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Every year thousands of children are taken to the emergency room after taking over-the-counter cold and cough medicines. A tasty change to the common cold medicine, honey offers soothing relief to the sore throat caused by coughing. Another benefit of drinking a lot of fluids is to help you stay hydrated and break up the mucus. Hopefully these cold and cough natural remedies will help you get through cold season and the annoying sore throat usually accompanied by it. About Naturally Earth Friendly Naturally Earth Friendly was born out of a love for everything healthy and good for our bodies and planet. If you have a child at home, you must have seen the number of times they fall prey to cold and cough. When the person who already has a cold or a sore throat, sneezes or blows the nose, by touching other people or the door or the table, they spread the pathogens directly. When one is suffering from a sore throat, it is uncomfortable, especially since it is scratchy and painful when one has to swallow anything, especially cold and hard substances. About a teaspoon of each ingredient should be mixed in warm water and drunk to obtain relief.
This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Strep throat is a contagious or infectious disease that is caused by Group A streptococci bacteria.
The bacteria that are responsible for strep throat tend to hang out in the nose and throat.
This fruit seed extract have excellent anti-microbial properties and is used for creating a solution for gargling. Besides all these, garlic, tea prepared from licorice root and elm bark, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, olive leaf extract, tea tree oil work wonders in treating the infection.
Cough Relief: How to Get Rid of a Bad Cough Naturally With These Home Remedies!Health & Weight Loss Done!
Because cough can be really annoying and it usually disrupts the sleep, a lot of people as addition to the usual syrups and throat lozenges, use natural remedies from the folk medicine, everything in order to free themselves from the uncomfortable cough. Use a sharp knife and make small stabs at the bottom, place the onion above a cup or a glass and leave it during the night. Not too long ago, we wrote a post on using food scraps to grow your own food, which addressed the issue of  household food waste and a form of recycling. For those of you who have a pantry full of expired spices, you may not want to use them in your food because they wouldn’t be serving their purpose, but they still have many uses, so don’t chuck them!

Natural home remedies: For centuries, spices have been thought to possess natural healing properties.
Repel insects: Spices (and herbs) with a strong scent, such as oregano, sage, peppermint, rosemary, cloves, and cinnamon are believed to aid in repelling insects.
Freshen up laundry: Place a mixture of old spices and herbs in an odd sock, tie it off, and throw it into the dryer.
Scent your home: In a pot of water on the stove or in a crockpot, simmer on low a mixture of water and such spices as cinnamon and nutmeg. Getting rid of the mucus more quickly you'll be one step closer to saying goodbye to your cold.
Natural ways to get over an illness or discomfort can be tasty and your children will thank you when they are playing happily again. The information presented gives general advice on health care and you should consult your doctor for individual needs.
This includes tips to adjust our everyday lives, environmentally conscious efforts we can make and smarter natural products that help make a difference. It depends on the age of the child, the geographic area they belong to as well as the climate of the region where one presides. The sore throat is usually caused by the pharynx getting inflamed which causes the discomfort. Some of the symptoms of strep throat are sore throat, red and white patches on the throat, stomach pain, swollen and tender glands, trouble swallowing, fever, red and swollen tonsils, headache, feeling weak or sick, rash, loss of appetite, etc.
Hence, sneezing, coughing or handshake can easily spread the infection to the other person.  This infection is very common with the kids and teens.
Toxins are removed when one gargles with plain water or water that has lemon and salt in it.
By mixing salt and lemon with sage tea and drinking that tea, one can effectively cure from the strep throat. The grapefruit seed removal has been effectively used for curing sore throat and is a good natural remedy for tender throat.
The drops of these herbs are mixed with water and are used for gargling or for spraying at the back of the throat.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Then, cut the top and hollow out the onion by making a hole without penetrating the bottom. The sugar is going to melt during the night, and a small quantity of onion juice will leak into the cup.

Mix ? cup of honey with ? cup of water and add one chopped onion and one chopped bulb of garlic. It’s a no-brainer, sustainable, low-cost solution that saves you money in the long and reduces waste.
Herbalists recommend using spices to de-stress, soothe aching muscles, soften dry skin, improve mental performance, and to remedy congestion and a sore throat. Fill sachets with spices and place in drawers, closets, and other places that have lurking orders.
After your home is scented to your liking, pour the mixture down the drain to freshen your sink. Experts are starting to warn parents to avoid the use of over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicine for children 6 years old and younger these days. It's always nice to not have to run out to your local pharmacy, especially when you save money. Finding the right homeopathic remedy for each individual child can be tricky, but the good news is that homeopathy is extraordinarily safe. It is usually brought on by a bacterial or a viral infection which the developing immune system needs to learn to combat.
The anti-microbial properties of sage tea have proved to be quite effective in curing the strep throat. For gargling with the grapefruit seeds extract one had to add 5 to 6 drops of the extract to approximately 4 ounces of water. Medical experts also concur that consuming honey before going to sleep reduces the cough and improves the sleep. Never thinking about their expiration date, the majority of us probably have an overabundance of spices sitting in our pantry, slowly losing their potency and flavor.
Typically, it is recommended that ground spices be used within a year of its purchase to get the best flavor possible.
However, the frequent prescription of antibiotics can have long term impact on the health of children.
It is advised that they are kept away from such medication and instead, simple home remedies are sought as solution for the sore throat.

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