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Inflammation and congestion of the sinuses – known collectively as a sinus infection – can have a wide variety of causes including indoor and outdoor airborne allergens, as well as dietary irritants like dairy, gluten, and artificial additives.
Spicy foods such as cayenne pepper or horseradish can be mixed with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to create a mucus dissolving elixir.
For temporary relief of closed nasal passages when none of these other options are available to you, try a quick face massage.  These five quick steps take less than two minutes to perform and, when done correctly, will allow you to breath more easily.
Break up thick mucus with a few drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil in hot water.  With your face down over the water, drape a towel over the back of your head and inhale the steam. This also works with a few drops of either oil added to the water in a humidifier.  Some of these machines actually have a small tank included for just such a thing. Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is a natural antibiotic made from grinding dried grapefruit seeds and pulp into a fine powder.  When administered in nasal spray form (such as this one), GSE helps to clear out mucus and may prevent other microbial contaminants from taking root in weakened and inflamed sinus tissues. Two or three tablespoons of raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar added to a cup of hot water or tea taken three times daily will help thin out excessive mucus relieving congestion an sinus pressure.  Mix with lemon and honey or Stevia to taste. Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful natural ingredient with a huge array of health benefits. Once you have alleviated some of the pain and congestion, you will want to focus on bolstering your immune system to help your body fight off the infection. If you experience frequent sinus infections or nasal irritation, there may be underlying environmental or dietary factors at work.  Here are a few possible culprits and the simple solutions to eliminate them.
Food allergies and sensitivities such as those to gluten, dairy, and sugar can cause sinus infections.  Try eliminating these foods from your diet if you experience frequent sinus problems. Whether you’re adding decadent-yet-mild flavor to your favorite recipes, reducing inflammation, or moisturizing your hair and skin, coconut oil is the ultimate culinary and beauty multitasker. Herbal remedies are the safest form of medication as they do not cause any side effects; however these treatments do not take effect immediately.
A steam with peppermint oil added to the water will help to clear congestion as well as will give you relief from headaches.
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Sinus congestion is one of those symptoms that can throw off your balance and general well-being.
Whenever your sinuses are bothering you, hold the handkerchief up to your nose and breathe in deeply. The spiciness of cayenne pepper can cause your sinuses to release all of their excess mucus and irritants.

Sinus headache, which mainly results due to blocked sinus cavities, is one of the most irritating conditions. Before you pop down a pill anticipating a quick relief, try some home remedies which come free of cost and side effects. Mix cinnamon powder with water and sandalwood paste and apply it on your forehead for quick relief from sinus headache. Right from the day you get infected with cold, make it a habit to drink warm soup with pepper added to it.
To relieve blocked sinus, place alternate hot and cold compresses using a towel on the sinus area. One effective way to prevent your nasal lining from getting infected is by drinking plenty of water. Using Neti Pot is one effective way to clean the nasal congestion, thereby the sinus headache.
Herbs are helpful to the entire body and they activate your senses to fight bacterial and viral infections; thereby keeping you fit and ensuring that you are healthy.
It helps to clear any sort of congestion and also helps to get rid of sinus related headaches. In earlier times herbalists used the herb to clear headaches but modern research has proved the herb to be effective as a remedy for congestion and sinus related headaches. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Congested sinuses may make your head feel heavy, make it difficult to smell, and even make you feel drowsier than normal. This saline nasal wash is one of the fastest working home remedies for sinus congestion, as it offers immediate relief from symptoms. Apple cider vinegar works by thinning out mucus, so it is one of the most effective home remedies for sinus congestion.
This tea recipe is the quickest way to enjoy the benefits of cayenne pepper, but you can also use it in or on food to help your sinuses.
The effective way to fight sinus headache is to bring down the inflammation and pressure build-up from the sinus cavity.
The anti-inflammatory property of ginger makes it a great medicine for reducing the sinus inflammation. Hydrating your body will protect your nasal tract from becoming dry.When the sinus headache starts, drink enough water.

Foods such as oranges, gooseberry, cauliflower, strawberries, broccoli and lemon are good sources of Vitamin C and eating them would bring down the sinus inflammation to a great extent. Pour a mix of one teaspoon of salt and half teaspoon of baking soda with 1 pint of lukewarm in the Neti Pot. However, the past … [read more]11 Time Wasting Things You Are Doing In The Garden That You Should Stop Right NowDo you indulge in a lot of unnecessary gardening chores by force of habit or even ignorance? You may add a few drops of the oil to a pot of boiling water or pour a few drops on your handkerchief and inhale the fumes all day long.
You can add the powder to a cup of tea or mix a spoon of the powder with a spoon of honey in order to get relief from sinus related symptoms. You can also add a few drops of oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus or chamomile for better results.These oils have analgesic, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties which help in soothing your mucus lining and makes breathing easy.
Also, eating spicy food will help in bringing down nasal blockages and thereby your headache. If you cannot drink too much water together, ensure you take a few sips in regular intervals.
The time wasted in such activities could be gainfully … [read more]7 Expert Hacks To Double Your Tomato HarvestA bumper crop of vine-ripened luscious tomatoes is every veggie gardener’s dream.
They are most effective in the cure of headaches that are caused as a result of sinus congestion. At night you may dab a few drops of the oil on your temples or your pillow in order to breathe in the fumes through the night.
Ginger root can also be added to foods like salads and gravies in order to help prevent congestion.
If inhaling from a vaporizer is difficult, take a hot shower and spray some oil to the walls of your shower cubicle. The success of this warm season vegetable depends on the length of … [read more]Do Not Kill This Weed! The mucus comes out and your blockage will open, eventually relieving you from sinus headache. Apart from trying these simple solutions at home to get rid of sinus headache, eat a balanced diet to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

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