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Homemade Remedies for Congestion & Phlegm – This is a place for the community to provide tips and advice on Homemade Remedies for Congestion & Phlegm. Hypothyroidism is becoming a wide spread problem, thanks to unhealthy lifestyle, stress, obesity and many other things that add to your daily woes. Herbal Remedies for Hypothyroidism Bladder Wrack Seaweeds are known to be great source of iodine and this can help people with hypothyroidism and other forms of thyroid deficiencies due to iodine. Aswagandha An ayurvedic herb of great medicinal value, aswagandha is used for treating several diseases of the body.
As thyroid glands are known to become less functional when a person is under stress, aswagandha can help in such cases. Take some warmed oil and massage on the front of the neck on both sides where the thyroid glands are located. Severe adrenal problems come hand in hand with thyroid disorders and you need long term treatment for several months before the problems are brought under control and thyroid functions regained to normalcy.
Black Cohosh Black cohosh comes of help mostly for women who develop hypothyroidism due to estrogen deficiency in the body. Black cohosh supplements help only if the hypothyroidism is the result of low estrogen levels in the body. Vitus Agnus Castus Vitus agnus castus is another herb that helps women who are suffering from hypothyroidism caused due to estrogen deficiency in the body.
Flax Rich in plant based omega 3 fatty acids and phytoestrogens, flax seeds are also rich in antioxidants and help in treating obesity as well which arises due to slow metabolism of people who are hypothyroid. Evening Primrose Evening primrose is known to regulate thyroid gland functions and prevent hypothyroidism by stimulating the gland to produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormone.
Guggul Guggul, which is commonly known as commiphora mukul, is herbal extract that is widely used for treating disorders of the thyroid gland. The anti inflammatory and anti viral property of garlic makes it a perfect remedy for asthma. Normally, when we breath, the sacs in our lungs fill with air, but during a case of pneumonia, they fill with fluid and pus, making it difficult to breath. Pneumonia usually lasts 2-3 weeks, but for young children, people over 65, and others with weak immune systems, it can become chronic and even fatal. You’re about to learn several methods for treating the symptoms of pneumonia and strengthening the immune system to help fight it off.
These methods use simple, inexpensive ingredients you probably already have in your home, and they do not cause the unwanted side effects that come with commercial remedies. You can use other essential oils like lavender, lemon or camphor essential oil in the place of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil.
Astragalus or Huang qi strengthens the immune system and relieves inflammation in the lungs. Pour this mixture in a container with A? cup alcohol or cloves and cinnamon to preserve it. Fenugreek seeds reduce mucus in the lungs and promote perspiration, which reduces fever and detoxifies the body.
Add 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, 1 minced garlic, 1 teaspoon minced ginger, 1 teaspoon honey, and a pinch of cayenne pepper to a cup of hot water. Echinacea kills bacteria and boosts the immune system to help fight off pneumonia, and it reduces mucus in the lungs. A Mullein treats respiratory diseases and it has expectorant properties which loosens the phlegm to relieve chest congestion.
Goldenseal strengthens the immune system, clears up mucus and congestion, and soothes irritated throat muscles.

Cayenne pepper contains high amount of capsaicin it breaks up mucus in the lungs to relieve chest congestion. Pleurisy root contains resin and asclepiadin, which reduce inflammation of the lungs and promote perspiration, which detoxifies the body. Coltsfoot relieves inflammation of the lungs and irritation in the throat, and it reduces mucus to relieve congestion. Organic, fresh-made beet, cucumber, carrot, and parsnip juice boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and reduce mucus and lung congestion. Turmeric kills the bacteria that cause pneumonia and it clears away mucus to relieve lung congestion. Stir A? teaspoon of turmeric powder and A? teaspoon of black pepper into a glass of hot water. Oregano Oil has antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which thins mucus and kills the bacteria that cause pneumonia.
Lemon juice has vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, and it is antibacterial, so it fights the bacteria that cause pneumonia. Add 1 tablespoon of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of rock salt to a glass of water. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone for the effective function of the body. But there could be drug interactions and side effects which can catch you off guard in some cases. Bladder wrack improves the function of the thyroid gland and also regulates the metaboilic functions of the body as well. Though Aswagandha does not have any characteristics that make it a herb that corrects hypothyroidism, it is s stress reducing herb and helps the body to cope with extreme stress, which too can lead to thyroid function disorders. Nettle is rich in iodine and helps patients with hypothyroidism and iodine deficiencies that can lead to goiter.
This is helpful in increasing blood circulation to the glands and stimulating hormone production.
But this herb is known to solve adrenal problems that can help deal with stress appropriately and prevent aggravation of thyroid function.
Eleuthero is also an immune boosting herb and helps the person to recover from weak immunity as well.
This is very common during menopause when the estrogen balance in the body is tampered with and women develop hypothyroidism and associated problems. Intake of this herb will help in regulating estrogen in the body and preventing many other distress caused at the time of menopause.
Again tests have to be conducted to check for estrogen deficiency before treating with this herb. Essential fatty acids are required for the proper function of the body and optimum thyroid function. Guggul is also great for treating cholesterol related disorders and reducing weight problems that too is a problem when you have hypothyroidism. But the herb is very useful for removing bad cholesterol from the body and also in reducing weight which are associated problems that affect people with hypothyroidism. Garlic is used in different forms to treat several ailments and it helps to relieve symptoms like coughs, common colds and chest congestion. Add 3 pods of garlic, a cinnamon stick, lime, a shallot, honey and thyme leaves to a pot of water. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

It’s caused by bacterial, viral, parasitical, and fungal infections, and the inhalation of toxic gases or chemicals.
It also becomes difficult for our vital organs to get the oxygen they need to function properly, which means pneumonia can affect many of the body’s systems. If you experience symptoms of pneumonia, see a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and to determine the severity of your case. It contains allicin which is anti a€“ bacterial and anti a€“ viral helps to strengthen the immune system to fight off the illness. If you are pregnant, or if you’ve suffered from diabetes, heart disease, or stroke, consult a doctor before using this treatment. These vegetable juices (including parsnip juice) are rich in chlorine and phosphorus which are good for lungs and bronchial system. Black pepper expels the mucus from the air sacs and dries up the fluids which cause pneumonia infection.
Though certain types of thyroid deficiencies like Hashimoto’s disease falls in the autoimmune category and cannot be treated as such, there are other forms of hypothyroidism that can be effectively controlled with the use of herbal medicine.
Therefore, before starting on a herbal remedy, it is imperative that you seek the help and guidance of a herbal practitioner and in this case, an endocrinologist as well before using them. Nettle oil massage can be given to the thyroid gland every day for stimulating the production of thyroid hormone. Before taking black cohosh, one must check if the hypothyroidism is indeed caused due to estrogen deficiency.
Vitus agnus helps in improving the thyroid gland function by regulating the estrogen levels in the body. Taking a teaspoon of flax seed extract in the form of oil is recommended for people with hypothyroidism. It helps if you combine flax as well as evening primrose oil together to get a better effect on your body. Liquid extracts are taken 3-4 times a day in dosages between 10 to 40 ml depending on the severity of your condition.
Sluggish thyroid glands will cause the low density lipoproteins in the body to increase uncontrollably and cause heart diseases and weight problems. It will help to prevent inflammation of the throat and also helps to prevent asthma attacks.
Symptoms of pneumonia includes fever, cold, cough, shaking chills, shortness of breath, diarrhea, loss of appetite, sweating, headache, fatigue, vomiting and nausea, tiredness, chest pain, and muscle pain. If it’s not severe, you may be able to avoid doctor and hospital bills by treating it at home. For hypothyroidism, it is also important to stay away from certain foods that can worsen the situation and tamper with iodine absorption and blockage in your body. However, individual requirements vary and this must be decided by a herbal practitioner or endocrinologist. Pregnant women and those with liver and kidney illnesses should not use this remedy long term. This remedy can be used in winter as the chances of asthma attacks are higher during this season. It is characterized by a buildup of mucus in the trachea and the respiratory tract that leaves your chest feeling heavy.

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