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The infection is caused by a fungus that can grow in leaps and bounds under wet conditions. Boric acid has very strong acidic properties that make it ideal for eliminating the infection causing micro-organisms including fungus.
This chemical compound is strongly acidic in nature and is used as an ingredient in many cleaning and bleaching products. Garlic is known for its antifungal properties and this is one reason it can be successfully used in the treatment of fungal infection of the toenail.However, this treatment require plenty of time and patience since you will have to use fresh garlic paste (and not the commercially available one) for treatment.
This is very important because the fungi find it easier to grow and multiply when the environment remains moist. In a medium sized basin, add one cup of oatmeal powder and two cups of water to form a thick paste.
Sprinkle cornstarch powder on your feet and inside your socks after every couple of hours especially if you work outside under the sun.
Breast cancer is a life-threatening condition, characterized by the malignant growth of breast tissues.
Following are some of the best natural remedies that can be very helpful in controlling the symptoms of breast cancer. Giving your breasts a cold compress using ice packs can provide you great relief from some of the symptoms of breast cancer, such as pain, swelling and unevenness in its shape. Various medical studies have confirmed that the curcumin substance found in turmeric can be very helpful in delaying or even preventing the growth of breast cancer tumors. Though you can eat garlic by cooking it in your foods, you are advised to eat raw garlic in the form of powder, clove or even extracted oil. Avoid foods that contain high amount of saturated fats, such as pork, lamb, beef and hot dogs. Most importantly, you must eat plenty of soybeans (either in the form of cooked food or as sprouts). As more research is done on the potential harmful effects chemical cleaning agents used in the home can have on a family’s health, more families are opting to use natural green cleaning products. This Feel Better Bath Soak with Essential Oils mixture is perfect for a day when you feel absolutely yucky! Although the spring season is a time to go outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather, it’s also when more people begin to suffer from different allergies and ailments. When you make the choice to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you’ll always be on the lookout for ways to incorporate green living into all areas of your life. The infection is commonly seen in professional swimmers as well as in people with sweaty feet. Boric acid is easily available at drug stores and should be used for curing fungus of the toenail.

The flip side of using hydrogen peroxide for curing fungal infection is that it will leave your nail looking all yellow. Peel 7-8 cloves of garlic and crush them using mortar or pestle or a rolling pin.Apply the crushed garlic (be sure to scoop up the juices as well) over the infected area and leave on for 30 minutes. You can use paper tissues, cotton towel and even hair dryers to keep your skin clean and dry always.Do not forget to wipe area in between the fingers when drying your feet. Add some more oatmeal powder if the consistency of the paste is thin.Now dip your infected toe in this paste and stay there for 20-30 minutes. Cornstarch powder has the ability to absorb moisture from the skin leaving it absolutely dry. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Some common symptoms include pain, feeling of heat, reduction in breast size, swelling, inverted nipples, discharge from breasts and lump in the surrounding areas. Fill some crushed ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it on sore breasts for around 10-15 minutes. To relieve pain, you should use hot and cold compresses alternatively – hot compress for half an hour, followed by cold compress for ten minutes. The antibiotic properties of garlic make it more effective in the treatment of breast cancer.
Eating lots of protein-rich foods (like lentils, peas, spinach, corn, banana, carrot and cucumber), calcium-rich foods (like green vegetables, almonds, orange juice and canned salmon) and vitamin D-rich foods (like cod liver, eggs and milk) can be very beneficial for breast cancer patients.
It provides your body with isflavones and phytoestrogens that can even help in reversing breast cancer, particularly if it is in an early stage. Though there are plenty of natural remedies that can help in the treatment of breast cancer, they should never be used as a complete replacement for the conventional treatment. It can be a product of certain situations or scenarios or an effect of chemical imbalance in the brain.
There are plenty of products out there to help keep the smells of everyday life under control, but in a lot of situations spraying chemicals, burning candles, or laundering the object is just not an ideal option.
Whip this up and store it in a jar, draw a warm bath and add 2 tablespoons – or more if you want a stronger scent. The pollen from plants that begin to grow can trigger a number of symptoms in the body that can make it difficult to breathe well.
It is a common complaint and cough accompanies a wide variety of sicknesses and medicines as a symptom and side effect. Decorating your home with eco-friendly furniture and accessories is one way to support your lifestyle.
For most people, interactions with most insects are completely harmless, but there are times when insect bites or stings can be irritating, painful, or even life threatening.
However, the infection can occur in any person who comes in contact with the people (or their clothes, towel, socks etc) who are already suffering from toenail fungus.

However, the infection is easily treatable though it requires regular and long treatment.Let us check out some of the best home remedies available to us for treating toenail fungus.
Prepare solution of boric acid powder by mixing three tablespoons of the powder with 450ml of water.
However, this is a minor side effect when you look at how well hydrogen peroxide will help you get rid of the fungus once and for all. The major factors that can cause breast cancer include excessive intake of estrogen and progesterone hormones, excessive alcohol consumption, family history and old age. If you do not like its bitter taste, you can mix it in one glass of water and add ? tsp of honey for flavor. So, an effective remedy is to grind equal amount of these seeds together and then consume one tablespoon of the mixture 2-3 times daily.
Pour the solution in a medium sized basin and soak your infected foot in the treated water for 20 minutes. Soak your infected foot in this solution for 15-20 minutes.Wash your foot under running plain water after throwing away the bleach solution. The fungus tends to attack the areas on the foot that have not been dried and have been left moist.
Wear only cotton socks (if you have to wear socks) and wash your socks every day to keep them clean and fresh. People who are already infected with toenail fungus can also make use of brown cornstarch powder to keep their feet moisture-free. If your infection does not go away within three weeks of starting the home treatment then take medical opinion as soon as possible. This treatment should be done at least three times a day to fasten the elimination of the fungus from the skin and the nail. Also, wash your feet with medicated soap and cold water to keep them cool and to avoid sweating. Flaxseeds contain high concentration of micronutrients, fiber, antioxidants, lignans and omega 3 fatty acids. You can also prepare paste of boric acid and water and apply this paste over the toenail and leave it overnight. In the morning wash the foot using warm water. The treatment should be done twice a day for three weeks or until the infection disappears completely. The combined effect of all these substances has been found to be very beneficial in restricting and reducing the growth of breast cancer cells.

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