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Apple: Eat a raw apple about an hour after meals which helps to clean the teeth and heal the gums. Tea tree or clove oil: For infected gums— Apply one drop of tea tree or clove oil directly at the site of the pain. Home remedies for toothache are quite popular all over the world as they are safe, effective and easily available if you are down with toothache at odd hours. Over the counter pain relief medicines provide temporary relief from toothache, you need to know the root cause of your pain before taking an OTC medicine. To cure toothache crush one pod of garlic, wrap it in a cotton ball and place it on the aching tooth. Boil 75 grams grated bottle gourd and 20 grams garlic together in one litre water till the water is reduced to half.
Wisdom teeth are the third and corner most molars located at both the sides in the upper and the lower jaw. Hot Compress If the pain is too much, immediate relief can also be found by keeping hot compress against the cheeks for 10 to 15 minutes. Apart from that, one must avoid hard food as it might sore gums and can also aggravate pain. Burning mouth syndrome is characterized by burning and tingling sensation inside the mouth. Since nutrient deficiency could be responsible for this condition, you must ensure that adequate vitamin B complex, zinc and iron are present in your diet. Curing dry mouth, fungal infections or nerve damage helps to cure burning mouth syndrome.
It is generally caused due to dental cavity, gum infection, a cracked tooth or tooth decay. Home remedies do not cure cavities, cracked tooth or tooth decay, you must consult a dentist for proper treatment for toothache.
Garlic is very strong and can cause irritation in the gums; hence it should not be placed directly in mouth. Do not swallow the saliva and keep spitting it out. Mix a pinch of camphor powder with two table spoons mustard oil. Keep spitting the saliva till the pain is relieved. Dissolve a pinch of alum powder in half glass of water and use it for mouthwash to relieve toothache.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It numbs the area around the teeth offering some relief from pain. Just take a few ice cubes and rub on the areas which pain. It will give some relief and will also relieve any headache pain that is accompanied by paining gums.
Take a small quantity of warmed olive oil in a dropper and gently pour a few drops in your ear. It is characterized by a painful burning sensation in the mouth, affecting the tongue, palate, cheeks, gum and lips. Healthy gums are pale and firm, but diseased gums may become purplish red, swollen, and bleed when brushing teeth. Sometimes women experience toothache during their pregnancy period. Toothache can be mild to severe and the person is unable to eat or chew anything. Mix 1 tea spoon of finely ground lemon peel with a pinch of salt and use it as tooth powder to treat toothache and other dental problems.
Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and calcium; both the ingredients are extremely beneficial for healthy teeth. To prevent tooth ache and to maintain oral hygiene; boil 8-10 guava leaves in water and strain it.
Take two table spoons mustard oil, 1 tea spoon lemon juice and ? tea spoon powdered rock salt. Take a glass of water and add 2 tablespoons of salt in it. Rinse your mouth with it every time you have your meal. Rub a small quantity of clove oil on the swollen gums. Alternatively, you can also put a little amount of clove oil in a small cotton ball and keep the ball on the two corners of the jaw. During such times one needs food which is wholesome, provides nutrients and is easily digested. One can go for soft food. However, the majority of burning mouth syndrome sufferers are middle aged or elderly women.

Allergic reaction to denture materials can cause this condition. Deficiency in certain nutrients such as vitamin B complex, iron and zinc can cause burning mouth syndrome. Mix them well and use it for massaging your teeth and gums to treat toothache and pyorrhoea. Vegetable or chicken soup with eggs is a good option as it will provide necessary nourishment.
Bad oral habits such as teeth grinding or excess tongue brushing can be responsible for this condition. Mouthwashes that contain alcohol as an active ingredient should be avoided by burning mouth syndrome sufferers. The main cause of this condition is plaque buildup along the gum line due to poor oral hygiene. To make matters worse sometimes a person may suffer from excruciating pain which spreads till the ears. Also one should eat light and easily digestible food. With these tips, wisdom teeth should not be a problem.
Nerve damages could be responsible for this condition. Dry mouth can also cause burning mouth syndrome. Smoking can exaggerate the burning sensation. Often the burning and pain in the mouth increases from chewing mint and cinnamon.
Wisdom teeth eruption is often a painful process in a number of individuals. Home remedies usually give relief from the pain and the swelling of gums.

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