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When the mucus produced by the body either thickens or thins and you feel it draining down in the back of your throat; this is defined as post-nasal drip.
Hoarseness, sore throat, persistent cough and voice loss accompany the condition of post-nasal drip.
Types Of Nasal Drip There can be namely two kinds of post nasal drips namely thick and thin. Causes Post nasal drip is caused when there is excessive mucus discharge because of the sinuses. Home Remedies For Post Nasal Drip For Thick Mucus For dealing with thick mucus, here are some home remedies like avoiding dairy products, high water intake, cool mist or other humidifier should be used and using a saline over the counter nasal spray. Although a positive result is indicated by most studies on neti-pots, some have also shown that there is a risk of sinus infection because of increased use of neti-pots. For Watery, Thin Mucus These home remedies for post-nasal drip can be used in case of thin, watery mucus like more intake of water, avoidance of spicy foods, not spending time in cold temperatures such as not exercising in cold weather.
Salt Water Gargle The problems associated with post-nasal drips are irritating and go away with time. Using Baking Soda This remedy is worth a shot if you are willing to try everything for dealing with your mucus problem. Other Treatments Steam With Herbal And Essential Oils A DIY steam treatment that can be used is to use a towel for covering your head and keeping it at a safe distance from a pot of warm water. Steam In Shower Shower in warm water and enable its steam to enter your sinuses and lungs while you shower. Post nasal drip occurs when mucus in your sinuses drips down your throat, causing a sore throat and buildup in the throat. Post nasal drip can cause an extremely sore throat, since the throat is constantly dealing with a stream of mucus.

Zinc is a very important mineral for your body, especially when it is dealing with getting rid of post nasal drip. Inhaling water that has been steamed with coconut oil can start breaking mucus away from your throat. In addition to its long list of health benefits, garlic can get rid of post nasal drip in no time. Marshmallow root soothes irritated mucous membranes with a protective coating; useful for sore throat and congestion. Cure Sickness Naturally WITH easy home remedies and recipes to fight flu, cold, sore throat, headaches, stuffy nose ! Both can be irritating because the thick one causes nose blockage while the thin one causes constant irritation. According to some people, symptoms can be relieved through neti-pot, a device that’s used for nasal irrigation. Therefore, those who suspect a sinus infection or are vulnerable to it should avoid frequent use of the neti-pot. On both sides of your nose, try to squirt around three to four bulbs of this particular solution. You can use this treatment several times per day to break up mucus and get rid of your post nasal drip. You need strong, assertive items that can break down mucus and get your nasal cavity clear again. If you have a zinc deficiency, it is harder for your body to flush out mucus and clear up post nasal drip. This is because eucalyptus oil has a naturally strong scent that can help clear out your sinus and nasal cavities.

Non-toxic and effective solution for sore and aching muscles, joint pain, arthritis, and more. A physician may be needed for finding the specific cause of the problem, but a doctor’s care is not always needed just like the common cold. Close off the back of your throat and palate by using a nasal syringe for squirting this mixture into your nostril. In addition to this remedy, you can gargle a small amount of salt water to soothe your sore throat.
Cayenne pepper is spicy enough to irritate the nasal cavity and get it to let go of the mucus.
Taking a zinc supplement every day can significantly shorten the length of your struggle with post nasal drip.
It is important to use this treatment once or twice per day for as long as the post nasal drip lasts. To ensure that the solution gets through all four of the sinus cavities, tilt your head forward and backward and on every side for at least ten seconds.
While you may notice an immediate increase in drainage after eating cayenne pepper, that is good. However, you can also add extra cayenne to your food to get ride of mucus and treat your post nasal drip.

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