as the warmth that eased the pain.
It is harder to find a smoker these days but my mother, who grew up on a homestead about 90 years ago, said that smoke in the ear was the earache cure for them. My family doctor gave me this advice many years ago and have used it since: equal amounts of peroxide and rubbing alcohol.
Dealing with an earache can be very painful, especially when it affects a baby or small child. John Christopher says that because of the burning of garlic, we need to extract healing properties from garlic by chopping and covering with olive oil for 3 days at room temperature.
At home, I use hydrogen peroxide, though my sister-in-law who is an ENT nurse and has been for 25+ years recommends against it.
I went up and asked him to please blow smoke in her ear to alleviate the pain until we could get home and get it treated.
Growing up I had maybe two earaches total, but it worked for me and later for my kids and nephew. Alternatively, you may prepare a mixture of drops of grapefruit seed extract, garlic oil and eucalyptus essential oil.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. An earache typically begins when the tube which runs from the back of the throat to the eardrum becomes congested. After cooling down a little bit, place 2 to 3 drops of the mango leaf extract into the affected ear. A visit to the doctor is an option but even then you may be told to just let it run its course without the aid of any medication.
I like to let my blossoms set in a shallow bowl or on a plate for an hour or so before putting them in a jar with oil to give any buggies hiding in them a chance to escape. Her recommendation is a few drops of alcohol to kill whatever bacteria are in the ear followed by vinegar to safely rehydrate the ear without leaving water that could provide a place for bacteria to grow and cause greater problems. It may occur due to various reasons like infection in the ear, exposure to loud noise, difference in pressures, common cold, excessive wax deposition in the ear and ear nose throat problems. Earache occurs more at night as the throat muscles are not in use. Also, because garlic contains a natural antibiotic it is extremely effective for earaches caused by infection. I have heard that H202 was not recommended because of the heat it generates as it is an exothermic reaction to go from H202 to H20 + O2. Have Tea tree oil for cuts and Olive oil on hand – mixed 10 drops tea tree to 4Tbsp olive oil and pain subsided in about 25 minutes – I am so happy! You may also put a few drops of warm castor oil or mustard oil in the infected ear twice a day.
Because it is not always possible to get immediate medical attention, you may have to tolerate the pain or find an alternative way of treating it yourself. You may follow the same method with olive oil, linseed oil and castor oil as well. Take some olive oil in a jar. Put four drops in the aching ear. Essential oils of peppermint, cloves or calendula are also helpful to reduce earache.
Herbal Poultices – for a more potent and near-instantaneous relief of earaches, you can opt to switch the hot compress with a hot herbal poultice made from a combination of crushed ginger root, bruised nettle leaves, crushed cinnamon bark, and bruised plantain leaves. These can be encased in cheesecloth, steamed, and subsequently applied to the affected area as a hot compress. It’s analgesic action acts faster than regular hot compresses and helps to relieve pain more efficiently.

If doing this for children, soothing conversation which coaxes them to keep still, and a firm hand to hold their heads in one place might help to hasten the process. If you do this, ensure that only negligible amounts of essential oils are mixed with the base oil, and that you use this remedy only sparingly. One to two applications, a day apart from each other, is usually reported enough to elicit the desired therapeutic effect. Onions – the juice of an onion, extracted by squeezing a whole onion through a sieve or strainer and collecting the extruded substance, makes for an excellent cure for earaches. You can simply siphon the onion juice in minute amounts into the ailing ear, or otherwise trickle it slowly using a funnel.
Ginger Root – ginger root is a great cure-all spice to always have in your kitchen cupboard. A natural antibacterial and analgesic, the juice extracted from ginger root can be employed as an instant pain-remedy for earaches. Alternatively, you can allow dried ginger root to macerate in oil, or otherwise heat raw ginger in oil and allow the mixture to cool to a tolerably warm temperature, and employ it as you would any oil-based remedy. When used in conjunction with the oil or juice remedy, it should help treat earaches in less than a day.
You can even opt to combine the juice of ginger root, onions, and garlic for a more potent remedy which requires only a trifling dose to elicit near-instantaneous effects. Calendula – the oil of calendula or a maceration of calendula in apple cider vinegar (or any type of vinegar, the former being more preferred for its mild acidity) makes for a good earache remedy, especially if employed for mild earaches. Because calendula is a very mild (albeit highly powerful) herb, it is the prime choice for treating earaches in small children and in infants. It should also be noted that if an earache is serious or persists for more than three days, it is best to seek expert medical help to avoid the possibility of infections or complications. Likewise, when a ringing of the affected area is experienced, or if difficulties in hearing are observed, you should immediately seek professional help.

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