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Inhalation with garlic Inhalations should be your first course of action to alleviate discomfort.
Periodontal (gum) diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis, are a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth.
Gum pain is the result of swelling of the gums which occurs mainly because of the lack in oral and dental hygiene.
Get a handful of leaves of the Mehandi plant and leave them to boil in water for about 15 minutes. Gum pain usually happens due to gum infection, which in turn appears due to poor oral hygiene.
If one does not brush properly, plaque formation takes place, which can harden and cause inflammation of the gums. Electric toothbrushes which have oscillating and rotating heads can clean the teeth much better that the conventional brushes. Tooth damage may cause from trauma occurred long years back or due to sudden and sharp blow or due to a fall.
People suffering from abscessed tooth feels a throbbing pain and excessive pain on chewing, biting and even touching.
However the good news is that you do not have to worry as there are plenty of home remedies to treat tooth abscess very effectively right from the comfort of your home and with simple and natural ingredients. Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash to sanitize the affected and inflamed area. Since tooth abscess is one of the serious oral infections, a general immunity boost is vital.
Take three tablespoons of activated charcoal powder, one third teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, half teaspoon of clove oil, half teaspoon of olive oil and half teaspoon of yellow root tincture or powder (golden seal). Home remedies for toothache are quite popular all over the world as they are safe, effective and easily available if you are down with toothache at odd hours. Over the counter pain relief medicines provide temporary relief from toothache, you need to know the root cause of your pain before taking an OTC medicine.
To cure toothache crush one pod of garlic, wrap it in a cotton ball and place it on the aching tooth. Boil 75 grams grated bottle gourd and 20 grams garlic together in one litre water till the water is reduced to half.
Common symptoms of swollen gums include pain in the gums, bleeding from gums, increased interspaces between the teeth and so on.
You can mix clove oil with black pepper and apply on the affected area to treat the pain and inflammation associated with swollen gums.
Rinsing mouth with warm water containing salt (1 tablespoon) can also help in the treatment of swollen gums. You can also prepare a mouth wash by mixing oils such as peppermint, tea tree and chamomile oil.
A paste can be prepared by mixing castor seeds oil and camphor and applied on the swollen gums (in the morning and evening) to obtain relief from the problem of gum bleeding and swelling associated with swollen gums. You can also boil lawsonia inermis leaves in a glass of water for a period of 10 – 15 minutes.
You can also rub aloe vera gel on the affected area to reduce gum bleeding and pain resulting from swollen gums. Going to the dentist doesn’t always help treat gum disease you know, you have to do stuff on the side as well. I was diagnosed of Emphysema in February 2015, my doctor told me it has no permanent cure, i was given medication to ease the situation, this affected me so badly as i constantly go short of breath, this continued till a friend of mine Anna Madsen told me about Dr Ejiro from South Africa who cured her mother from emphysema, I contacted this herbal doctor and he sent me the herbal medicine through courier service, when i received it i applied it for 3 weeks as prescribed and was totally cured of emphysema within 18-20 days of usage. Put the mixture in the mouth and keep the liquid inside the mouth for as long as possible and finally spit it out.

Boil the bark in water until the water gets reduced to half of its volume and then cool it. Gargle with this decoction water as many times as you can every day. Make a nice paste of salt and ginger; rub the paste delicately over the gums for several times a day.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In simple words, it means that one has not been brushing their teeth well enough and probably has not been flossing them either. This paves the way for pain and bleeding gum pain.With the help of the home remedies one can effectively deal with this problem. You will see that the nagging gum pain and the abscesses will disappear.For additional care you can soak your dental floss in diluted tea tree oil. For this helpful remedy you need one cup baking soda, one table spoon hydrogen peroxide and 12 drops of peppermint extract.
Soak them for half an hour and then boil them on low heat for half an hour, covered with a lid all through.
These brushes do not allow any plaque formation, thereby hindering the growth of bacteria and prevention of gum infection.
An abscessed tooth is quite painful and can also cause the loosening of the affected tooth. People who fail to take appropriate dental care or do not often visit dentist suffer from tooth abscess. Face may also become swollen if the infection spread to the surrounding tissues and fever may arise.
These remedies can aid to burst out the tooth abscess, clean and even disinfect the surrounding areas.
You may support your immunity system by taking a 1000 mg of Vitamin C two times a day and continuously for three days.
It is generally caused due to dental cavity, gum infection, a cracked tooth or tooth decay.
Home remedies do not cure cavities, cracked tooth or tooth decay, you must consult a dentist for proper treatment for toothache. Garlic is very strong and can cause irritation in the gums; hence it should not be placed directly in mouth.
Do not swallow the saliva and keep spitting it out. Mix a pinch of camphor powder with two table spoons mustard oil. Keep spitting the saliva till the pain is relieved. Dissolve a pinch of alum powder in half glass of water and use it for mouthwash to relieve toothache. Rub this paste directly on the affected area to reduce the pain and swelling resulting from swollen gums. Gargling with this mixture 2 times in a day can help in treating the problem of swollen gums. It is important to note that this remedy can provide only a temporary relief from the problem of swollen gums. Massaging affected area with a mixture of baking soda and turmeric extract can help in curing the problem of swollen gums.
Gargling with this mixture 2 times in a day can also help in curing the symptoms of swollen gums.
This mouthwash can be used for gargling 3 – 4 times in day to cure the inflammation resulting from swollen gums.
And besides the Salt in Warm water trick actually works, I use it for my gums and I notice a big difference.

The swelling occurs due to various reasons and thus the result of the pain in the gum.The main causes of swelling of the gum include gingivitis, infection of the gum or in the oral cavity, pyorrhoea or periodontitis, leukaemia, allergies, monolia or lack of proper nutrition and nourishment. This helps reducing the swelling of the gums as well as allays the pain of the gums naturally. This does not only mitigate the gum pain but also removes bad odour from the mouth (if present). Poor oral hygiene leads to the growth of cavities in teeth and if these cavities are not attended in time, it leads to severe complications called tooth abscess.
Tooth abscess can cause serious problems in other body parts such as inflammation in the joints and also in the heart. You may also take 1 to 3 garlic capsules of 300 mg (Allium sativum) continuously for five days.
Sometimes women experience toothache during their pregnancy period. Toothache can be mild to severe and the person is unable to eat or chew anything. Mix 1 tea spoon of finely ground lemon peel with a pinch of salt and use it as tooth powder to treat toothache and other dental problems. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and calcium; both the ingredients are extremely beneficial for healthy teeth. To prevent tooth ache and to maintain oral hygiene; boil 8-10 guava leaves in water and strain it. Take two table spoons mustard oil, 1 tea spoon lemon juice and ? tea spoon powdered rock salt.
You can rinse your mouth with lemon juice mixed with essence of rose flower 2 – 3 times in a day to cure the problem of swollen gums. Swollen gums are obviously quite distressing as because they are the result of a dampener.The gums when swollen results in the pain and also bleeding at times. This will instantly help to stop the bleeding and swelling of the gum, and thus you will get relief from the gum pain. This is one of the best processes to heal the gum pain and the action of the treatment also lasts for a longer period. This home remedy for the gum pain is considered to be the fastest acting remedy and is considered to be one of the best home remedy for gum pain.In addition to the above treatments some other effective home remedies include castor seeds mixed with camphor, ajwain, powder of alum, luke warm salt water etc. Use sugar free cranberry juice to get rid of gum related ailments, otherwise sugar may act as a breeding material for these pesky microbes. There is a feeling of bitter taste all over the mouth and often there is release of pus in the mouth.
Mix them well and use it for massaging your teeth and gums to treat toothache and pyorrhoea.
Brushing teeth on a daily basis with this mixture can also help in the treatment of swollen gums. Hence swollen gums need to be treated as early as possible and so here are some home remedies that are easily available and can also be done easily to heal the gum pain. Old fillings or leaking sometimes allow the bacteria to damage the nerve fibers and delicate pulp of a living tooth.
You can also place a teabag in the similar way against your sore tooth for similar results. To make matters worse sometimes a person may suffer from excruciating pain which spreads till the ears.

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