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Now and then, situations can crop up around the house that have you suffering along in silence. My strategy involved staying a whole weekend sitting on the couch and giving him a very authoritative "no" every time he approached the couch. My cat responded well to plain old water in a spray bottle, and eventually all I had to do was make the psssst noise and she would stop. Squeeze some lemons into a bowl of water and vinegar and leave it in the fridge over night. White vinegar -- wipe down whatever surfaces there are and if funky scent persists, a small open bowl of white vinegar left overnight should do it. Janel Laban is the Executive Editor of Apartment Therapy and has been working here, at the dreamiest of dream jobs, since March 2006.
Living with a smelly fridge, a scratched toilet or a sofa-shredding pet is no fun — we all know that it's the small annoyances that can get to you if you don't deal with them head on. I also got her a little cat house, took her to it, put her paws on it and showed her to scratch THAT. Whenever I saw her start to scratch something she wasn't supposed to be: I gently picked her up, brought her to the scratching post and physically held her paws and moved them in a scratching motion on the post until she started to struggle. I read the above ideas and tried rubbing with white vinegar, which took off some of the marks.

Clean eraser and within 2 minutes had gotten all of the grey marks that a plumber's snake had left in our porcelain toilet.
Other people have tried to encourage him to go on the couch and he doesn't dare unless there's some sort of fabric on top of it, or jumps directly on them, without touching the leather.
Each time she would attempt to scratch something, I'd make the pssst noise, grab her, put her on the house and now that's ALL she scratches. After a few times, the kitty associates the couch with bad memories and learns to stay away. Then, simply let her go of her paws, let her run away and wait until the next time she started scratching the couch again. I figured the black marks are caused by metal rubbing off the auger which should dissolve in acid, so I tried white vinegar straight from the bottle.
I then switched to rubbing with Lime Away, which removed all the other marks or lightened them until they were unnoticable.
I soaked up the water from the bowl with a sponge and left the vinegar in the bowl for 30 min.

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