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Taking care of your piercing is important, and not something that you should take for granted.
Bruising from a broken nose may spread from the nose to under the eyes and along both sides of the nose.
Apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel or cloth to the bruised area as soon as possible after breaking your nose. Do not apply creams, lotions or tinctures to open or bleeding wounds because doing so may result in an infection. Proper care can be difficult due to the location, this makes it more likely to develop an infection that can be very painful and damage tissue in the area. They can explain to you in detail the risks associated with this type of body modification.
In order to keep your piercing free from germs, you should wash the area at least 2 times per day with an antiseptic solution.

The ice reduces swelling and stops blood vessels from leaking blood into surrounding tissue, which results in bruising.
The heat opens the closed blood vessels, allowing fluids to flush away the accumulated blood beneath the skin.
Vitamin K helps break down blood that has seeped from the broken blood vessels so the body may reabsorb it. Parsley is rich in nutrients that may shrink blood vessels, reducing the appearance of bruises. Discuss using any home remedies with your doctor first, as he or she may have reasons for you not to use them or recommend different solutions to address the bruising.
Keeping yourself free of infection also means not touching your nose or the jewelry, otherwise you could cause infection as well as tissue damage.
Because blood vessels in the face are close to the skin's surface, injuries to the face may result in dark discoloration of the skin.

Apply the ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes, then wait two hours and apply again repeating every two hours for the rest of the day. Find a cream containing vitamin K at your local drugstore and apply twice a day until the bruise has faded away. John’s Wort was used by Greek herbalists to heal wounds because of its astringent and antibacterial properties.

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