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A sore throat can be caused by an illness, excessive screaming, smoking or drinking.You can make yourself a syrup at home and it will be extremely effective. Whatever the cause of the sore throat you must do everything in your power to get some rest in order to get relief from the pain. Lemon is effective in dissolving the mucus buildup in your throat and the honey helps to soothe the aching throat and prevent swelling of the muscles in the throat. If the sore throat lasts more than 48 hours then it is a sign of a more serious illness and you must take care and consult a doctor.
Cold sores occur when “herpes simplex 1 virus” gets activated in the body due to certain physical and mental conditions including stress, over exposure to sunlight, cold or anxiety.
This virus which otherwise stays inactive in the nerve “ganglia” only wakes up and creates new viruses when favourable conditions persist within the body. Stress causes certain hormonal changes in the body resulting in dysregulation of immune system, thus creating favorable conditions for the virus to grow and they appear in the body as cold sores. This virus also distracts the immune system due to which it fails to safeguard the body against the attack. Dip the tea bags in hot water; do not microwave as the radiations may cause damage to the micro-nutrients present in the tea. Boost your immune system with Vitamin C rich foods, so that body helps to heal the sores faster through its own mechanisms. Sore throat is the infectious illness that mostly spreads through nose blowing, kissing, coughing and sneezing. Some of them are: bacterial infection, tonsillitis, viruses, glandular fever and tonsillitis and so on.
Sore throat is one of the common problems in time of pregnancy.  Too much of medications are better to avoid while you are pregnant. At the time of gargle, make sure that the water is warm enough but not too hot so that it can burn the tongue. This helps the antibodies to fight bacteria as well as the infections in order to circulate better. Tea: Decaffeinated tea consumption with lemon and honey mixed to it also is thought as a good remedy for the curing of sore throat.
There are different kinds of pneumonia like atypical pneumonia, opportunistic pneumonia, regional and occupational pneumonia and aspiration pneumonia. Ginger has been admired as an effective remedy that helps to treat various respiratory disorders.
There is nothing more painful than the alarming pain in your mouth every morning or after a bite of your favorite snack. To add to it, with the application of the oil on the teeth, the sensitivity to cold and heat of the teeth and the pain of the tooth can be eliminated.

Home remedies are the safest as you are aware of the ingredients and hence there are no risks of side effects. There are several remedies that you can try at home in order to relieve yourself of the pain; though if the pain is due to an illness it will get relieved only when the illness passes on.
Treating a sore throat with these blends takes a few days but you will experience instant relief with constant use. A strong dose of antibiotics will be needed if the condition does not clear up within 2 days and with the help of any home remedies. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Also, avoid foods such as chocolates, nuts, oats and gelatine, because they are high in arginine.
It is the uneasiness, aching and scratchiness of the throat that makes it painful to swallow food. It has been commonly found that in most cases sore throat worsens in the early morning but continues to progress as the day progresses. The other possible causes of sore throat are allergies, breathing through mouth, measles, sinus drainage, cancer etc. Salt water gargling actually washes away the mucous as well as the dilating capillaries which actually helps to increase the blood supply to that area.
Chamomile, lemon and peppermint tea are also extremely beneficial for the soothing of the sore throat. This infection needs to be detected early and treated on the accurate basis so as to evade any complications else it could wreak havoc and become a life-threatening problem particularly for the weak and the aged people. The individuals suffering from pneumonia faces certain symptoms like dry cough, chest pain, fever, headache, troubled breathing, wheezing, exhaustion, bluish colored skin etc. The individuals who are suffering from the ailment are advised to consume 10 ml of fresh ginger juice or about one to two grams of dried ginger powder together with honey twice on a regular basis.
All that one needs to do is to take a glass of lukewarm water and mix a teaspoon of honey to it.
Chewing a piece of onion for 3 to 4 minutes can relieve you of the pain as well as kill the bacteria. It does nothing to prevent or stop the decay; however it helps a great deal to take care of sudden bout of pain that you may feel. Most of the individuals all over the globe are much more concerned of receding hairline and are totally unaware of receding gum line. Gum ailment is a slow progressing disease that attributes and accompanies many other conditions like bleeding gums, gingivitis, bad breath, sore gums, loose teeth, receding gums and so on.

It has been found that the individuals who have lowered intakes of Vitamin C in their diet are more prone to developing gum related disorders and have further chances of contacting periodontal ailment.
The mouth needs to be rinsed frequently with the water so that the harmful bacteria are removed and the healthy bacteria restore themselves.
Home remedies are a natural way of healing and soothing your throat and preventing a loss of your voice.
When it cools down pour it in a bottle and drink the syrup throughout the day or when you feel soreness in the throat.
The warm blend of the water and salt will help to heal the sore passage of the throat and also clears up the mucus build up in your throat. As per the statistics, this ailment has been found to be responsible for the death of 60,000 Americans each year and still continues to be the leading cause of death among kids worldwide.
Just mix a tablespoon of linseed, a touch of salt, a tablespoon of honey to the mixture and devour on a regular basis. Add a touch of ground black pepper to the juice and consume it at an interval of six hours. Eating candy, chocolates, aerated drinks and compound carbohydrates cause the decay of your teeth. Brushing your teeth with warm water has more of an impact rather than room temperature water has. Such individuals are ignorant of the fact that the gum lines can also recede and affect the teeth thereby having a negative brunt on the health. With the use of the oil, the bacterial infection is arrested at the root in its path which is thought as the first indispensable step towards the healthy gums. With the application of tea tree oil, the gum infection is thwarted, the gums are strengthened and made firm and thereby the normal state of the teeth is returned. These capsules will relieve itching and pain from the sores and prevent the skin from lesions. These types of teas’ are extremely beneficial not only for the hydration but also for the curing of the sore throat at a fast pace. This remedy might give you slight discomfort, but it’s a very effective way to get rid of cold sores fast as the ice would numb the sores.

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