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Otitis media (OM), commonly known as acute ear infection, is the most common cause of earache.
The ear passages in children are shorter, narrower, and more horizontal than in adults and therefore it is much easier for bacteria to get to the middle ear and for the fluid to get locked in that area.
Generally, ear infections are caused by a virus and therefore doctors recommend treatments which only include relieving of the symptoms.
However, the proper treatment in children depends on the severity of the symptoms and the child`s age. There was a fierce debate held in the 1990`s about using antibiotics in threating ear infections since the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria was growing.

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Webmd ear infection center - in-depth information on the, Find in-depth information on ear infections, including symptoms ranging from ear pain to fever..
Ear infections -symptoms – webmd, Symptoms of a middle ear infection (otitis media) often start 2 to 7 days after a cold or other upper respiratory infection..
However, it is very difficult for the doctors to determine whether the infection is caused by a virus or bacteria.

Ear infection can affect people at any age, but generally, almost 75% of the cases occur in infants under the age of 10.
Children who have a weaker immune system are more prone to ear infections than children with a strong immune system.

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